Spirit of Man

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I am not a poet but i wanted to try. Pretty sure it breaks every rule poetry has.

Submitted: March 04, 2017

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Submitted: March 04, 2017



In the search for peace, men create war

For the hope of love, men breed hate

The quest for power leads to weakness

A journey for enlightenment leads to ignorance

Oh race of man

He who destroys what he has made

He who corrupts that which is pure

The taint of destruction follows you like a live thing

A sad pitiful dog, beaten and abused

Loyal to the master that does nothing but use it

Look around man, see what you have wrought

See the pain and the horror

The injustice and intolerance

And tremble

Tremble from the shame of wrongs

The shame of hate Of war Of death

But rejoice

Because u are man and as you destroy so do you create

Beauty and love Joy and hope

Marvels of science

Greatness of art

Dear man, you are the creator

Dear man, you are the destroyer

You are the beginning and the end

Your power limited only by you yourself

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