The Town of Lockinge

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The peaceful town of Lockinge has no crime. Until kidnapping begins. Children from ages 5 to 7 disappear. Join Stella and Cassie as they try to find the mysterious kidnapper.
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Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017



A man, dressed in all black, was silently sneaking through the peaceful streets at night. Stopping in front of a house, he looked at his notebook, then at a house number. Only making soft padding noises, he entered the house. Making no sound, he snuck into the 6 year old’s bedroom.

You can do this Jeremiah, you can do this. We’ve practiced and practiced. You can do this. The man carefully put the cloth to the sleeping child’s nose and instantly the child fell into a deeper sleep than before. Picking up the child, he slipped him into a burlap sack and snuck away. While he did so, he knocked over a vase, causing it to shatter, breaking the silence.

The lights came on and the man dropped his cloth in panic. He burst out of the door, and into the old silo. Flinging open the trapdoor, he slipped in and closed it, covering the it in wheat. He ran through a room and rushing down the halls, he came to another room, that was dark and damp, sort of like a dungeon. The old man placed the child down and walked, cautiously back down the hall. As if nothing had happened, he opened the trapdoor, covered it with wheat again, then got into a sleeping position. Within minutes he was sound asleep. The first kidnapping had begun, and the kidnapper had gotten away.


It had all started in the small, peaceful town of Lockinge where nothing bad ever happened. Slowly children from ages 5 to 7 disappeared. It began when one victim went missing at age 6, then another at age 5. Then a group of victims at ages 6 to 7. Finally, someone’s brother disappeared. He was 7, turning 8 in a week. Fortunately, this little boy had two sisters who decided to investigate, for the sake of their little brother, Lionel.

Stella is an 18 year old girl, with raven black hair that is down to her shoulderblades, and covering one of her eyes. She has dark blue eyes and is very athletic. People say that she could become the best player in any sport. Her sister Cassie, which is short for Cassandra, is a 16 year old girl, who has long blonde hair, a trait from their mom, and emerald green eyes, also from their mother. She is extra smart, and it was said that she was a genius like Albert Einstein, but reborn in the body of a girl.

The first thing they decided to do was look in people’s homes and gather up a list of suspects. They came to  3 suspects: the man who lives in the abandoned silo who is Jeremiah and is 48, the man who lives in the deserted church who is Julius and is 36, and the woman who lives in the “haunted” mansion who is known as Mariel and is 63. They got two clues from searching some people’s homes. There was cloth with something that they thought that was sleep gas on it and a message;You’ll never catch me!They wrote this down, taking note of the handwriting. This was the first clue, and didn’t lead to anyone.

To find the cloth, they had looked in multiple people’s houses, with no luck. They researched a lot and found the address of the first house. Scribbling it down in their detective notebook, they walked to the house. When they got  there, they entered. Looking around they confronted the mom of the victim and she gave them permission to investigate. Walking around, they looked in the rooms of the kidnapped victim, and traced the possible route of escape. While doing so, they stumbled upon the cloth. Picking it up, they instantly knew something was wrong with it. So Stella pocketed it and they gave a quick thanks to the mom, while walking out the door. They strolled home and into their shared bedroom. They suspected the cloth contained sleep gas, because the cloth could have been pressed against the nose of the child, causing the child to fall asleep or into a deeper asleep.

After a quick argument of who would sniff it, they decided that Cassie would. Grumbling Cassie brought the cloth to her nose. She glared at Stella, upset and irritated that she had to test the cloth.

“Ready?” Cassie positioned herself on her bed. Gulping, she breathed out, then took in a big breath, her nose near the cloth. Immediately, she fell backwards, in a deep sleep. An hour later, she awoke again.

Cassie decided that to find out if they were truly guilty, then they would be uncomfortable in an interview. The first interview with Mariel was long and slow. She would fall asleep in the middle of her sentences, repeat her thoughts, and forget what she would say.

Interviewing Julius was the next step. He was better, except he looked away when the kidnappings were mentioned. He was also nervously sweating and stuttering. He was immediately the prime suspect.

