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"You have five minutes to convince me not to let my mother call the cops. She's in the lobby, but she'll be up here any second."

"I came here to still money from Mrs. Taylor who I assume is your mother I was only going to take a little so she wouldn't know it was missing I'm not a bad person I swear I can't get a job without an address this is what I have to do day to day to survive!"

"Okay. I'll help you, but first, you must promise me a favor."

Violet Ross is a street kid. She does what she needs to survive. One day, she decides to rob one of the most successful women in New York and thoroughly plans it out. What wasn't a part of her plans: her target's 18-year-old son, Christian. When he catches her in the act, he gives her two options: go to jail, or do him a favor. She agrees not knowing what she'll have to do. What will happen when this favor turns into something more than either of them could have ever imagine?


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Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017

10 minutes. I have 10 minutes left. Get what you need and get out Violet! I check my watch and grunt in frustration. It h... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 05, 2017

“Stacy, I need you to move all my meetings to tomorrow morning. My hair dresser and stylist both canceled on me, so I’ m flying solo.... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 05, 2017

I was trying to ignore the annoying elevator music, when the phone ringed. He’s calling me already? Without looking at the call... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 05, 2017

As I walked the streets, I checked the time on my watch. Noon. Guess I got time to get some breakfast before I go shopping. I... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 05, 2017

The mall wasn’t as packed as I thought it would be. After a breakfast bagel, I went to the first dress shop I could find. I’m... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 05, 2017

With my hair and nails done, I realized I had a problem. I have nowhere to get ready. I looked at my watch, it was 4 pm. How did ... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 05, 2017

“I look like a sultry Disney Princess.” I said gawking at myself in the mirror. “So you like your face?” Asked Susannah. ... Read Chapter


Submitted: March 05, 2017

“My favor is… simple. I need you to pretend to be my girlfriend to ruin my ex’s life.” “I knew it!” He laughs at my o... Read Chapter

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