Tomorrow's Another Day

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I was thinking how joyful it is to have a child, but also how sad it must be to suffer a miscarriage, and how it would affect a relationship.

Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017



Half-naked in the half-darkness
She sits at the table, unable to make sense of it all
A lukewarm cup between her palms
Her arms tingle in the cooling air
It seems to say

“Tomorrow’s another day.”
Her visible breath, the only sign
She’s still alive
So still she sits, her mind in turmoil
Racing thoughts in motion
An ocean tossing white foam peaks
They speak

“Tomorrow’s another day”.
Stirring, chair legs scraping on parquet floor
Wanting more than the reasons he gave
The tea discarded, unwanted
Not needed, like pleas unheeded
Like he did
When he walked away

“Tomorrow’s another day.”
The day begins to dawn, bleak
Weakly, she climbs the stairs
The shower scalds her skin, the pain
A relief, a short term thief of her thoughts
She ought to believe

“Tomorrow’s another day.”
Silently she stumbles
Fumbles in her office chair
Her hair in disarray, no longer caring
Baring her soul to those who know her
When her pain will give her away

“Tomorrow’s another day.”
Fighting tears
And fears of isolation
Standing brave amongst the stares
Into the darkness, unaware
Of peoples love, of peoples hate
The words grate

“Tomorrow’s another day.”
And later, when the day is gone
And home looms
A home, no more a shell
To occupy her living hell
Her stomach, once cradled her
Or him… the memory grows dim
As torment rages through her veins
And stains the very core of her
No more, the life within

And why blame himself for this sin
Her pride is all that stands aloud
Of one so wanton, one so proud
Her body, all would be allowed
Her body, soft, fragile, malleable as clay

“Tomorrow is…”

© Copyright 2018 Collette Parrish. All rights reserved.

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