Then there was Jeremiah. He seemed like a peaceful man, just hiding in the silo, for free food and shelter. It isn’t used anymore, but there is food in there that was from the last harvest. Supposedly, the town folk stopped using the silo, because it was haunted and the phantom killed all the workers and farmers. Anyway, when we came, Jeremiah was sitting on the ground. He looked up when we entered.

“W-why are y-you here?” He asked nervously, shooting to his feet.

“We are here-” Cassie started saying.

“-to interview you about the kidnappings,” Stella finished, impatiently. She walked up to him, Cassie following, with her notebook in one hand, the pencil in the other. They had been taking notes about the kidnappings.

“W-well,” He stuttered looking down, “I’ll never tell you anything!” He burst out, pushing past us and running into the distance.

Writing this down in their notebook, they went home to review their clues and for supper. As they were walking home, they decided to revisit the silo when Jeremiah wasn’t there. They would search for clues and places where  a large group of children could be hidden. After they reviewed their notes, Mariel had no evidence, Julius had some, and Jeremiah was the prime suspect.

After a good night full of sleep, they slipped out into the crisp autumn air. Walking to the silo, they checked if Jeremiah was there. He wasn’t, so they slipped in and looked around. It was a tall structure, with a ladder to the top. Stella climbed the ladder, hoping for a ledge or secret passage way, but there was only a small ledge with nothing. Disappointed, she climbed down, and on the last few rings, she jumped off. The wheat floated away, and revealed a trapdoor.

Grinning, the two sister opened the trapdoor and slipped in. They came to a dark room, lighted by a single, dim, lightbulb. When their eyes adjusted, they saw the the walls were made out of cement, the ceiling wood and the ground cement. This was a major discovery.

After searching, they came up with nothing. They searched again, finding a passage that was dark, leading to somewhere they couldn’t see. Just as they were about to walk in, they heard footsteps coming from it. Jeremiah as coming.

They silently, slipped away from the view of the passage and looked around. Where could they hide? As if by luck, there was a stack of hay, that they could hide behind, so they slipped behind it, just as Jeremiah appeared at the entrance of the passage. Holding their breath, and hoping that he wouldn’t see or hear them, they remained still. Jeremiah walked slowly to the trapdoor, taking his time. As he got to the door, he cried out.

“No! I forgot to close the door!” He burst running back through the passage. The girls, taking this as a chance, opened the trapdoor and climbed through. Thinking this was over, Stella peeked her head through the entrance, Cassie beside her. As she did, she saw Jeremiah, his back to them, closing what seemed to be another trapdoor. They quickly reacted, jerking out of view.

“Up the ladder!” Stella cried, pushing Cassie. They climbed the ladder, hearing footsteps. It seemed as if he would catch them, because they were climbing a lot. They increased their speed, climbing full speed, two rings at a time, when Cassie got to the top. Jeremiah came in when Stella was climbing on the ledge. Just as Jeremiah looked up, Stella lifted her foot out of view. He looked around and then shrugged. The air was filled with tenseness as Jeremiah walked over to what seemed to be a sleeping spot.

“No one’s going to find me, so a little sleep won’t be bad,” Jeremiah stated, curling up on the floor and closing his eyes. Within minutes he was sound asleep. As he was sleeping, Stella and Cassie crept down the ladder, making no noise. As they finished climbing, they crept carefully around Jeremiah, and to the door. They opened  it, and it let out a loud squeal. The two girls froze, their eyes pinned to him. All Jeremiah did was mumble and shift his position. Exhaling, they slipped through the door, into the sunlight, closed  it behind them and ran.

They ran to their house, only taking a break when they were safe. They ate lunch early, for they had missed breakfast. They took their lunch of a sandwich to their room, bringing their notes too. They had written of their near escape in their notebook. So far, Jeremiah was the prime suspect. Julius was second, and Mariel was not suspected at all. Well, not at that moment.

After they had eaten their lunches, each having a sandwich. After that, they walked through the town to look for more clues to put in their notebook. That’s when they saw Mariel, looking around suspiciously. They slipped in an alley to not be seen. They saw Mariel go into the drug store, then buy a bottle of something they couldn’t see. They saw her lean over, look around and whisper to the man. The man nodded and took the money, without using the cash register. She looked around and went out, then positioned herself so it looked like she was walking out of the book store. She walked to her house, then slipped in.

