Slanted Strides for Golden Breath

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Submitted: March 04, 2017

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Submitted: March 04, 2017



Rebuttal hypodermic telepathy 
gargantuan crucifixion of 
your mental sanctum, 

fractured veracious endometriosis 
vim's blessed intricate paradox,

mercurial textures maintain
their whole infrastructure,

no blemish in this realm 
of chaos, diamond drops.

Split from a symbiosis root 
seething toxic edibles of
nurturing me first fruit,

nein mine nein mine sigh
devil's pie filling and fine,

collectible sustainable rapacity 
crowning one's want over paucity,

dissever divine gifts with each
hypocritical inhale sealed fail. 

Meekness my mantra limpid
my kingdom striving incline purpose,

walking in my internal Hades stoically to 
leave birthing seeds of intent blooming my 
next zenith chasing authentic completeness.





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