Heaven Above

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Are humans ready?

Submitted: March 04, 2017

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Submitted: March 04, 2017



Heaven Above


The esteemed members of the panel lounged about the great room, the veils along the edges of the airy space rustled soothingly in the light breeze which carried with it scents of the garden beyond and the low hum of gods and goddesses at play. The issue at hand was earthlings. Harvest now or wait until the infidels’ brains had advanced a bit further? All morning they had tasted morsels laid out before them, human brain prepared in myriad ways; sliced and marinated or cooked in sweet and spicy sauces reduced from the chief chef’s distinguished stock. The plan was unfolding. Many found the selections ripe enough, full of savage experiences. Others wanted to wait for further refinement; there had been terrific advancement with the addition of the basolateral complex, the cortical nucleus, the medial nucleus, and the intercalated cell clusters. Most satisfying they all agreed, were the almond shaped clusters from certain monks' temporoparietal junctions; delicious, the delicate sympathies.

Some of the elders pointed out that the stakes were high, that humans’ delicate thriving was growing altogether uncertain.

Scizzerro voiced concern that his team of eight was exhausted trying to maintain cohesion levels between earth's systems. The infidels continued to devastate the stasis. Constant repairs had been made to the atmosphere, meanwhile bits of polluted continents were shifting against each other, and still the humans continued fracking and mining, further impairing their world's chance. "They should have moved on from fossil fuels. Far too many of their bodies, which affect the taste of their brains, are riddled by cancer or tainted by disease. The brains of the older ones are more and more spoiled by neurotoxic amyloid plaques."

"Improvements in the healing of defective beta-amyloid and tau proteins are being delivered to them now." Playdo stated. He wanted to remind everyone gathered that the most delicate morsels they had relished just moments ago had come from a budding area of the human brain that promised an increasing amount of the select vintage. "The assumption that others are minded has long been a shared human tendency, wouldn't you agree?" he questioned. "Now their new world order is forcing them to develop even stronger empathy and perspective taking regions. Humans are learning to distinguish and respond to ever more complex relations between self, others, place, and time."

"I concur," agreed the youthful Kobainicus, "They have assumed others have intentions, but now they will share the global view which should reorganize their relational abilities. Perceiving the shared world directly is creating radical structures that I for one have enjoyed tasting this afternoon."

There was much ooing and ahing among the members as each recalled the delicate fragments that had been kept in reserve until the last plates were served.

"Accordingly, I recommend waiting," Playdo finished.

"Here, here," cried half the gathering.

When Stotle stood they grew somber. "Fellow members let me issue counsel against allowing more time to pass before we harvest these indulgences. A delicate state of affairs governs earth. There are purveyors of hate which have turned the humans fearful, many are despairing and feeling powerless. Yes, we have witnessed development in their ability to directly perceive reality and we have enjoyed the vast and delicious connections the humans are producing in their grey matter but time is running out for their planet. I believe we need to add hope as soon as possible and get on with the harvest."

All agreed that the earthlings had shifted closer to annihilating themselves. "There are some mighty forces at work," reported Diletant. "Their so-called holy war has begun and losses are inevitable. I suggest we go ahead with our own slaughter before we lose the best minds to eradiation."

"Couldn't we offer them another world?" Saphocles suggested.

"Again?" put forth Virge, "Every time we've thrown them a new system they set about destroying it. This world has taken less than an eon to bring to the brink."

Dizcart stood, "I take up the suggestion of giving them a new world, though we may lose some in the transition the quality always improves beautifully. They begin to see themselves as a single entity once the ships are built. A new solar system would allow more time for concentrated development."

"I have found some of these batches lacking." Dawinky decried. "The humans need a renaissance to strengthen pathways of captivating thinking before we take them, instead of all these hostile prejudgments they are each filled with. They remain divided, and their thinking has been commandeered by the few. We need to take them when there is hope, awe and love in their systems."

"I concur, and would add that these occasional feasts would be greatly missed," Pecurius stated, "should we find it was time to bestow these offerings on the Supreme."

"I think we should hold off." Dawinky continued, "Our stockpile is close to being of a perfect mixture, the humans are beginning to realize the penultimate, the poles have been debunked and evolution has pointed the way. Once we have revealed to them the secret uniqueness of their "one and only" gods then surely their war will end, their awe will multiply and we can secure the development we seek."

"Enough. We will take them when they are hopeful and full of big heart," Mother said, putting down the gavel. "We will show them a possible world to colonize, as well as continue with the plan to reveal the Supreme's identity. Not too quickly, folks, we don't want them all dying of mass myocardial infarctions. Next issue at hand, the planet Oink."


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