The Bus

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The Bus is about a green bus at the end of the street where 12 year old Rick Gordon lives. Everyday to school and back he sees the bus with the headlights on but no one in it. But one Saturday he sees random kids on it and are taken somewhere and Rick wants to figure out just where that place is.

Submitted: March 04, 2017

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Submitted: March 04, 2017




I ran as fast as I could but it came faster. I couldn't take it I felt like I was going to collapse I needed to stop. I hid behind the mailbox near my house and it went right past me then I walked slowly back to my home and the bus very swiftly backed up and turned my way and sped toward me. Gunshots fired as I ran even faster then I was shot in the leg. 

my name is Rick Gordon and I am 12 years old. Every day when I go to school there is always a green bus at the end of my street and no one knows why it is there. But today was different, today was the day when the bus had kids on it. I was riding my bike when the bus slowly approached me. The driver said", HEY! I can take you to school." as he gave me a slight grin. I replied "on a Saturay?" He said " Come on Rick just come in I'll take-" I cut him off saying, "how do you know my name?" I walked back to my house and I didn't let that bus out of my sight. Luckily I could see the license plate number and I put it down on my phone in notes. 

When I got home I went straight up tomy room and called the police. I told them "there was a suspicious guy in a green bus that tried to lure me into the bus but I refused." They asked " was there anyone else in the bus?" I said "yes why" Officer Williams then said" how many where in it?" I said " maybe 11 or 12." He said okay I'll be right over to talk to you I'm going to need your name and age please." I said " Rick Gordon 12 years old and then I told him my address." About 5 minutes later they rangthe doorbell and my older brother George answered, he was 19 and he takes care of me since my parents passed away. I saw Officer Williams and a FBI artist come out of the car. After I finished talking to the police officer I told the artist what the driver looked like. I said “He had short black hair with thin eyebrows. His eyelids were facing outward and his nose was straight and smooth. His lips were chapped and small. He had three visible tattoos, he had an octopus tattoo with red eyes on the right side of his neck, a dragon colored orange with a scaled face on his left shoulder, and a tear under his right eye.” Then I said to the police man “ he was a Native American male in a green bus.”

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