Asshole On Fire

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Asshole on fire, crazy as it sounds but sometimes we girls need a break from all the heart breaks and show the assholes that we can burn them.

Submitted: March 04, 2017

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Submitted: March 04, 2017



Asshole on Fire

I slammed my tears stained face into pillow and started hitting it, taking out all of my frustration. Yes I was sad, hell sad.  More than sad I was depressed. I had confined myself between the four walls. Making my house my hide out.  I build Hatting towards the fact that I was rejected. Not rejected actually played with like a toy.

It has been just few days to our breakup, but it seemed centuries to me .As I kept crying my out heart out for that jerk who just said “it’s over babe, get over it’’, and walked away leaving me wrecked. How on this earth was I supposed to be over him? My one true love as I thought.

I walked towards my mirror and what I saw made the land beneath me slid away. I looked like I had seen ghost. My disheveled appearance scared me. Once so perfect girl was ruined. Darkness and hollowness surrounded my eyes and my face looked pale. My lips looked chapped and dry. I licked my lips and they tasted salt. My eyes were puffy with all the crying I did. I looked down and saw that I hadn’t even changed since my break up. I was still in my tom boy shorts and baggy t-shirt that shouted ‘’fuck you’’. When my gaze drifted towards my hair they had turned into some kind of birds nest ready to be their maternity home.

In short, I looked horrible. Horrible could be an understatement. If the people saw me like this for sure they all would die of heartaches. Abby Somers, that’s me I am the one perfectionist-up to date-girl-anyone could die to –date me. I always used to dress up to the mark not overly or under done, just perfect. I was pretty girl brought up in a pretty world.

And now enough was enough. I had to stop hurting myself I had already done enough damage. I had no right to do so, not anymore. I wasn’t this girl any more .i won’t run away from that jerk..

From now if we ever meet on the streets I won’t be running scared, I will walk right up to you and put one finger in the air and make him understand that he had chance but he let go and I really don’t care.

Bringing me out of trance of resolution to make that Ty guy see what he had lost. I looked down at my ringing phone and Samuel’s name popping up and my happiness knew no bound, he was my best friend a little correction not was but is only the fact is that we haven’t talked since 6 years as he had to go the complete his studies to New York which couldn’t be possible in small town like this. Damn his studies, I hated that he had to go but alas!

Talking about him, he was sweet innocent and the most caring buddy any one could ever have in their life. We were in contact but suddenly the rate of phone calls reduced to nil. People saw the nerdy him but I know that he was a gem of person.

Backing off my trance once again I quickly took the call and came a very enthusiastic voice, so husky and manly for a second I forgot to breath listening his voice.

“hey, Abs’”he voice sent a tingle throughout my spine and for a minute I forgot to respond.

‘’hey Sammy , can’t believe it you…”the shock was clearly evident .

“Yup and guess what I’m back” and as he said those I couldn’t believe what I heard and almost squeaked aloud. “Calm down, abs and hey listen we got to a lots of catch up to do so you are coming with me to the bonfire out in the woods.” He said and I fell into dilemma how I could face Ty. When I didn’t reply “hey abs I am so sorry I forgot you would be Ty, it’s totally K will meet there” I didn’t miss the sadness in his voice and the hiss when he said Ty’s name.

I suddenly remembered my new resolution and “hey Sam, nothing of that sort we don’t have any plan today. I am coming with you, don’t think you are on lose end.” he chuckled.

“Well ok then will see you dot seven” he said as the call disconnected.

What the hell? Just 2 hours and I knew if he has said 7 he would be here at dot 7 after all he was man of his words. I quickly rushed into bathroom to wash off the dirt that had been forming on me since the day we had break up.Eww as I saw dirty water running down my body. I squeezed some body wash on my loaf and started foaming on my skin and shampooed my hair to let go all the stickiness. Finally what seemed like eternity I walked over to my wardrobe and my eyes fell on my table clock and saw the it was 6:15 screw Sam; I had just 45 minutes to conceal my miserable face.

In seconds all the clothes I ever owned were out of wardrobe and nothing seemed appropriate. Not only I wanted to look good not only for Sam but to show that Ty what he had lost. I knew he would be there for sure with his dangerously sticking slut wearing almost nothing and I guess she didn’t knew anything else than throwing herself at boys.

Oh that bitch ruined my five minutes she isn’t worth my precious time. I will not let her screw with me this time. I took a last glance at my clothes and dug myself into a war with them until finally I had my skinniest jeans and crop top out with my hands out and body into my clothes.

I wore my outfit and did my makeup not much but able to conceal my dark circles. I coated my eyes with kohl and lips were done red. Hairs were messily curled and few curls nestled on my shoulder.s

I finally slipped into my ankle high heeled boots and checked myself out and could just say, woof not bad. Truly telling I looked Badass. I looked at my clock and as it struck seven I heard his car screeching down my porch. I peeked out of my window and my eyes popped out seeing his Volvo. I always had a thing for Volvo. I whistled to myself before racing down to open the door. I felt butterfly fluttering in the pit of my stomach. Before he could even press the button I opened the door and he looked at me smiling. Jesus, sue me if he isn’t hot. Shut up Abby, my subconscious scolded me. I looked at him from head to toe. He had adorned black ripped jeans with white button up with three buttons lazily left out. His well sculpted chest was visible which made my knees go jelly.  His face, the best part his icy blue eyes looked more piercing and deep. His lips curled up into one side smirk wrinkling area near his eye.

