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Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017



A man in his fifties lives alone Called dean, he was working in a factory of animal products,  Even later he became a retired, his family stopped asking about him and he does not care about them, even though they live in the same city.


Dean sat down at his desk writing and remembering the moments of torture from some of the workers in the factory to the cattle before they slaughtered it

Dean wrote in his papers "I've always loved seeing cows while suffering and humiliating and slaughtered before the peak, then it begins when they Alarmed and starts feeling pain while beating until they bleed.. I did not do anything by myself, I feel I suffer delusions sometimes, but also it wasn't one of my specialties, but as long as I wanted to do it"

I wanted to do this to the human beings arrogant thinkers and workers, and I did not do it yet.


Dean woke up one day to find a mail message in front of his door, the title of the message was "Dear Dean get out of the cage you bastard."

Then he saw Albert name of an old friend of Dean Wishes him to come to his eldest daughter's wedding

The next day Dean went home having bought some vegetables and milk, and then returned to find the garbage full.


Dean  stands for a moment without moving before throwing the invitation , his eyes all around the place, and then he gets the wedding invitation card from the trash and see the wedding date "seventh month of June", then he leaves the message, saying "Damn."


Dean hates summer, The feeling of heat makes him feel the pain and always makes him feel like he is in the oven with the animals that eat it,  He listens to classical symphonies always because it is believed to play a role in alleviating the pain and it is like a shelter for him, and Dean remain cry throughout the day in the summer in front of the mirror and wishes he would never exist.


In the seventh day of June 1989, Dean goes to the marriage ceremony, Albert sees his friend then comes quickly to embrace him saying: O finally appeared! you bastard after more than seven years , you came for my daughter, not because of your friends,

Dean sits alone on a table in front of him food and drinks and he felt disgusted.

A woman comes in her thirties and sits on the same table, smiling at dean

Then she says: All your friends say you are Hidden and do not want to show up, but I say they are wrong, I see you every seven days and while going to the shop to buy food.


Dean gets excited and then looks at her wonderingly, saying

Dean: What?

The Woman: Oh heck I am your neighbor Jasmine staying in building number seven in front of you exactly, so dean What are you doing?

Dean: I do not work now you can call it a retired writer .

Jasmine laughs: You do not have become a writer when you only need to write the first page, and then to become a valuable one and you have a goal and reason to write for.

Dean tries to smile even in a gradual appears naturally in front of Jasmine and fails.

Then Jasmine says: Well Dean If you will reborn in another life to come, what would you like to study and work?

Dean hears the pope from the back and he is talking loudly on the speakers

Well I'd better be studying psychology and criminal science then became deranged cop!

Jasmine: Ammmm Well why?

Dean: To make this little idiot shut up until I go back to my cave.

Jasmine laugh out loud, then say: What do you think of going out together sometimes?

Dean feels awkward: I'm sorry Jasmine but I must go

Jasmine: What? wait

Dean goes quickly.

Dean sits on his desk on the same day and writes

"Why? Why is the only woman who tried to get close to me is the one that I want to see in pain and suffering, why are you giving me this obsessive motivation God?"

Then he tears the paper and look out the window and watch the building No. 7 that Jasmine lives in.

Dean kept on watching Jasmine throughout the night in the summer then he knew that she lives with her mother and her son only,


Until the month of December and Jasmine and Dean met at the store and she told him to come and spend Christmas Eve with her and her family, he told her that he will try to come.


Christmas Eve and Dean has not yet come, and Jasmine went to see if he's okay.

Dean opened the door wearing pajamas and appeared to be pretty drunk he was surprised to see Jasmine then he said

I did not want you to show me so


Jasmine: What's wrong with you dean? Why didn't you come ?, do my home far for you?!

  Dean: Jasmine You do not you understand

Jasmine: Do not understand what?

Dean: What I have been through ,I am suffering since I saw you weaken what i suffered before that time


Jasmine: you mean your work iat the animal factory you dean?

Dean: What? How did you know?

Jasmine: I was watching you as you do you, Albert told me about you and about your condition recently.

Dean holds Jasmine and beat her on the ground and continue to beat her until she bleeds then brings the knife and  unconsciously he begins slaughtering her.


Dean look at himself in the mirror screaming: no no this is not right, not right no,

 Then he escapes the house quickly and takes his car to the factory, which he worked at before, then he gets the oil cans out of the car

Stopped by the security factor, saying: Hey old man, what are you doing?

Dean puts the knife into the neck of  worker and the other worker sees what happened and sits on the ground quickly then he takes the keys from him, and come back to bring the oil cans and enter the factory and free all the animals

  Then start emptying the oil cans all over the place and puts himself on fire and falls on the ground somewhere screaming :


Long live animals

The torment for humans.

Long live animals

The torment for humans.

© Copyright 2018 Ahmed Farouk. All rights reserved.

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