Secrets Whispered

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Quick Summary: Maddi isn't completely sure what she is. All she knows is that "The Voice" lead her to Beacon Hills, and that she's absolutely terrified of the things she's seen. Our beloved pack hasn't been home in almost 8 years and the arrival of this young girl who has the capabilities of a Banshee may bring them together again.

Submitted: March 04, 2017

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Submitted: March 04, 2017



-JULY 9 2025-
I can't remember why I'm here exactly, all I know are the important things. I know that at one point she lived in Arizona, that I had a family- an actual freaking family. I also know that “The Voice” is still around. I've always had to deal with The Voice. To the point where it's become a part of me actually. 
I look over to my right and nearly puke at the pool of blood practically dripping off of the carcass beside me. Suddenly, a familiar sound rings through the frigid fall air - Police sirens. 
"Is anyone out here?" The husky voice of an old man calls out a short distance away.
A single thought races through my head, “My name is Maddi?” I ask myself confused. 
Suddenly bright yellow lights flash over the clearing and I flinch as I'm temporarily blinded by them. Standing up, I notice the sheer fabric of the flimsy aquamarine summer dress which adorns my petite body. 
Out of nowhere, a middle-aged woman dressed in nurse scrubs appears before me
"Who are You? Where am I?" 
The nurse lady stares at me before engulfing me in a tight hug. Looking her in the eyes, the nurse lady begins to speak,”My name's Melissa McCall. Look, I know you're a little scared right now, but you're going to be okay. Do you mind if I take you back to the police station so we can chat? It's warm there." She smiles. "And we have hot chocolate," She poked my stomach, then lightly tickled me.
I laughed at the action, then relaxed a little bit in her presence.
I nod, my stringy black hair sticking to my shivering shoulders. 
Melissa leads me out of the woods and towards the bright lights and sirens. 
We stumble out of the forest together, hearts pounding as the low howls of wolves echo over the setting moon.

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