the big city

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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Booksie Classic
Chapter number 8, "The only thing thats consistent is change", The Supranos meets The Wire, Toronto style...

Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017





( scene 1 ) 

( miss bagnasco is getting a spaw treatment when pepe and juan walk in .)

pepe - good morning miss bagasco .

juan - morning miss bagnasco 

miss bagnasco - morning gentlemen .we are dogs and we have flees in our furr .how do u suggest we take them out .

pepe - we wait .we tell stevie chambers to make his crew take a later shipment .

juan - dont get it .

miss bagnasco - i do .so lets send a fake shipment of flour .lots and lots of flour .

pepe - when the mayor takes the flour we will take the second one .let the mayor feel the pinch and expose himself .

miss bagnasco - mr chambers phone has been off for the last couple days .

juan - so where do we locate him .

pepe - the motor cycle convention .every year stevie goes .

miss bagnasco - tell him theres something in it for him .and another thing pepe .send a message too the italians .in a suttle way .

pepe - c  miss bagnasco . pepe and juan leave the spaw .

( big city episode 8 ) 

( scene 2 ) 

( stevie is at his girlfriends house )

stevie - fuck where the fuck did my coke go .i left it here .baaaaaaaaaby where's my coke i left it  on the table .

girlfriend - i cant hear u iam in the shower .

( stevie gets up and walks to the shower and opens the shower door )

stevie - where's my coke .

girlfriend - i took the last bit last night stevie .

(stevie turns off  the water on her and her eyes start too burn from the shampoo )

stevie -  u bitch .u ever take my last bit of stash i will make your eyes burn till they pop out .now where the fucks 

your phone mines is broken .

girlfriend - in my purse on the kitchen table .now turn on the water u asshole .

( stevie walks over and gets the phone .he calls polo )

polo - who dis 

stevie - me stevie 

polo - why the strange # 

stevie - phones broken .

polo - so whats up .

stevie - my boss wants too meet jerome 

polo - what about  

stevie -  who knows .just following orders .i will text u the details .

polo - kewl . thre both hang up .

( bigcity episode 8 ) 

( scene 3 )

(officer dog face enters police headquarters and takes the stairs to see the chief for his 

weekly briefing he reaches the secretary and she tells him the chief is expecting him .)

cheif colangelo - u look like shyt .

dogface - feel like it too .

chief .there are elevators 

dogface - trying  to lose wait .got fat since i left the street beat .plus wifey cant stand the extra wait .

chief - well u do need your health .

dogface - where getting breaks on the case with the scarbrough gangs .

chief .good .what do u have on beast .

dogface - we have him on tape talking about the trisha edwards murder . and most likey he  put the hit on nova at the club 

empire .we still have the wire up .

chief - good good .and nova .

dogface - our c.i gave us info that nova would be there the night of the shooting .

chief  - then why haven't we captured any suspects if we had men on nova.

dogface - detective mcnally got wind of us watching nova .when the shooting took place he called off any persuit .

chief - why? 

dogface - says he has a c.i in the nova's crew .doesnt want his case compramised .i gave him compromised to the face .

chief - he's a crooked cop .i gottah clean up this force .starting with him .keep up the good work .report to me next week 

dogface - yes sir .

( bigcity episode 8 ) 

( scene 4 ) 

( randolph and dave are behind tobermory apartment speaking too the tobermory gang leader .

treva cleva .theres a dead body in the garbage .)

treva cleva - me call unno becouse one of the ute dem said they seen this man a your b ball tournament .

randolph - yah we know him .

treva cleva - well we cant leave it here .body a go stink .

dave - this is not good .

randolph - let me call jerome .1 sec .

jerome - yah .

randolph - we have a problem .meet me behind tobermory building .

jerome - be there in 15 minutes .

( 15 minutes later jerome pulls up behind the tobermory building to see

r and d with treva cleva )

randolph - jerome look .

jerome .fuck fuck fuck .

dave - u know who done this right .

jerome - yah rope .

treva cleva - unno have a problem dat body haffie move .

randolph - what do we do .

jerome - call the ambulance and clean him up .ther's nothing else u can do .

dave - the montreal cats gone be asking questions about ther man .

jerome - then we tell them the truth and see what happens call the ambulance .iam going home gotta facts something .

randoplh - ok we got it from here .peace.

( bigcity episode 8 )

( scene 5 ) 

( beast wire tape is on .and he's speaking too trisha edwards girlfriend )

trisha's girlfriend - u guys missed nova last night . why didn't u guys get out the car 

beast - listen u don't know how road goes .so dont tell me how too kill nigga's 

trisha's girlfriend - so what u gonna let nova get away with killing trisha .

beast - just relax stacy fuck .i got enough on my head .iam gonna link rope again .

stacy - u gottah watch that guy he's scary .

beast - dont worry we kewl .i will chat too u later .peace .

stacy - peace .

( bigcity episode 8 ) 

( scene 6 ) 

( ice is on his way too see nova in gallaway )

ice - sorry iam late had to drop off my girl .

nova - its all good .u know beast hit us at club empire last night .

ice - i know u guys ok though right .

nova - u know we always good .come down stairs in the basement .i have something for u .

( nova takes ice to the basement where 3 guys are waiting .they jump ice and beat 

him up .they tie him up too a chair and gag his  mouth ) 

nova - i know the day u got booked u ratted out about the shooting around malvern .dogface the fat fuck got u on the 

tape the day beast boys killed stamma and flex on the street .u on parole so they squezzed u .your probably wondering 

how i know all this .

