Jack Cole - (GTA 5 MOVIE) Review

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Hello, everybody. I'm back after a long vacation and I've just watched
Jack Cole - (GTA 5 MOVIE). Please check it out before continuing, because there will be spoilers.

Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017




Jack Cole





Jack Cole is a GTA V Movie filmed on the PS4 by DMVE Studios on Youtube. Please check out their content, expecially Jack Cole, before continuing.

  Some of you are fans of Jack Reacher or John Wick. Well what if I said GTA, Jack Reacher, and Keanu Reeves, I mean John Wick, had a child. They named it Kyle by the way. I mean Jack Cole!

  Jack Cole is about a handsome badass who plans to get out of the game. His boss makes him do one last job he wasn't suppose to survive through but he did. And when Jack quicks his boss tells him that they can;t have an loose ends. Jack knows this and begind attacking his boss. 

  The action and story in this movie is amazing and it's definately worth re-watching. There are some problems with lip syncing, because it's GTA, but that shouldn't stop you from finishing the ride. 

  The main characters car does change alot in the film though and it can be annoying, but all of them look badass.

  Somtimes there are cuts that jump to chases that don't make since until the character, or characters, in the story talk about it.

  The voice actor for Jack's boss didn't sound good, but i'm not blaming the voice actor. I'm blaming the caster. 

  Even though there are some small flaws I rate this an 8/10.

  I'm really excited for the next installment of the Jack Cole Series, called Jack Cole 2:A Greater Evil. You can watch the trailer for it on Youtube right now and it's great.


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