friends forever

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Submitted: March 04, 2017

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Submitted: March 04, 2017



And then one fine evening after 15 years somewhere in the other part of the world where meeting a person was nothing astonishing, he saw a face that was quite intriguing, well a face one can imagine but cannot recollect where he had last seen it but can tell in his mind and heart that he knew the person, but was not courageous enough to go and ask “excuse me you do look very familiar,have we met before”. He was living in a country where he knew no one. He ignored the fact and went along. He reached his house but couldn’t stop thinking who the person was,in his 15 years of stay at that place he never saw someone so familiar,he couldn’t sleep the entire night thinking that who could he have been, in the middle of the night he woke up, he was diary keeper and wrote down many little secrets of him in that diary. He was very lonely out there, no one to talk to no one to meet with.

It had been quite a while that he spoke with his family, almost a month or two that he didn’t speak with his family. He was always an extrovert, he couldn’t imagine his life with meeting and talking with people but circumstances made him an introvert and he didn’t speak much with anybody but found his solace with a diary. He went to work the next morning,but that was still buzzing in his head who was that person?, while he was returning that evening he saw that face again this time their eyes met with each other but he hurried back to his house, but after a while he saw two person following him, he ignored and started to walk a bit fast but they were catching up fast but maintained a distance. He started running, but they were still walking but pretty fast. He ran fast, went inside his house and quickly locked the door, and heaved a sigh of relief, the clock showed 9 pm on it. He was scared, pretty scared as this had never ever happened to him in these lonesome 15 years… he started to think who were they? why were they following me?who was that familiar face? is the familiar looking face doing all this? while thinking all these he was having his dinner.  He completed his dinner, washed off all the plates and was just about to sit down to watch TV and then suddenly his door bell rang, he was quite astonished and got scared thinking who could be there at the door at this time, the clock showed 11.55 pm. he was quite nervous and apprehensive to open the door but somehow managed to gather up some courage and went up to the door but didn’t open it, he asked “who is it?” there was no reply he again asked “who is it?” came no reply again. he then opened the door just to see what’s the matter, 5 person pushed him inside the door and entered his house, he was extremely terrified and was just about to call the police for help when these 5 people started with a clap “HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR ROHIT , HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU”, and the familiar face case just got solved as he saw his 4 best friends standing there laughing and saying “your birthday how can we forget so thought of surprising you a bit” he said “I knew it, you guys” and breaks down crying in front of them and hugging them.That was the best birthday he had ever celebrated in his entire life. as it says ” that the most valuable antiques are dear old friends”.

Oh yes the very next day was Friendship day.



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