Book Of Night

Book Of Night

Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror



Status: In Progress

Genre: Horror



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Chapter1 (v.1) - Tonight She Comes

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 04, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 04, 2017




"Bren, Bren...." a females voice echoes in the night..

Bren's eyes open on command. He thinks he's dreaming, as he was all the other


He turns to check his wife who slumbers peacefully by his side.

"Bren" the voice calls again.

He sits up in bed and shifts his eyes in the direction of the open double doors leading to the

balcony in his bedroom.

Bren remembers who that sweet voice belongs to.

His lost love that met her early demise on a cool breezy night such as this one.

"Bren" she calls to him again.

"Vivienne? Is that you" he whispers.

"Bren" the voice calls out to him once more.

He follows the voice as it leads him away from the safe confines of his home,

to the edge of town, just beyond the old churchyard.

Under the old sycamore tree, he examines the bark to see the carvings he

made when they were young to love. Vivienne and Bren 4 ever

He runs his fingers gently across the carvings.

With slow sure steps, he finds his way to her grave and kneels down.

He begins to silently weep for his lost love.

How long ago has it been? Months? Years?

Bren recalls her 1st night in the ground. He slept atop the mound to keep her

warm and company, lest she awaken and find herself lonely.

Unable to accept the truth or to let go, it took his childhood friend Marie to lead

him back home after the 5th night.

"Vivi is resting now, she is in a better place, Bren. Let her go or her spirit will

not rest".

But that was not true, it was all a lie and as she watched them from

afar, Vivienne swore to Hell, she would make them all pay, starting with Bren.

Now, he sat in the dark alone, whispers all around him. The spirits of the dead

have returned.

Then silence.

He wakes from his slumber "Where am I?" he wonders. he stands, turns to

leave and there she stands. The same as he last saw her many years ago.

"Vivienne?" he asks in shock.

She smiles, exposing her fangs and closes in on his neck.


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