Search For Magic

Search For Magic

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Shawn is a vigilante who is fighting a army of assassins to stop the Queen a woman with magic from bringing back her husband. The King and controlling the world. On the way Koga (Different Koga not from "Into The Darkness" series) is found and with the help of Diana, Mason, Jamie and Koga, Shawn must find out how to deal with family issues and also learn what it means to be a hero.
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Shawn is a vigilante who is fighting a army of assassins to stop the Queen a woman with magic from bringing back her husband. The King and controlling the world. On the way Koga (Different Koga not from "Into The Darkness" series) is found and with the help of Diana, Mason, Jamie and Koga, Shawn must find out how to deal with family issues and also learn what it means to be a hero.

Chapter1 (v.1) - Search For Answers

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 04, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 04, 2017



Chapter One: Search For Answers.

A woman walked into a bank holding a gun up firing a shot.

“Everyone get down. Now!” She shouted as everyone panicked getting on the ground.

“Good, now put the money in the bag.” The woman shouted pointing a gun at the person behind the counter. The guard in the bank reached for his gun but the woman fired a shot at him. Before the bullet hit him an arrow broke through the window hitting the bullet.

“What the hell?” The woman asked looking out the window seeing someone break through wearing a bright blue hoodie, tight black pants and a mask.

“Now, I’m new to all of this. Why on earth would an assassin, a very good assassin may I add. Need to rob a bank?” The man asked looking at her.

“Girl’s gotta eat.” She chuckled throwing a punch at him. The person in the hoodie ducked down elbowing the woman in her stomach throwing her against the wall knocking her out.

“Wow, that was too easy. You brave cop buddy. You might want to handcuff her before she wakes up.” The man told the guard jumping out of the window jumping into a van.

“Damn it Shawn. We told you not to go in without backup.” The driver fumed looking at him. The man took the mask off appearing to be a teenager.

“I totally had that covered. It’s what you trained me for.” Shawn laughed slightly taking the hoodie off.

“He’s right Shawn. Next time wait for backup.” A woman who was in the back told him taking the outfit.

“I know, drop me off here.” Shawn told them as they stopped at a high school.

“We can take you home so you can get new clothes.” The woman said looking at him.

“Thanks Jamie but I don’t need my mom knowing about this.” Shawn chuckled grabbing his book bag.

“Okay, stop by tomorrow. We need to talk about the arrows.” Jamie shouted to him closing the van door. Shawn nodded walking up to the school door getting pushed to the ground.Shawn looked up seeing the high school bully.

“Watch it you dork.” The bully retorted walking past him.

“You watch it jackass.” Shawn mumbled under his breath getting up. After the school doors opened Shawn walked in looking for a place to sit.

“Hey, your name's Shawn right?” A girl asked walking up to him.

“Yeah, who are you?” Shawn asked looking at her.

“I’m Diana.” The girl greeted him shaking his hand.

“Nice to meet you Diana. You’re new?” Shawn asked looking at her.

“Yeah, how’d you know?” Diana asked looking at him.

“You’re talking to me. That’s how.” Shawn sighed looking at her as he grabbed some food.

“Oh, so this is the kind of school with titles?” Diana asked following him.

“Yep, I’m known as the dork. Jake there is known as the jock. In other words the jackass. His group is the reigning champions of football.” Shawn told her looking for a table to sit at.

“Okay, let’s sit here.” Diana told him sitting at a table in the back of the cafeteria.

“So, question time. What’re you doing talking to me?” Shawn asked looking at her.

“To be honest. I’m your new handler. The last one had a problem with your attitude.” Diana chuckled eating some grapes.

“You have to be kidding. I don’t need a babysitter.” Shawn sighed looking around getting up.

“Good to know. I’m not a babysitter. I’m your handler, I’m supposed to go into situations with you.” Diana told Shawn following him.

“I was trained to fight assassins. I don’t need backup.” Shawn told her going to his classroom.After the school day Shawn walked around the town.

“Shawn wait up!” Diana shouted running up to him.

“Leave me alone.” He shouted still walking.

“Come on, you can’t stay mad at me. I’m too adorable.” Diana spoke out looking at him as he rolled his eyes.

“Where are you going anyways?” Diana asked looking at him.

“Home.” Shawn told her clearly annoyed with the questions. Before Diana could say something Shawn’s phone went off.

“What now Jamie? I thought we were meeting up tomorrow.” Shawn groaned answering his phone turning down alley.

“Shawn, you have to move now.” Jamie shouted into the phone looking at a screen.

“What are you talking about?” Shawn questioned before seeing an arrow get shot right in front of his face.

“What the hell?” Shawn shouted before Diana pulled him down.

“Shawn it’s Edwin.” Jamie told him over the phone as Shawn looked inside his book bag.

“Diana where the hell is my bow and arrow?” Shawn asked looking at her.

“I think I left it in my bag in my locker.” Diana admitted looking at him.

