Searching For......

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Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017



Searching For.....


I’m searching for silence, the absence of sound,

nothing to be heard from all around;


I don’t want a murmur, a twitter, a tweet,

I’m looking for silence that is so complete.


I’m searching for numbness, no feelings as such,

I don’t want to feel you, I don’t want your touch;


a lack of sensation that’s what I will seek,

no pleasure or pain to make me feel weak.


I’m searching for darkness, an enveloping black,

don’t want a glimmer of light to attack;


there has to be nothing, no vision at all,

so then I can be hidden when I take that fall.


A fall into nothing, it’s got to be made,

to recharge my batteries before I do fade;


I’m looking for ‘nothing’, a sensational lack,

there’s no way to know if I’ll want to come back.


There are moments when life, it becomes too hard to take,

an experience of over-load that makes my world quake;


I’ll search out a sanctuary, a place of comfort and peace,

where I’ll wait and see if all the turmoil will cease.


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