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The 92nd Hunger Games: Rebel`s Fang

Book / Fan Fiction

Not an SYOT. I`ll ask for a tribute if one is needed, tho. Not canon with the actual series or most of my stories.  When Skylar Wolfe, aka `Beta` by the people and `Sky` by her friends-despite the fact that she`s never really seen the sky itself-is reaped for the annual pageant, she may just become District 13`s first ever Victor. But can she become an Alpha in enough time to avoid defeat? Or will it all come crashing, and be her downfall?

Fallen Angels Academy, Book 1: Chosen

Book / Fantasy

Mariana Rosewood knows all the strange legends of her lands. Legends of Darkness, Light, and the ever-forbidden rarity called Linewalkers. But when a Zalkin comes to take her away, she realizes life will never stay easy until she defeats Queen Ash with the help of a few certain not-so-strangers....

Peace, Peace

Poem / Poetry

One of my classmates wrote this. I wrote it on a peace of paper, then my tablet, then here on a different tablet. If you guys like it I'll probably tell her.

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