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Some people have the urge to go.

Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017



'What will you do if you can never return?' 

'That is fine.'

'What will you do without everything you know.' 

'That is fine too.' 

'What are you looking for?' 


'don't you have life here?' 

'It's hard.' 

'But in that place will be worse.'


'Nobody cares about each other.' 

'People care too much here.' 

'There is indifference, no body will listen to you.' 

'I don't want their attention, I want to live.'

'You won't do it.'

'I will.'

'You are too full of yourself, you don't even know what real work is.' 

'and you don't know what being yourself is.' 

'I am happy.' 

'I am not, so I go.' 

'You should be happy here.'

'I should, but I am not. I leave.'

'No body will ever come to you.'

'Good, forget my name for I am just myself, I don't need anyone to know me.'

'You are insane.' 

'I know.'

'Go away.'

'That was the plan.' 

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