Cosmic Quintessence

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Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017



Level headed disheveled 
copacetic u get it , 

I have bled into that tributary 
where the Red Sea now rests, 

sauntering two step with death 
he is astounded by my contempt 

what can he gain from my 
descent I have purged 
many auras 

living in discontent, 
resent blessed repent. 

Rise with me on a broken 
feather of nights cackling 

swaying into void kissing 
cracked lips of fractured stars, 

lost in the ethereal 
sauce caught between 
Venus and Mars 

two sparks shimmering, 
whispering harmonies an 

infantile galaxy waltzing 
in measure kaleidoscopic 
soliloquies granted 
by celestial divinity.

Lacrimal seepage slips 
as rare mist from a passing 

comets path I capture one 
in my grasp crush it down 

into a cerulean gem to 
pulsate in the cut of your 
shine between 

your lanterns of infinity, 
my finite queen of 
mystical intrigue. 

I permeate tantric illusions 
to stifle your weary seclusion 

radiating gamma rays of a 
thousand suns enveloping 

you in an ultraviolet barm 
this eternal tribunal will 
never taste no harm. 

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