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Start of a work in progress, a collection of short stories told by Crystal the Divine your narrator

Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017



The starry bank strand seems endless a sky that stretches beyond our own imagination pierced by stars that look like pin heads, whirls of blue cloud illuminated by the moon, strange to think this world is alone, it is doubtful it’s not alone according to the sages of old time, we are a new world our ancestors sailed off the printed map in a time of war and found themselves here, blown off course in the Windy Sea perhaps it was the breath of a god that brought them here, but we were not alone this world was already inhabited and the fair folk descended directly from the divine, they educated mortals and shared their secrets but our life span is never long enough to gain the wisdom, knowledge and capture the essence of magic as they do, unfortunately the divine beings were not the only inhabitants of this place, where there is good evil is surely not far behind, the others have many names, corrupted ones, devil-blood, infernal, they are all tainted with fiend-will, mere pawns pushed around at the point of pitch-forks or pikes, there is good and evil in any world, here it was just a little more obvious, there came a day when the half-divines waged a full scale war and the majority of the corrupted were forced underground, there they remained building their own forts and towns.

Years fly by and eventually the half-divine have only a fraction of godly essence in their blood and many are indistinguishable against a mortal being, in a way we were like a plague, parasites spreading far and wide until one wonders where the majesty of a world full of promise has disappeared to, there are exceptions of course places untouched by mortals or at least mortals who live to tell the tale, the Frost Continent in the frozen north or the secret society’s within the Tropic Woods, even deep within the Blazing waste of the Southern Strip, it cheers the heart to know mystery can still abound. As for the west and the east mortals leave footprints all over the map, their stride has even crossed the reachable in the north and south at least many have retained the belief in the celestial teachings. 

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