The Houses of Chockto

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The story of a very young king, his ride to success, failure, and what might be the greatest accomplishment a king could ever achieve.

Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017



It was an unusually bright night on Taliya its three moons lined as if they were sitting on steps, this only occur once every nine cycles, they called it the Lining. But the Lining wasn't the only special thing that was going on for this night was also the night of a birth, the birth of a very special little boy.

"Come on, don't be a slow poke you're going to miss your own sons birth." Jesso pulled the king by the hand leading him to the birthing chamber. She must have been just as excited if not more, for she had been the only child living in the plaice thus far, but that wasn't by accident it was by design. You see for as long as the line of Snikda had rule, the Queen had always had a what you would call a caretaker. Jesso, who was the five year old daughter of Osige, the current caretaker and Gisis her father who was a general in the royal army. They entered the chambers, they were met by Osige.

"My King," She curtsied then for a moment turned her attention to her daughter. "Jesso, now what did I tell you, about bothering the king? The King laughed a little. "She is doing only what she is supposed to do, informing me that it is almost time."

"That it is your Highness," Once again turning her attention to her daughter. "Jesso, I want to carry this over to the bedside of the Queen and continue preparations."

"Yes mother." Jesso took the towels and ran to the bedside of the Queen.

"My King, from what we can tell the prince is in good shape, healthy, and his life energy is strong, for him, the birth should be non troubling."

"That is wonderful news Osige and what of my wife?"

"Well you Highness the prince energy is so strong that it is draining the Queen, she will survive the birth but it will be some time before I can allow her to resume her royal duties."

"That is fine Osige this much we anticipated, you've done a wonderful job may I see her?"

"Yes you may your Highness, but first Supreme Being Mikka'El has requested your audience, he is on the balcony."


Jesso laid a cool towel on the forehead of the Queen, she slowly opened her eyes and then smiled. "Jesso," She said in a low voice. "My how you grow more beautiful everyday." Jesso smiled.

The king walked out onto the balcony.

"My Lord." The King started to prostrate.

"You need not prostrate to me King Edylc."Micca walked over to Edylc and helped him to his feet. "In our circle you are considered an El, we do not prostrate to each other." He walked him over to the balcony. "Look do you see what's happening?" Micca asked.

"Yes, the moons Tedal and Lessus are lining up, which can only mean one thing."

"Yes." Micca finished. The First house of the Houses of Chockto must come to an end. Your son will be the last king of the House of Snikda. It is he that will choose the First king of the second house." Paused looking up at the sky, "Snikda! the House of Snikda, the first so shall you be the last, The first King of the last house will be of your bloodline. These are the words of our father."

"I accept this information with honor and humbleness." Edylc said.

"The young prince has already been blessed with an Eloheemic awareness. His prowess will be like no other on this planet."

"Thank you my lord."

"Now Edylc there is also another reason I am here. There has been a tip in the balance, time and space has been effected.


Back in the birthing chamber Jesso and her mother had fully prepared the Queen for the delivery, her contractions forever growing closer together. With the King by her side the birth was long and hard but when the cry's of the baby filled the kingdom a sense of drain a calm came over everyone, rendered everyone in a two mile radius to become sluggish hardly able to move that's when it happened.

There was a pulse you couldn't see it but you could feel it and it was resenting not to far from the bed. King Edylc knew what was happening he saw where it was going to form and not soon as the thought past his mind he spotted it that little black dot on the fabric of space then.

It sounded like a rubber band explosion instantly getting bigger what was once a little black dot was now a black hole, at first it pulled in a lot of air and loose objects but then seem to stabilize.

King Edylc tried to go for his weapon but it was very difficult. They walked through. He, standing six feet nine inches was an older gentleman. And her, standing Five feet nine inches half of her face was covered by her long locks they that swayed in the in draft breeze from the black hole.

"Hurry Jesso the hole won't stay open for long," The gentleman said. Did anyone else hear that? With all the noise and the commotion you could hardly hear anything, but King Edylc heard him, raised a lot of questions. "The gateway will not be open for long." She reached for her weapon, which didn't look like much of a weapon at all. It was a handle white pearl incrusted with bright jewels. You would probably think that it wasn't a weapon but when she tightened her grip, that's when the blade slid out a full two feet.

"Now Jesso now."

For a slight moment there was a hesitation, as if she didn't want to do it ,but then she lunged at the Queen and the young prince who both just happened to be sound asleep. Her target or rather targets seemed to be well in her reach, but then something happened that nether her nor her tall dark skinned companion counted on. It was a tremendous force, for a moment it felt as if her chest was being caved in.

"Ahhh." She screamed as she was thrown back crashing into stone wall it crumbling around her. Out of a black streak her companion appeared by her side attempting to help her up. She coughed up stone dust a small amounts of blood.

