A Fictional Creation

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Writing fiction, creating worlds!

Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017



A Fictional Creation


Let me tell you a story, create a different view,

build up an existence that is one you can turn to


whenever things, they get you down, or just become to much,

I’ll create a place where you can go for a different touch.


So many different types of worlds are there for me to make;

romance, fantasy, horror, or just bizarre – which one shall I take.


I could build a world of romance where love, it conquers all,

where passion surpasses barriers and forces them to fall;


where he loves her and she loves him and nothing else does matter,

and if there is some problem then her heart it does not shatter.


But don’t bring it to reality, this warm rose-tinted glow,

for reality’s a different thing and that you need to know.


Hearts do shatter and they bleed, there can be so much pain,

so much so you’ll not really want to ever breathe again.


I could go fantastical and build a whole new place,

in a different time, a distant land or even somewhere out in space.


Society will be created, maybe wars and maybe magic

and a struggle, perhaps, that if it fails would lead to something tragic.


Here there can be heroes and princesses, or an inter-galactic war,

creatures with four eyes, two heads, or sorcerers galore.


Horror is a different thing, for those looking for a thrill,

maybe it is just a way to put the boredom to the kill.


To really be successful, I’ll have to make it shock,

perhaps come up with a pretend event to repay those who mock;


or make up some monsters that are representing real fears

that suffer a defeat if they should venture somewhere near.


Sometimes it is really gross and sometimes cruelty abounds

but it’s a build-up and an atmosphere that makes it, I have found.


Pick bizarre and here we go, we’ll plunge in to crazy town

where red is blue, right is left and up just brings you down.


It’s time to loosen all constraints that hold my world in check

and go with almost anything, my sanity to wreck;


I’ll create a world of madness, where anything can be,

the story line may not make sense to anyone but me.


A place that’s full of weirdness is where you’ll find you’ll go,

but don’t you come complaining because I have let you know.


It really doesn’t matter where the story, it takes place,

as long as there’s some satisfaction clear upon your face;


a temporary refuge from what is your every day

is the most that you can hope for when you bring fiction in to play.


But just a word of warning, keep track of what is real

for if you just allow it to, your mind it will then steal.



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