Instantly Mariel was more of a suspect than Julius. So they wrote it down in their detective notebook. They decided to check the cloth again. They found a designer's name on it. It was Mariel Slade. Mariel used to be a fashion designer. This puzzled them. There were two suspects that were both very suspicious. Stella and Cassie didn’t know what to do. So they decided to re-visit Jeremiah.

It was 11:00. Stella and Cassie slipped out, hoping not to disturb their parents. Everyone was asleep. They each grabbed a flashlight and crept to the silo, opening the door. Jeremiah was sleeping soundly, so they opened the trapdoor and snuck in. They ran through the room and through the hall. They got to the end and opened the door. Shining the flashlight in the room, they saw pigs everywhere. So this is what he was hiding. He must have no wanted any animals to get away. Then they saw an axe that was used to kill the pigs and a circle of stones for a fire. They spotted another door, so they opened it. It led to a staircase that went up to the forest.

Backtracking, they closed all the doors and slid back outside. They ran home and went to their room. Climbing back in their beds, they wrote in their notebook that Jeremiah was off the hook. Mariel was not.

Cassie and Stella decided to take a break from their mystery. They had worked hard, making them very tired.  They were walking, to get some fresh air, past the silo when they heard a child’s scream. They heard more. Terrified, they ran home and wrote this down. They then thought about the mysterious shape they saw when they were with the pigs. They had put it aside, thinking it was just a shadow. This was different though.

The shape was the shape of a small child. It had just stood up, then lay down again. Now, after this new discovery, they were almost positive that it was either Mariel or Jeremiah, or Jeremiah and Mariel were working together. They looked at another person’s house, the most recent one that had a victim kidnapped.

When they got there, they walked in and asked the housekeeper if they could take a look around. She agreed, and they looked in the inside, thoroughly investigating. They looked at the outside and came to a clue. It read LOL. They were puzzled by this, because they did not know what “LOL” stood for. They wrote it down, taking note that the handwriting was the same handwriting of the other note. The “LOL” could mean “laughing out loud” because they weren’t catching the right criminal. Cassie decided to look in the phonebook to find anything that started with “L” She found many homes, all of them had their child kidnapped, though. Then Cassie found the silo. It was called Louis’s silo. The “L” could stand for look. The “O” for on. The last “L” for Louis. This means that the kidnapper wrote that they should look at Louis’s Silo. Probably as a hint.

They decided to take a brave path and ask Mariel what she bought. This would be better than to look at the silo and risk having Jeremiah see them.

So they walked to her house and she opened the door, inviting them in. They sat down and asked her directly.

“What were you buying yesterday?” Stella asked, head on.

“Oh. Uh, um, nothing?” She said uncertainly.

“We know you bought something!” Cassie shouted, angry that Mariel would lie.

“Fine… I bought wine that I am known for hating. I didn’t want anyone to know that I liked it,” Mariel admitted, looking down, guiltily. Stella and Cassie both looked confused.

“But what about the cloth! The one with your designer name,” Cassie burst out simultaneously with Stella.

“You didn’t know? My special cloths are very popular. Everyone is buying them; It seems that my cloths are back in style!” Mariel explained, grinning happily as she talked. Stella and Cassie immediately knew who was the kidnapper. It was Jeremiah.

They rushed home and phoned the cops, telling them their whole story. The cops busted in to the silo and arrested Jeremiah. They opened the trapdoor, and pushed past the pigs. At the end of the room they found the kidnapped victims and returned them home.. When the kids were reunited with their family, Lionel was the first out, because he was the brother of the detectives. His family had tears of joy streaming from their eyes, like a waterfall. He was hugged and kissed all over, the other families doing the same. The cops threw Jeremiah in the lonely prison cell. Just as Jeremiah had been thrown in prison, he managed to spit out a couple sentences. “You’ll never get away with this! I’ll come back! The children will be mine! The ransom will be mine!” He spat out, angered. Stella and Cassie ignored it, because Jeremiah couldn't do anything if he was in prison.

In the end, it all turned out superb, and Stella and Cassie were praised as heroes. The only thing that bothered them was Jeremiah’s words to them. They ignored it, but that was the biggest mistake of their lives.


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