Only love

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Short story about life being played out through our dreams. Leading to the understanding that there is only one thing in life and it's importance.

Submitted: March 04, 2017

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Submitted: March 04, 2017



Last night I had a dream.  I couldn’t see the faces in my dream but I knew they were family.  We lived in a town by the sea and out of the kitchen window a mountain stood proudly and majestically in the distance.  The town was made up of many hills and had streets lined with old, white washed buildings.  The mountain was starting to spew dust into the air and everyone in the house ran around gathering important items to put in the car and take with them.

I was in my bedroom just looking at things.  I touched an old penguin stuffy, glanced at clothes and items on my dresser.  I put my passport, some jewelry and my wallet in bag.  I remember thinking, even though I’m facing the end there is a small chance I could survive this and if I do, I’m going to need these items.  It felt odd to be taking things with me in the face of certain death but I still packed.

I looked down into the street from the window, the air was filled with dust and ash and streams of people were slowly, very slowly, walking through the streets.  I don’t know where they were going but it was as if they had resigned themselves to the end and there was no point in rushing.  Each face was grey and indistinguishable and they looked at the floor as they shuffled along.

When I looked up I could see the dust cloud coming from the distance and called to my family that we need to leave.  As I rushed along with someone by my side we talked about the end.  There were three outcomes in this scenario, each vivid in my mind.  Fire, water and falling rock.

I remember being very clear that my choice was water, even though I know fear is present at any ending I have always felt that there might be something calming about being in water.  I explained this as I moved forward.Of the three outcomes I could not allow myself to face fire, I’ve always felt that way, since I was a small child.  My greatest fear.

In the car we are speeding along, I’m in the back, I don’t know whose driving or where we are headed but I do know there are rocks falling and the sky is alight with the glow of fires.

We stop at a house, more family.  I’m try to encourage everyone to get moving but for some reason we sit around the dining table chatting.  Rocks are falling on the house and we run for cover.  I’m under the table with a toddler, a girl.  I love her and hug her to me, when it’s safe we run.

We’re making our way down narrow pathways; they turn to sand and have wild grasses growing on either side.  It’s getting dark now.

We reach the sea and I remember thinking, why are we running?  What’s the point? maybe we should just accept our fate like the hundreds of people we left behind in the town.  But it is human nature to fight, to run, to try to survive regardless of the odds.  Or perhaps it’s only human nature for some.

My family and I walk down to the sea; we scramble across rocks and glance out across the water to the mountain that is now erupting with full force.  Ahead of us is a rocky area that is shaped like a large seat, the flat surface worn smooth by thousands of years of beating waves.  There’s a back to the seat, it truly looks like a large sofa.  My family and I have been here many times before, in happier times, always at this rock, playing on the beach and looking out to sea.

This is where we have chosen to be, together, huddled close to each other, where the water will finally take us.  That was my choice after all.  There’s a girl here, she’s familiar to me.  She is athletic, has long curly sandy brown hair and is wearing running clothes.  She explains to us that she wears sneakers all year round and goes through two pairs a year.  What the significance of this is I have no idea, we tell her she’s welcome to stay but she disappears.

The wind is picking up now, building to a roar.  We stand together, arms around each other, huddled as close as we can be.  I remember thinking, this is it.  It’s time.  I’m here with the family I love and I want to protect them as I watch the waters recede like a silent pulsating monster about to rear up and attack us.

As it withdraws more and more rocks are revealed.  The landscape now looks like another planet.  Strange, stark and lifeless.

We collectively turn our backs to this world we no longer recognize and wait for the inevitable.  Everything is silent as we hold our breaths.

I glance behind me and can see the wall of water coming.  This enormous bank of pressure that will slam into us, my family and I.  We won’t know much about it, it will come so fast and hit so hard there will be no time to think about what’s happening, it will just be.

So we wait, and wait and nothing has hit us.  Slowly we turn to look and from nowhere there is a giant wall between us and the wave.  It’s a red brick wall, huge and has clearly stood for hundreds of years.  As we watch, the wave slams into the wall and it breaks the force of the water, there are small trickles of water washing around the edges of the wall and through the tunnels carved into it.

In that moment I have only one thought in my mind.  There is only love.  There is nothing else, just love.

And that is how I woke, with the words running through my mind over and over.  There is only love and I was filled with happiness. 

© Copyright 2018 Tracey S. Barlow. All rights reserved.

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