Their Ethereal Love

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Caradoc falls in love with a girl in the park and we follow pieces of their love. This story was a challenge I gave myself to finish under four hours.

Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017



 He combed through his messy brown hair. His green eyes shining with something. Today is his first day out of the hospital. He threw on a pair of jeans, a black t-shirt, and hoodie. Caradoc had plans to enjoy the beautiful day, something that after his incident might've seemed obscene. It was a sunny summer day yet it wasn’t very hot. He took the opportunity to visit a park across town from his house. There was a pleasant smell coming from a few pine trees near a little playground complete with a swing set, slide, monkey bars and seesaw. He walked down one of the paved paths in the park that lead to the middle. In the center there was a little fountain and a few benches. The park is normally empty so it surprised Caradoc when he heard the sound of a lute accompanying the gurgles and splashes of the fountain.

There, sitting on one of the benches nearest to the wooded area of the park was a girl, playing the lute he heard. She had curly platinum blonde hair pinned into a high ponytail. Her eyes were closed, she was in her own little world. She wore a simple white sundress and Caradoc couldn’t help but notice she wasn’t wearing shoes. He stood there for awhile, listening as she played out a sweet tune. He got so lost in it that he didn’t notice she stopped playing.

“Can I help you?” Her voice cut through his trance and his face quickly reddened as he realized he had been staring at her the whole time. “I am so sorry!” he stumbled over his words a bit and started backing away, probably looking like a complete idiot he thought. She giggled a little and smiled at him. “It’s alright. I lose myself to music too.” She giggled again. Caradoc felt himself relax a bit and even laughed a little.

“Do you come here often?” As soon as those words left his mouth he kicked himself. It sounded almost like a pickup line. To his relief she just laughed a bit. “Yeah, I come here every other day. It’s so peaceful…” She looked like she lost herself in her world again. “So I’m assuming you play the lute.” Caradoc wanted to talk more with her, so he tried to start a conversation. “Oh no...Really? I have no idea if I play it or not..” She laughed again “yeah I play. It’s so pretty sounding...but any instrument can be if you play it right.”

Caradoc sat down on the bench beside her. He finally could see her eyes. They were blue like the sky that was flaunting itself above them. “My name is Caradoc by the way..” he said, a little shyly. “Nice to meet you Caradoc. I’m Kagome.” Caradoc almost laughed “What kind of name is that?” Kagome lightly shoved him. “You have no room to talk!” She was laughing as she said it. Caradoc noted how bubbly she seemed.

“Did you walk here without shoes?” He remembered how she was barefoot. Kagome shook her head and pointed to a pair of sandals sitting by the water fountain. “I just wanted to take them off.” She shrugged. She suddenly took out a notebook and pen. He watched as she scribbled something down and ripped it out. “Here...You seem nice enough.” She handed the paper to Caradoc. It was her phone number. He looked up at her, face slightly red. “Thanks...I’ll text you then.”

He put on black dress pants, a pale green dress shirt and a black blazer. He tried taming his hair but after twenty minutes and about a gallon of hair gel he gave up. Caradoc was anxious about his first date. He and Kagome ended up talking to each other more and after a few weeks he gained the nerve to ask her out on a date. He nearly cried with joy when she said yes. They planned to have a picnic at the spot where they met. He was grateful that Kagome offered to bring the food since he couldn’t cook for his life.

The moon was full and the air was cool and crisp. Caradoc wasn’t paying attention to the night though. He was paying attention to the girl in front of him. Kagome had her hair pinned up which showed off her face. She wore a white strapless dress that opened up above her knees in the front but then flowed down to her feet in the back. She was once again without shoes and she didn’t care as she danced around the fountain. The moonlight made her look ghostly, and it made Caradoc’s heart pound.

“We need to talk about your staring problem.” Kagome giggled as she took Caradoc’s hand and sat him on the bench. She pulled out a picnic basket and smiled. “Made for the occasion.” she beamed. They ate mostly in silence. “Huh..” Caradoc looked up from his sandwich and saw Kagome watching something. He looked in the same direction and saw bunches of fireflies. Kagome smiled at him and quickly got up, grabbing his hand and dragging him towards them.“What are you doing?” Caradoc said in surprise. “Having fun!” Kagome took his hands and soon they found themselves spinning and dancing in the light of the moon and fireflies.  

It was a rainy and foggy night, but Caradoc was driving fast. He needed to get to her in time. He needed to tell her to her face. He needed to stop her. Caradoc and Kagome have been dating for about a year. He thought everything was fine. She was always smiling. He started to cry which didn’t help him being able to see. He was temporarily blinded by a bright light coming towards him. He heard a horn and realized it was a truck. He swerved and narrowly missed it. “Please Kagome...please…” He whispered.

He ran to their normal meeting spot to see Kagome crumpled up by the fountain crying. Her head was drenched and she was choking slightly. He hugged her tightly, sobbing uncontrollably. “Oh idiot…don’t scare me like that again...please tell me before things get like this..” She could only reply with more crying but she slumped more into his arms. “Caradoc…” She whispered “I love you…”

There’s a cemetery near their park. Caradoc found this out a year ago. “Kagome…” He whispered. She was sitting on the bench by the fountain. Wearing the white sundress she wore the day they met and on that awful night. He sat next to her but she didn’t look up. She kept staring at the fountain. “Kagome..I’m so sorry for everything.., I promised to protect you.” Tears started to fall from his cheeks. Kagome finally looked at him but he tried hard to not look at her. She reaches towards his face to wipe his tears away but stopped a centimeter away.

Caradoc laid there on their bench. On their second date they carved their initials underneath the seat. He closed his eyes, tearing up again. He felt Kagome at his head. “Hey…” he whispered hoarsely. He refused to open his eyes. “Beloved…” He didn’t think it possible, but he swore Kagome sounded like she was going to cry. “Happy anniversary…I love you Kagome…”

“I love you too Caradoc.” His mind flashed to what he will always refer to as “that awful night”. He didn’t want to accept it, but he had to. For Kagome’s sake. He remembered the pain he felt as that truck hit him. The sirens flashed as they rushed to save him, but all he could think about was Kagome, He couldn’t act soon enough. He was hospitalized for a month and already knew what happened to her. He couldn’t face what happened. He opened his eyes to see the girl he loved standing there. She had no shoes on and was wearing that white sundress. Her platinum hair was dripping wet and her blue eyes were hollow. The sun shone through her, and then she was gone.

“I’ll see you again...I promise..”

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