new ways of working change life

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Submitted: March 05, 2017

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Submitted: March 05, 2017



Moss Rhew 1

Taylee Moss and Rebecca Rhew

Coach McAdams

Pre- AP World History

3 March, 2017

New Ways of Working Change Life

The Industrial Revolution, a long, slow, and uneven process, greatly affected the lives of people. The Industrial Revolution, similarly to the Enlightenment, was an outgrowth of the Scientific Revolution (1600s and 1700s). The scientific approach developed in the Scientific Revolution helped inventors to create new technologies. During this time, life shifted from small family villages to industrialized cities and society’s way of life changed for life.

Industrial-age travelers could move rapidly between countries and continents by train and steamships. Messages flew across telegraph wires. Every year brought new inventions and scientific “firsts”. These inventions and discoveries include, but are not limited to: the first use of an anesthetic, a drug used to prevent pain during surgery, the patent of the first sewing machine, the measuring of the speed of light, and the introduction of antiseptic (meaning to be free of germs) methods. These inventions allowed information to travel faster, the standard of living to rise, and mortality rates to drop drastically due to safer surgeries.

A majority of people in 1750 lived in simple cottages, made their own clothes, and grew their own food. Usually, these people only left their land to exchange goods at weekly markets. These rural people only traveled as far as their horse-drawn carts or feet could take them. Due to

Moss Rhew 2

their limited travel these people knew little about the world beyond their village. This incredibly isolated way of life began to vanish due to the Industrial Revolution. Industrial towns and cities replaced these country villages. In these cities and towns, people began to buy their food and clothes instead of grow and make them themselves.

The advances and changes that occurred during the Industrial Revolution are still in effect to this day. Many people live in large industrialized cities around the world; the new medical methods are now common place, and a majority of people no longer make and grow their own food and clothes. Modern life as it is comes entirely from the Industrial Revolution. 

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