"What the hell was that?" He asked.

She coughed again while gaining her composure. "I don't know but who or what ever it was it sure was fast and strong." That is when the dust cloud dispersed and they realized what it was or more importantly who.

"It's an El, I should have known."

Micca 'El stood by the Royal bed, so fast, repelling the Young lady's attack, and at the same time putting a force field around the Queen and the Prince.

"El?" She exclaimed. "There is nothing in the Snikda Records about an El being present.

"Why would there be?" Micca interrupted. "Most importantly what time period are you froe tell me." He lifted one finger and they were rendered stuck. It felt like their bodies were squeezed. Her companion having knowing what was happening to them struggled to reach into a pocket, pulling out a small silver ball about the size of a marble and dropped it. It exploded in a bright light releasing a vibration that caused Micca to lose his telekinetic hold. When the light was gone so were the young lady, her companion and the black hole.


"Oh my Most High did we really sleep through all that?" Queen Eamytak asked. They told her of the whole ordeal. Given they situation of the Prince being the last king, all kinds of ideas were given to insure the Prince reached adult hood, from raising him behind the walls of The Fortress of Canul to moving him to the inner plaice, which was on another plane.

"No I will not have my wife and son living with a bunch of fanatics and assassins and I will not have them live on a whole different plane, how would his people know him?"

Micca EL assured them that he would look into the time travelers, in fact he had managed to send a nanoprobe through the black hole before it closed.

"Ok then it is settled so just shut up about it, besides during the next light hours during the introductory ceremony I will sleep in the Eloheemic tube to decrease my recovery time to one light cycle"

The next light hours The Queen was taken to the Anuunakie ship and placed her in the tube. The king had taken his son and Jesso to a sacred place in the Hatchna woods to conduct the introductory ceremony. That shadow hours they all came together for a grand meal, after they all assembled in the royal chambers to pray and see the Queen and the young Prince off to sleep.



120 kl outside the city walls a dense wooded area known as the Paark, a W-Class scout ship had since been landed in the moonlit shadows of the giant blue hemp trees. Blacmar Mercenaries, usually in a four man team, and this team, the team called Valox, one of the most ruthless of Blacmar teams. Valox was apprised of mercenaries, that were all from different planets, all highly skilled in many different areas all perfect for the job at hand, a kid napping. Two of them were already outside the ship preparing and checking there weapons

"Any word from Chex yet?" Valox was a Faldeian, simply she looked like a Siamese cat, her fur was all black and she had a long tail. Tall about six feet she was, slim and very sexy.

"We only dropped him a few first ago be patient." Chopus, a Chalkin was very much the muscle, he also stood six feet was big and buff. Just then there communicators beeped in a sequence of threes.

"Alright you slackers time to get this show on the road get to the rendezvous spot get it done and get back here on the double." San there leader, who was still on the ship buzzed in through the communicators. And with his instruction Chopus and Valox gathered there weapons and took to the trees.

They made it to the rendezvous spot 20Kl outside the city gates, a set of mounds the people called the rolling hills.

"You guys are so fucking late." Chex said, as he landed in front of them then retracting his wings.

"Late shmat what ever, did you plant the explosives." Valox asked

"Yes I did, and it was quite easy to. Seems that everyone is so caught up in the birth of the new prince, I wasn't even noticed." Chex said.

"Ok then well it's a go is everyone up on what they suppose to do?" Chopus asked. They both nodded there heads "Well lets make this happen." He finished.

Back in the palace, in the Royal Chambers Osige was going over lessons, something they did every shadow hours before retiring to bed. The Queen and the baby Prince were being tucked in by the King.

"I will be back my queen after I have made my r0unds through the city."

"My love can't that cease for just these shadow hours look at you son he's not even sleepy." She gazed at her son that unmistakable look of a mothers love expression on her face. The King took his son, cradled him touched foreheads. They walked out onto the balcony The view of the city-kingdom was extraordinary them being in a silver pyramid towering seven to eight stories over a sea of bright white lights. What was that to the South?

That strange feeling came first, the one the always get right before something bad happens, hell even the baby felt it the buckness of his eyes indicated that he also knew the something was about to happen, then it did.

"BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM BOOM." A series of nine large explosions, just happened to be in a residential part of the city. The King ran back into the chambers, as he handed his son back to his mother.

"My god what was that?" The Queen asked.

"The city is under attack, I must go."

"Do you require my assistance my King." Osige asked

"No stay here protect the Queen, this could just be a ploy." He turned and as he did he vanished in a black streak.


Chex, he just stood, not too far maybe only a few hundred meters from where the last explosion was, admiring his handy work, looking at his time piece. He felt the breeze, not the cool calming breeze you'd expect but that warm blunting breeze that came when someone interrupted the natural flow of things. Chex smiled.

