the old crow

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Fantasy  |  House: Booksie Classic

The Old Crow

by Ada Haynes

I had feared its coming for days and now it's there. The first frost of the year.

A white shiny skin covers everything around me. So pretty to the sight, so painful to my old bones.

I shake myself, stretch the legs, yawn. Time to move on.

I leave the comfort of my little nest of cardboards. 

A pallid sun appears above the trees. At least, this is a nice improvement on the last week rain, but it will not be enough to warm me.

My stomach rumbles, I try to ignore it. 

I hop on a deserted path, squiggling around. There's not much food to be found the last days. Most of the nuts and berries are gone, squirreled away by... squirrels. Damn furry beasts. If at least I could catch one... They make a tasty meal, but they are too fast for me.

My sight is not as good as it used to be, but there seems to be... Yes. Some berries up there. I climb a bit, and here they are. Sugar-coated candies. A bit hard to chew on, but it's better than nothing.

Too soon, they are gone.

I jump back to the floor. The stomach is quiet now. That's good. 

I find a spot of sun on the grass, and stay still there, enjoying the ephemeral warmth.

Winter is definitely coming now. I need to plan on how I will survive that one. 

I hope I'll survive that one.

It was easier before. When I was with the others. We had no trouble to scavenge for food then. Lucius always knew where the best garbage bins were, and with the lot of us, we kept the concurrence away. A murder, they called us. The memories make me cackle happily. We were a pain, for sure. Those were good old times...

Damn! That old bird is here again! How many times do we have to tell you this is not a place for you!”

The nasty voice awakes me. With a big kick from his working boot, the man hits me on the back. I faltered.

I want to move away, but it looks as if my body doesn't want to obey me anymore.

I take a step, then another, and fall on my face.

Another kick.

Go away!”

Don't you see that is what I'm trying to do, you stupid?

I put myself back on my two feet and take another few tipsy steps.

Another voice.

Leave her alone, will you? She hasn't done you any wrong, has she?”

I recognize the voice. Albert. The sandwich seller. He always keeps some old bread on the side for me. Sometimes, I even get some ham. I don't like ham so much. Too salty. But beggars can't be choosers.

The two men are now arguing above me.

Your girlfriend is a bloody nuisance, Albert!”

What's wrong with enjoying a bit of sun, Douglas? And she looks like she's hurt...”

I don't care! It's written here: "Don't walk on the grass”. That applies to her as well!”

You truly are an asshole, Douglas. She's just an old lady, you should show her some respect, instead of kicking her away as if she's a piece of garbage. Here, girl. Come with me...”

Albert helps me to get back on my feet with nice, warm and solid hands.

We walk away from the nasty gardener, together, me, clinging heavily on him.

Albert brings me to his stall and help me sit on a chair, next to him, behind the counter.

I hope he didn't hurt you too much, girl. You don't look well.”

I like the way Albert calls me 'girl', makes me feel young again. He is right. Everything is a bit dizzy around me. Probably got drunk on those berries juice, I realize. Bit early for them to ferment, but that could  explain my drowsiness.

I just need to rest a bit. It was not that many berries, anyway.

He is moving around me, whistling some jolly song, obviously preparing for the day.


I eyed the stacked little breads. My stomach is rumbling again.

I try to resist the temptation. I'm a beggar, not a thief. I've seen others attacking people for food.

I'm not like that. Not that desperate yet, at least.

Albert prepares himself a huge sandwich.

He laughs when he sees my expression. Give me a piece of it.

Here girl. You deserved it, you poor thing.”

I eat as fast as I can. Bread is good. 

I'm not so dizzy now. I stand on my two feet, hop from the chair.

Albert smiles at me. I Smile back.

Come back any time, girl. I'll keep some bread for you.”

Speechless, I nod my thanks. Then fly away....


Submitted: March 05, 2017

© Copyright 2021 Ada Haynes. All rights reserved.

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