“Crap of course you did.” Shawn sighed as he looked around.

“Where’s the vigilante?” Edwin shouted looking around.

“Shawn, you can’t fight him. He was the one who trained all those others. It’s a suicide mission.” Diana whispered looking at Shawn.

“I can’t let him hurt innocent people.” Shawn told her before pulling his mask out.Diana gave him a black hoodie. Shawn jumped over the garbage cans throwing a lid at Edwin.

“Not going to work.” Edwin chuckled kicking it and shot an arrow at Shawn.

“Whoa.” Shawn shouted jumping out of the way.

“You messed with one of my operations.” Edwin growled looking at him.

“What can I say? I’m a teenager.” Shawn shrugged looking at Edwin.

“Well, teenager or not. I’m going to end you.” Edwin told him pulling out another arrow and a van pulled up. Shawn ran over to the van that pulled up jumping in.

Edwin watched the van and after a couple of minutes Shawn jumped onto the top of the van in his blue hoodie and black pants.

“You’re in for a world of pain now.” Shawn chuckled using a voice modulator.

“Before we start fighting. Mind telling me your name?” Edwin asked looking at him.

“I’m Cobalt Fire.” Shawn told him smiling at Edwin.

“Pathetic name. Good though, you use your imagination.” Edwin smirked firing an arrow at Diana.Shawn fired one of his arrows hitting Edwins.

“Good aim too, Got to say, you’re going to be fun to fight but it’s a shame I have to kill you.” He chuckled putting his bow away.

“Don’t look too sad when you do.” Shawn smirked as he jumped off the van looking at Edwin.

Shawn jumped over Edwin but was kicked in his stomach. Edwin threw him across the alley way and was about to hit him when out of nowhere an arrow hit his arm.

“You’re it.” A woman in all pink chuckled holding up his phone running off. Edwin growled chasing after her. Shawn got up and heard the radio in the car.

“Guys we need you back here right now!” The leader of the group shouted.

“On our way.” Jamie reported as Shawn, and Diana got into the van driving off.

“What’s with the urgent issue Mason?” Shawn asked as they walked in seeing a kid lying in bed.

“He showed up out of nowhere.” Mason told them looking at the three.

“First of all, what do you mean ‘he showed up out of nowhere’?” Jamie asked looking at Mason. Shawn walked up to the kid who was starting to wake up.

“What’s your name? Where are you from?” Shawn asked helping him up.

“There were dark storm clouds in here before he dropped out of them.” Mason explained before they turned to the kid.

“M-my name, i-is Koganei H-hanabishi.” The kid mumbled shivering looking at them.

“Can we keep him?” Diana asked looking at Mason and Jamie.

“Shut it Diana.” Mason retorted looking at her then at Koga.

“Sit down.” Shawn sighed as he walked Koga to a couch. When Shawn bent over to pick a piece of trash up Diana grabbed a paper from his back pocket that was showing.

“Free soup at the homeless shelter. Don’t wanna lose this.” Diana chuckled handing it to Mason and Jamie who were out in the hallway leaving Koga to rest.

“Hey!” Shawn shouted slightly looking at her.

“You’re homeless?” Mason asked looking at him.

“Yeah, so what?” Shawn asked looking at him.

“You gotta be kidding. Shawn you said your mother didn’t need to find out about you.” Jamie sighed looking at him.

“She’s dead, so she doesn’t.” Shawn shrugged looking at them.

“That’s why Edwin beat you. You don’t have a bed to sleep in, you don’t eat. Keep doing this to yourself Shawn you’ll get killed.” Diana told him looking at Shawn who shrugged.

“I’m fine.” Shawn brushing it off looking at them.

“Hmm no you aren’t. Get your jacket back on. We’re going shopping.” Jamie smiled as Diana smiled lightly at him to.

“Uh, no we aren’t.” Shawn told her in a mocking voice. Diana rolled her eyes dragging him outside with Jamie as Mason just chuckled looking at them.

“This is kidnapping. You can get arrested for this.” Shawn shouted out as they put him in Jamie’s car.

“Shut up Shawn. Now stop shouting before another assassin comes for you.” Jamie told him as Diana chuckled.



The girl who took Edwins phone stopped at a generator.

“Give me my phone you little shit.” Edwin fumed looking at her.

“Come take it from me.” She smirked grinning at him. Edwin kicked her grabbing his phone.

“Who are you? Why must you protect that Cobalt Fire kid?” He asked looking at her.

“Someone should fill him in on what the Queen wants.” The girl shrugged jumping up creating a smoke cloud disappearing.  

Later Edwin got to a underground lair and walked into a large room with a high chair and a woman wearing a long dress sitting in it.

“What’s the progress of the kid?” The queen asked looking at him.

“He’s still alive her majesty.” Edwin reported bowing down.

“Not unlike you to fail a mission. Need I remind you why we’re doing what we are?” The queen asked looking at him.