"I was beginning to think that you were not going to show up but here you are."

"Why have you come here mercenary, if you wanted an audience with me all you had to do was knock on my door, you didn't have to blow up my shit, All those innocent people you just killed." Even though the king could feel the pain, the hurt of all those innocent souls he showed no emotion.

"Wow, they said you were the best, but I swear if I didn't know who you were I'd think you didn't even care."

In the blink of an eye the King appeared not even a meter from Chex, it was so fast Chex had no time to react and now he was up off the ground at least a foot being held by the neck. It seemed that it would be the end of Chex but then he just smiled, quickly hit a couple of buttons on his time piece and then.

"BOOM" A bright silver dome sprung up around them.


From the Royal Chambers they could see everything and as soon as they witnessed the silver dome, from beneath an invisibility cloak Chopus appeared right behind Osige grabbing her by her neck a feat he could accomplish with one hand. This rendered her motionless cause the only weak spot a caretaker has is around the neck. Jesso started to move but stopped when Valox appeared out of her cloak of invisibility.

"Hold up now little girl less you want my patna here to break ya mommas neck." She slowly backed up and then turned her attention to the Queen and the Prince. She gently reached down and lifted the Prince up out of the Queens arms.

"Don't try to resist Queen, my repel field is restricting your movements and in your weakened state you couldn't possibly fight back."

"You may be right," The Queen replied. "But even the Prince knows, that you wont make it off this planet alive."

Valox brought the Prince close to her bosom and her vest took the Prince and strapped the baby to her chest nice and snug.

"We'll see about that Queen. Chopus! we out this bitch."

Chopus dropped Osige and quickly caught up with Valox as they both dove over the balcony.

Jesso thought for a second, "My moms down, the Queen is down, the King?"

She quickly stood up reaching over and grabbing a silver disk, placing it on her chest instantly being covered in her battle suit, she grabbed her backpack already in mid stride. Out of her peripheral she saw something coming at her, she caught it. It was a pearl handle didn't look like much but she knew what it was. for she had seen the Queen use it numerous times in battle. "They will not make it out of the city." Jesso said to the Queen. She put the weapon away just as she leaped over the balcony. 300 meter straight drop, spread arms flight suit activates, level out 200 meters, targets 400 meters, 1200 meters to north wall, targets 1000 meters.

Valox looked be hind her, then contacting Chopus on the communicator. "It's that little girl."

"Are you kidding me?"Chopus asked. "Just keep going she'll never catch up with up."

Chopus was so confident so sure, for they had planned this all the way down to the end not even leaving out the slightest detail or the smallest possibility. But there was something that they over looked. Valox looked behind her again and Jesso was out of sight. She turned back around her and Chopus both came to a sudden stop.

"What the fuck!" Valox exclaimed.

"She just appeared outafnowhar." Chopus said.

"This is as far as you go." Jesso said.

"Oh yeah and what exactly are you gonna do about it?"

"I will not warn you again, land, put the Prince on the ground and back away.

They both started to laugh, but abruptly stopped when Valox heard a "SWISH SWISH" Saw the black streak then felt a blow to the abdomen that seem to stop time for a split second. Valox fell to the ground like a ten ton block, just as Jesso was landing and catching the Prince before he could hit the ground. Now 30 to 40 meters separated them. Chopus landed beside Valox, she was out cold.

"Don't think you have won yet little child." Just then Chopus body turned hard as stone. "I know your weakness." Just then he rushed in delivering a number of blows to the neck area Jesso blocking them all with one arm while holding the baby with the other. Chopus had fought her back maybe another 30 meters. It took a lot of energy away from her and her left arm had been paralyzed she estimated it being broke in four places, she really didn't know if she could take another attack like that.

"Now I will end you, what a shame you sure put up a good fight for a little girl.

Just then something happened, Jesso felt a warm serge of energy come from the Prince. Her suit reacted and live living thing grabbed the Prince covered him completely and moved around her chest to come to rest on her back then hardened. Jesso emitted a burst of energy sounded like the sound of a jet engine. Her arm had heal and her suit extended to cover her neck, her locks floating in the energy that now emitted for her.

"So you think that's going to help." Chopus ran in again once again, but this time there wasn't a lot of blocking. Chopus right hand, straight jab, Jesso head dodge to her left grabs Chopus right wrist with left hand, she brings her right arm up against Chopus's elbow in a downward motion she push, forces Chopus to one knee. Head and upper shoulder area in perfect striking range. Jesso draws back right and "WHAM!!" swift up kick under the jaw, it lifted Chopus off the ground when he landed "WHAM!!" this a push kick to the side of the jaw breaking an knocking Chopus out cold.



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