Oddessey Express Episode Two

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Science Fiction  |  House: Oddessey Express

Submitted: March 04, 2017

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Submitted: March 04, 2017




The misty haze of the Atlantic Ocean wafting lazily across the city gave way to the clear skies of the country side tarnished only by the pulsation of smoke being ejected from the train engine’s stack. Now and then the smoke descended into the passenger cars raising a round of coughing and throat clearing except for Ulises Harlequin Emrys who seemed to be able to anticipate the intrusion and cover his nose and mouth with a handkerchief. He also managed to save his wine from spilling when the train listed back and forth or jerked ahead…a little….or a lot. All this gave evidence that he used the rail system frequently and knew the idiosyncrasies of train travel intimately. One might conclude as well that he had a natural…or some would say…an un-natural sense for it. It will also become obvious to the reader as well that trains….especially those he boarded possess odd and wondrous peculiarities.

A chill took an electric sojourn up and down…up and down his spine. It was a warning sign that his quarry was near at hand…meaning….without doubt…in the same dimension in the same frame of time.

The train lurched and listed. The steel wheels squealed angrily against the iron tracks…Ulises Harlequin Emrys jumped to his feet…his walking stick at the ready……..


“I see you Ulises Harlequin Emrys. You cannot accost me by stealth no matter how cleverly you attempt to do so. I have….I am…and I will be……”


The evil… dark and deadly emerged from the shadows and stood over its latest victim. Ulises Harlequin Emrys advanced with his walking stick ready…its silver wolf crown glinting in the flickering light of a single oil lamp illuminating the body on the bed at 13 Miller St.

“You are evil…pure and simple and all evil can be sundered and I shall do so…now or in the past or in the future….I will send you back to the darkness from where you were born.!”…But even as Ulises spoke the dark figure howled and faded into nothing. Outside…not a block away….never reported….was the body of a gentleman of means….soaked in blood. It was the ninth day of November 1888.

Ulises fled. He could give no evidence should he be questioned by the police….He knew….since to him this was history the five murders he had witnessed in Whitechapel would forever remain unsolved……

With nothing else to be done he ran like a driven madman to the train station knowing that the darkest of all evil must leave and his real escape was….Time.


The train heaved from one list to the other throwing the passenger hither and where. Just from the corner of his senses Ulises knew the darkest of all evil was escaping. Then all fell still. Ulises examined his time piece….a pocket watch at a glance. “August 31st 2188. His shoulders slumped. It would happen again.

‘Montreal….Stratos Montreal.” The Conductor announced. The wheels grinding on iron tracks was replaced by the hum and hiss of neutral gravity pads and breaking thrusters.


© Copyright 2018 Donald Harry Roberts. All rights reserved.

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