Behind the Door

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This poem mainly focuses on the young kids from the lower economic strata.. some are orphans while some are tortured by their parents. Most don't have clean water to drink

Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017



I push a large metal door open.

Behind that door, I see a whole new world;

A world that is way too cruel

Way too hapless.

A world that shouldn't exist.

The air feels heavy

As though it may be burdened with lost dreams.

I sense empty faces staring at me.

A boy of 10 I might say

Takes my hand and leads me to what he proudly calls his abode.

The roof is caving in and the door hangs on a balance.

I ask about his parents and he shakes his head.

I realize he has no one to call 'family'.

I look at every child around me.

They have no worldly pleasures

But they find happiness among themselves.

Would they dare step out into the real world?

Maybe they'd rather take their happiness with them to their grave.

I walk back to that metal door as an unsettling feeling weighs down on me.

As I close that door behind me,

I realize I have seen a wretched way of life

And I'm now walking away.

I couldn't lift the curse

I could only stand and witness.


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