“No ma’am.” Edwin told her looking at her.

“Then tell me why we’re doing this.” The queen ordered sitting up straight.

“We’re searching for magic to bring your husband back to life.” Edwin told her still bowing down to her.

“And who is in the way of that happening?” The queen asked.

“The Cobalt Fire.” Edwin sighed standing up.

“So why is he not dead?” The queen asked looking at him.

“Another vigilante showed up. She grabbed my phone. The one with the locations of the magic spheres. If it not had been for her, the Cobalt Fire would be dead.” Edwin said looking up at the queen.

“Then kill them both. Now leave.” The queen demanded.

After a long day Koganei was asleep on a bed and Shawn got back along with Diana and Jamie.

“Good you’re back. Pack up.” Mason told Shawn standing up.

“Come on! You’re going to fire me because I’m homeless?” Shawn shouted looking at him.

“No, but you can’t be homeless. You’re gonna stay with me. I filled out some papers. I’m now your legal foster parent. Now let’s move it!” Mason ordered looking at him.

“Isn’t there like a nine month trial you have to go through to be a foster parent?” Jamie asked looking at him.

“Yeah and doesn’t Shawn have a father?” Diana added looking at them.

“My dad disappeared two years ago after my mom died.” Shawn told her before looking at them.

“It’s settled no parents so let’s go. Also there is but I had connections in the foster parent program.” Mason chuckled smiling at Jamie.



When Mason and Shawn got back to Mason’s house Shawn looked shocked.

“Your room will be upstairs third door to the right.” Mason told him and Shawn took his bags and stuff up to the room that had a bed, dresser and a bunch of other stuff already in there. Shawn heard two people shouting seeing it was the school bully and Jessica the head cheerleader fighting before Jessica stormed inside. Shawn saw her room was across his room and a tree connecting the houses. Mason walked up to Shawn’s room seeing he was out on the cheerleader's roof. Shawn knocked on the window. Jessica jumped before seeing it was him.

“Shawn what’re you doing here?” She asked opening the window.

“Thought I’d say hi. You seemed upset.” Shawn told her shyly looking at her.

“Thanks but I’m fine.” She chuckled smiling wiping a tear.

“Okay, but if you ever need to talk I’m right over in that room.” Shawn told her pointing to the open window.  

“Thanks.” Jessica said as Shawn got back to his room and she closed her window.



The next day Koganei woke up seeing Jamie and Diana watching shows on the computer.

“Where am I?” Koga asked and the two practically jumped out of their skins.

“You’re at a base in Harmony Ridge.” Diana told Koga walking up to him slowly.

“What year is it?” He asked looking around.

“2016, why?” Jamie asked as Shawn and Mason walked into the main room area.

“Last place I remember being was Redsville.” He gulped as Jamie started typing in the computer.

“There’s no town, or city named Redsville.” Jamie told him looking at them.

“What year were you in?” Mason asked looking at him.

“2223.” Koganei explained looking at them. Everyone looked shocked except for Mason.

“He’s the one Edwin has been searching for.” Mason whispered lightly looking at them.

“Wait, what do you mean?” Shawn asked looking at him.

“Rogue agents aren’t the only thing you were brought in to stop. Edwin is working for someone named The Queen. She’s been searching for magic objects to bring her husband, a immortal back to life.” Jamie explained looking at them.

“Are you saying magic exists?” Diana asked looking at them.

“Yeah they are and now that I’m here magic is too.” Koga told them standing up looking at the group.

“Wait, what do you mean?” Shawn asked as everyone turned to Koga.

“I remember why I’m here.” He chuckled smiling happily.

“Great, How’d you get here?” Mason asked looking at him.

“I was fighting someone, and after winning I messed something up. I found out I was meant to be born in this universe. But someone messed with the scales and I ended up in the wrong one.” Koga told the group looking at them.

“Okay, so what does you being in this world have to do with magic?” Shawn asked looking at him.

“Wherever the source of all magic goes. Magic must follow.” Koga told Shawn looking at them.

“So you’re what the source of all magic? But you’re a human.” Jamie chuckled confused looking at him.

“Guys, bad news. Edwin’s attacking the museum.” Diana shouted looking at the computer.

“What artifacts are there that represent magic?” Koga asked looking at her.

“Um, a spear, an old orb.” Diana was about to continue but was cut off.

“The orb, what color is it?” Koga asked as Shawn got ready.

“It’s multi-colored. Red, blue, orange. It’s rainbow but all in a circle.” Diana told Koga looking at him.

“The orb, they’re after the orb.” Koga told them looking at Shawn.

“Um, we got bigger problems.” Jamie said as they saw the Queen walk into the museum. Before Mason could say anything Koga teleported him and Shawn to the museum.

“You get the Queen I’ll grab the orb.” Koga said running to the orb Shawn ran after him.

“No!” Edwin shouted and as they touched the orb they both disappeared with the orb.  

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