The 50 Lashes Excerpt (The Snake Tamer Journal)

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An Excerpt from the 50 Lashes (haven't started that yet)

Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017




I ran my hand along the familiar 74 bumps on my whip. I fit my hand in the worn handhold, flexing my wrist. I heard the familiar whistle that I had heard over the past years. Tonight I will fight. I will win or I will lose. The other man had a big whip. Sorta like Sis’ whip. It could break a whip., and deal a lot of damage to your body. But mine was fast. Mine stung. My trusty whip never failed me. I will win. As I walked into the ring I saw Sis there looking at me knowing I would win no matter what. I saw the referee looking at the other man with a pitying look. I saw the other man, cowering, knowing that he had been mistaken to challenge me to a whip fight. I looked at him and the dual began.

We circled each other then he went for a blow. I easily sidestepped it and hit him, drawing blood. This went on for minutes, dodging, hitting, dodging, hitting. When I finally struck multiple times, taking the risk that he could break my whip. Which he did. A giant crack had broke the whip in half, but I ignored it. My trusty whip had failed  me. He sneered at me, thinking he had won. But I have more tricks up my sleeve. When he went in for the blow, I side stepped it, slid underneath him, then just moved up, behind him and kicked him, while he was confused. A smart trick I learned from Sis. I saw her grinning out of the corner of my eye.

Although physical fighting is not allowed in a whip fight, this was not a proper one. I looked down to see what was left of my whip. There was 3 quarters more so I used it to whip the man over and over, while he was confused that I had not lost yet. I kicked the man in the gut and he bent over. I whipped his back and stopped when he finally held up the sign that I had won. My trusty whip had failed me, but I still won with my wits and smarts. Now I would go to the Whipping Tree to get another whip, that was calling to me. I would leave behind my old whip, at the Whipping Tree and take the new one. This is an oath that the whippers and I all took, we would not grieve on the lost, we would acknowledge it. We do not experience sadness, we accept it.

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