( nova pulls the gag off ice's mouth .)

ice - fuck man .i dont know who's telling u that shyt but i will kill them trust me .

( just then officer callahan appears )

officer callahan - i dont think your gonna be killing anymore people ice .

ice - wait .

( nova gags ice again )

nova - u know how we do rats .plus ive always wanted to know how human ice melts .

( novas crew start to pour gas on ice .)

nova - see u in hell . 

( nova takes out a match and lights ice a flame .ice screams 

officer callahan and nova leave .ice screaming .)

nova - rat fuck .

officer callahan - try and stay low for a bit .the heats gonna be on now that a c.i is dead .

nova - look iam in war with beast cant lay low .

officer callahan - look u gang banging fuck. u want all of us too do life .we just killed a city witness 

just try too move smart .i will keep in touch .

( nova and callahan part ways ) 

( bigcity episode 8 ) 

( scene 7 ) 

(  mongo sits in his ride waiting for fishy too show up at the same building he left the last time he was chassed.

nothing is going on yet and hes been sitting in his ride 1 hour .nothing but thugs and drug dealers hollering at the 

honeys walking by .15 more minutes go by when mongo decides to leave .but just then before he drives away .

he's see's fishy in the rental jojo  got him dropping off two guys . he waits till fishy drives off .mongo  wearing an 

all black hoodie enters the building and follows them at a distance .the two guys go to apartment 416 .mongo walks by 

there apartment to the staircase .there he looks around too see if anyones comming up or down the stair well he checks 

the long hall way one more time and then kicks the door in and searches the house .he goes in the washroom .gun in hand 

he heres laughing when he comes in the washroom .)

mongo - get the fuck out the shower bitches .getin the room .

( the two guys stumble into there rooms with there naked bodies when mongo says )

mongo - why the fuck does fishy come here .

gay guy - o u lik fishy well we can share .

mongo - what ,hell no iam his half cousin .now tell me whats going on before u catch a bullet .

gay guy - daaamn ,we just met your cousin like a week ago in yorkdall mall .we got down and we fuck once in a while .

mongo - look keep your mouths shut about my visit here .u say a word u best bet u in a body bag 

( mongo leaves the two gay guys naked in there rooms scared .)

( bigcity episode 8 )

( scene 8 ) 

(  jerome gets a call while he's faxing his lawyer stan chernovsky )

jerome - hello 

lil john decepticons leader in montreal - u jerome right,  iam looking for my older brother .big john .

he went too your ball tournament on the weekend and never come home .

jerome - your brother's dead .found out earlier this morning .

lil john - my brother goes too a b ball tournament and ends up dead .

jerome - he had a run in with one of my enimies .

lil john - well your enemy is now my enemy .where's my brother now .

jerome - my people are taking care of everything .once agian sorry about your brother .he came to my event and died it .

will be handled promise .

lil john - u a real nigga jerome .u upfront .the nigga your enemy is dead .

( lil john hangs up .) 

( bigcity episode 8 ) 

( scene 9 ) 

( where here at a gallaway town home in scarbrough where a town home is burning 

and fireman have found a burnt body .the body cant be identified at this moment .

.the fire men are looking for the cause of the fire .iam lisa lewis bigcity news .)

( bgcity episode 8  ) 

( scene 10 )

( two black limo's pull up to a church in woodbridge . nino strata's men open up the limo

doors for mr guzman .one of the biggest drug dealers n mexico. they take mr guzman down 

the long church halls too a big room where nino sits eating with his men .)

nino strata - welcome mr guzman  ,iam sure your flight was comfortable .

mr .guzman - yes the new jets these days move faster than light .so the rumors are true , taking care of 

buisness in a church .i like , different but i like .

nino - happy u approve .

mr guzman - mr strata how are things progressing with our buisness venture .is miss bagnasco out the way .

nino - i have everything under control .and as for miss bagnasco .she's starting too feel the pinch already .

this time she will be out .

mr .guzman - weve heard that before mr strata ,ten long years ago .that war with the other families even caused your 

fathers death .miss bagnasco is still a powerfull woman .and she has the backing of the other families .

( nino doesn't like the tone of voice and where mr .guzman is going with this and interupts him )

nino - mr guzman ,after my father's death ive been building back my families strength my family is stronger than ever

before .i have the blacks now on my side .and other  syndicates around asia and europe on my side .u need 

me more than ever ,now that the rodriguez brothers have distrabution networks in atlanta and most of the south 

you need new territory .the north is rich and u know it .and u need me .so cut the bs about miss bagnasco she

will be out soon enough .

mr guzman - it seems i have underestimated you mr.strata .it wont happen again .when do i start shipment .

nino - give us 2 months .by then i should have all my people in place .

mr guzman - good ,another thing .some of my associates have hi end cars .they want to distrabute them in africa .

nino - africa ?

mr guzman - yes mr strata .africa's economy is booming .dont look at the news mr strata .real buisness men know where 

the money is .no  disrespect mr. but u italians in north america like the streets .not so iternational 

.i will open up a hole new world too u .

nino .well i like city rackets the international stuff i guess i gottah learn for now sure the coke is a grade 

 and the african contact i have just the person i can get in contact with give me a week .

mr.guzman - thank u mr strata . 

meeting continues over dinner when bruno whispers into nino's ear .

bruno - it;s the mayor on the phone .

nino - tell him call back 

bruno - he said it's urgent 

nino - yah 

mayor - pops is gonna meet jerome .

nino - i wonder what about .keep me updated 

( both men hang up ) 

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