Straight From The Heart

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Love notes from a friend long gone but not forgotten

Submitted: March 04, 2017

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Submitted: March 04, 2017



Author's note : Love notes from a friend long ago but never forgotten. I loved these and when I came across these little treasures again, I wanted to share them with everyone here.Hope you enjoy reading them as much as I had when they first came into my possession. They are different pieces divided by asterick marks.


Love shouldn't have to come hard

But when you speak, I can only listen

I chose to remain silent

As I ignore this passion tearing away my soul

I wish you could see inside me

The anger trapped

Perhaps the past can be changed

I just don't know if I can do that


Are there any doubts of our time together?

I can scream and shout

Will this last forever?

I enjoy your soft words

They bring me release

I want to live, I want to cry

Can you be for real?

Di I have to die?

Now that I've found you

Your attention I steal, and I am happy

Sorry about the slow mouth that speaks

But sometimes I'm scared

Will you grow tired of all the times we've shared?

I want more

To touch and caress you

To make you laugh and love you

I know I may be going crazy

Right now only my confidence is hazy


I need a guiding hand to help me stand

Would you help me up if I fell down?

And when I had enough

Would you be there for me?

I make mistakes and cry

And if you could only see

How much I want to try

And be a friend to you

Nothing complicated

Just your hands to lay in


Time grows short, as it always will

You hold me back to save a need

I tried to escape, you never let me run

You've held my heart for far too long

Its easy to crush, and me to bleed

Tender moments beg for light

But desperation is never heard

All things come to bleed

When compassion is only a word


There's always guilt in pleasure

Will he understand

Love is hidden treasures

Only to be found by this man, not yet old

His youth void of passion

Will his soul be sold

To meet today's fashion

She greets him in beauty

And leads him into her thoughts

Too afraid to explain herself

It doesn't matter because she's the one he's sought

Don't try to explain

I know what you mean

And I know confusion can be

But trust is whats been seen

I want happiness and compassion

I give as much as I receive

And you speak of passion

So believe me when I say

I understand


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