The Brahmin and the two Mischiefs.

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once in a village there lived a brahmin who was a fool.a school boy could fool him ,he was such a fool.
one day he thought of selling his goat in the he tied the goat with a rope and went through the forest to the market.two mischiefs after seeing the brahmin with the goat planned to steal the goat nd eat mischief followed the brahmin nd told that oh my god poor brahmin what type of horrorful creature are u taking with you and the mischief ran away yelling.the brahmin got surprised at this the second mischief comes and again tells the brahmin that ohmy god what type of black creature are you taking with you poor brahmin.he too yelled and ran away.
now the brahmin got shocked and he thought that some evil creature has changed himself into different forms and the creature is following him.he kept the goat in the forest at that place and ran away.the two mischiefs after seeing this incident kept on laughing and took awat the goat with them
moral:don't listen to other's words.whatever you see believe in it.

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The Brahmin with the Goat going through the forest

Submitted: March 04, 2017

The Brahmin was very foolish and while going through the forest with the goat for selling two mischiefs encountered him. Read Chapter

The Mischiefs fooling the Brahmin.

Submitted: March 04, 2017

While going through the forest to sell the goat at the market two thiefs encountered the foolish Brahmin.One mischief came near him and yelled "Oh my God" what kind of creature are you taking with you ?and ran away yelling.The Brahmin was surprised .After sometime again the second mischief came near the Brahmin and asked him.Where are u taking this horrorful black creature with you?
The Brahmin was shocked after hearing this and he thought that some evil creature has shaped itself in the form of a goat and it will kill him.The Brahmin ran away leaving the goat at the jungle itself.The two mischiefs laughed at this incident and took the goat with them nd enjoyed the night. Read Chapter