“Look what you like…?’’He mocked me with that stupid smirk I so wished to slap it off his handsome face. Manly hood had made him just to irresistible. I never knew ever I would look at him this way. Probably he is the best man town now. He got looks that could beat ty and I knew he would be burned to crisp when he will see all girls including his whore drooling over him. But when I thought girls running for him it made my heart sink in and it pained me. “Hey Abby, snap out” he waved his hand before my face bringing me back on earth. Phew, blacking out had become my thing as many things kept ringing in tiny head.

Suddenly I felt his rock like chest against mine as he hugged me tight, damn is cologne made me weak and subconsciously I hugged him back way to tight. ”Ab’s you choking me” and immediately I let him go.

“Whoa, did you already wanted me dead or was it I-missed-you-so-much-hug” he said winking at me. Damn this wasn’t the innocent Sammy I knew, he had grown up into a man. i loved the change. He was kinky and cocky and I loved that tinged of naughtiness in his ever so deep aqua blue orbs.

If I had known all the hot guys of this small town than probably it would only be Sam who would stand on the of scale on 10,not even Ty I would give him a six compared to the hot guy standing in front  me. I saw his lips curl into a smile as he pulled me towards his damn hot car Volvo. OMG, the car I had dreamt and thought one day the richest guy on this town Tyler Davis would give me pleasure of riding on a hot date in a Volvo, but damn he couldn’t even rent a Chevrolet. All the money he could spend stoning him and dumping girls.

Oh my god, the drive to the woods where the bonfire was held was so smooth and quick that I actually started believing that vampire existed as the car went Wroom.

Being an gentle he came immediately to escort me. I felt that we were on our date and he was trying all his tricks up his sleeves to impress me .I hope that could be the scenario I was sure from the beginning of our friendship that whosoever be Sam’s girl she would be the luckiest girl in the world. Sam would be the most understanding and caring boyfriend a girl could ever ask.

But suddenly my eyes filled with rage seeing Ty having time of his life with his slut babe. Actually taking a closer look I noticed that the slut Tia was throwing herself over him and he was trying to be generous to her by not throwing her away so hard that she would land on her butt weeping. I just giggled and Sam saw me and looked at my source of giggle and I saw different kind of emotion take over his beautiful eyes. I saw jealousy, hurt and anger. I was confused. And suddenly with gritted teeth.

“How dare he, I’m going to kill that cheating ass” altogether I figured out that the emotions were possessiveness.

“Shh! Calm down. There is nothing between us now Sam” tried reasoning with him and suddenly as the words fell on his ears his eyes turned soft towards me and I saw love.

“How and when..?” he knew how much that jerk mattered to me.

“Long story, cut short. He got bored of me. Got a new play toy and now seemed to be bored of her as well.” I explained him in short.

“How dare he Ab’s, he hurt you so much.” he said with almost mellow was taking over his new voice. His eyes didn’t show sympathy but understanding and I knew that I had fallen for him head or heels not only for his now good looks but his way of understanding ever situation that mattered to me.

“Come on, let by gone be by gone” and I dragged him as he just shrugged and gave his sexiest smile. How can someone change so much or maybe I was just blinded by the fake love of Ty that I couldn’t notice this gorgeous personality.

But suddenly everything changed when I saw Ty approaching me. I knew the moment we started walking all eyes drifted towards us. Two reasons, first that they all had seen me for the first time after our break-up and second seeing this gorgeous man beside me. I saw expression change in some people as they started to recognize him. Sluts had already started to drool over him, giving him winks and kisses.

I just don’t understand why some girls just don’t have any self-respect. Well chuck it cause by now Ty was standing in front of me.

“Hey Ab’s, btw should tell you that you look smoking hot if it isn’t obvious.” Ty commented and tried to act smart huh!. From the corner of my eye I saw Sam’s eyes roll in frustration. I just smiled.

“Run to hell Ty” I snorted back.

“Why babe, you don’t love me any more cause you been in pants with this douche the whole time.” And the next moment I saw Tyler’s face punched hard and his two teeth roll down the ground.

“Damn man, what’s your deal” Ty said composing himself.

“Don’t dare you talk to her. No one talks to her this way and get away with ease so for your own good fix it in your thick skull.” Sam said all in a very confident way and dragged me away but maybe Ty wasn’t done yet he grabbed my other hand and I felt a rage flow my whole body and with adrenaline rush I pushed him with all my might that he stumbled back on his toes and for balance suddenly grabbed something an sat on it. And it didn’t take him more than 5 seconds to jump back on his heels.

“Babe what are doing? Why were you sitting on BBQ?” asked his slut babe who was missing all the time.

“Fuck you bitch.” Ty said to her while rubbing his ass. That was seen by now as the BBQ had burnt his pants. Tia stood there gaping at his back and everyone felt in hysteria of laughter. “Just look what a girl can do. Huh! Bloody Asshole on Fire.” as I twitched my lips, suddenly they met with another pair of pink lush lips. And they swayed together in a rhythm.


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