they had never got me twisted

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a story about Annabelle
hope you guys like it :)

Submitted: March 06, 2017

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Submitted: March 06, 2017



They had never got me twisted

"Good evening,Annabelle"said little Drake to Annabelle who was really busy thinking something.

"Yeah yeah whatever,good evening"she said a little irritatingly and again started thinking.The little boy Drake started laughing so loudly,so noisily that Annabelle stood up and shouted"shut up you,what's so funny?"

"It's not evening it's night that's funny...I made Any fool,I made Any fool.Any is a fool,cause I made her fool "said Drake laughing.He laughed like the screech of a rusty hinge .

"Stop it, Drake ,you are being more naughty day by day,you atrocious,awful and cheap boy" Annabelle screamed as loud as the wolf howling for it's pack and she pushed Drake out of the room and closed the door in a harsh manner.Afterwards she heard Drake crying badly,her mom shouting at her from down,her dad saying not to bang the doors too loud or they will break down into pieces and her 3 more little brothers giggling at her.

"Mom I am hungry.......Mom!"

"Can't you wait any I am making milk for Rowley" said mom to Annabelle who was playing games on tablet and was really hungry as a tired hound.

"I don't know why she ignores me......actually just me!!!"thought Annabelle and picked up her phone,dial the number and said"hello,I want a pepperoni pizza with extra topping and......yes!don't forget the cold drink........I want it almost in 5 to 10 minutes,......"

The door bell rang and Annabelle went running so no one else could open the door and ate her pizza with extra topping.But it was her bad luck that father was already at the door and he was so astonished to see a pizza man delivering a pizza at wrong place.Anabelle with her feet slowly turning back was going back to her room when"any would you please like to answer that why this pizza man is here???......any I am talking to you"

" ac..actually wanted a pizza.....,oh daddy mom wasn't giving me anything to eat and she just want to make something for Rowley and not for me so I..."screamed and lied Annabelle.

"So you thought you could eat pizza,very bad "said dad and gave money to pizza man and took the pizza from him.Annabelle was sure she could have the pizza but her dad called Diana their maid and said her to take pizza to kitchen.

"Look any you know we have no money to waste,you are  grown up now so if your mom is busy make food yourself and as a punishment you can't have that pizza but me your mom and your brothers can have it while you will eat garlic bread.understood!"

"But dad you know i hate that..."said Annabelle sadly.

"That's my order"said father and went away.

Annabelle ran to her room and laid in her bed all covered by a blanket as a stone covered in a grass.After a few minutes there was a knock on the door.

"any mommy is calling you for dinner.....are you coming?"said the cute voice of Drake."No Drake,I am sleeping"shouted Annabelle."I don't understand why you shout so much at me?"said Drake."just go away drake, i want to sleep"said Annabelle thinking that sleeping is much better than eating a bread full of garlic.

next day,Annabelle went to school.Her best friend named Cleo came to her and sat with her.

"Hey Cleo what happened?? you look angry"asked Annabelle.

"Nothing much,it's just my brother again"said Cleo.

"Well same with me you know what happened last night,father didn't let me ate pizza because might be,he thought that pizza will be less if I will eat it too"lied Annabelle.

"Oh my that's not good,Here you can have this"Cleo offered Annabelle a piece of chocolate cake."thanks"said Annabelle and ate the cake."well Annabelle I have an idea,why don't we both ran away?"Cleo asked.

"What???I mean is this possible"said Annabelle full of excitement

."Of course,ok now listen tonight at 11:00 pm,we both have to get out of our house and we will meet in front of Liz styles,then from there we will ran to our new home"said Cleo.

"What new home?"asked Annabelle.

"You know I have built a secret tree house.....It is few miles away from my aunt Lily's house,no one knows that but now me and you could stay there"said Cleo."are you crazy Cleo,ok I do understand that is the only choice for us,but staying in a tree house like.....forever I don't think is a good idea"argued Annabelle."well, you are forgetting we are just little kids of 12 to 13 years,we cannot build a big,beautiful or magnificent mansion for ourselves,so if you are not in my plan I will do it myself"said Cleo angrily."Hey wait,I was just...........ok we will live there in your secret tree house"said Annabelle

That night at 9:00 Annabelle went straight to her room and started packing her bag with a lot of clothes,some snacks and different things.After that,she changed her clothes,put on a cap so no one could notice her much,and at 10:30 she made a rope from a few things available in her dearly cute room and then she just jumped out from window.She was down safe and sound.after that Annabelle ran to the front market when she remember that she had forgotten her tablet and mobile phone at home,but she thought that they won't need that so she continue her bad idea of running away from her own home.In the way,she  couldn't find Liz styles but finally somehow Annabelle reached there.

"Cleo.....Cleo are you here?"yelled Annabelle but Cleo was not there yet.Annabelle thought maybe Cleo will be there in sometime.

Many people were passing from that spot so Annabelle hid under a big tree and waited for her friend.It was about 11:30 then 12:00 but Cleo was not 12:30 It was too dark and too silent.Annabelle was in a big chaos.She was so upset that she thought it will be good if she will go back to her own house.She went away from that tree when suddenly a man with 5 dogs was coming.Annabelle hid again and was watching dogs with her scared eyes.That man stopped there and went away.He left the dogs over there.Annabelle was scared to death,thinking why would the man left his own dogs like this? and what if the dogs smell her and try to eat her?.That time she was so out of mind that she started running away,the dogs barked so loudly and they ran behind Annabelle

On the other hand Annabelle's mother woke up and thought that she should check on Annabelle and see if she was upset.So her mother went to her room and opened the door.She switched on the lights.Annabelle had put  some pillows in her place and covered them with blanket.Her mother thought that maybe Annabelle had covered in blanket.She raised the blanket and there was no Annabelle it was just a bunch of pillows laying in place of Annabelle.Her mom ran to wake up her dad.

Her mom and dad were so upset for their daughter.They had looked everywhere and even at Liz styles but because Annabelle was hid under a tree they couldn't see her

Annabelle was running and running until she had lost in a place she had never been.(at least Annabelle thought that)

"Mom,dad help.....oh mom please,oh please get me away from here"said Annabelle with her eyes full of tears.She had always hated dogs a lot.The tears flowed unchecked down Annabelle cheeks.

Barking sounds came in her house.luckily Annabelle was in the front of her own house.Her mom and dad ran to open the door to see what is happening and then her dad came running and make that dogs go away,Annabelle was fainted because the dogs have bitten her.her parents took her to hospital.

"Your daughter is fine,but you have to take care of her and let her rest for almost 2 weeks,and here are the medicines"said doctor John.When Annabelle was fully conscious and was home she realized that she had done wrong.She hugged her mom and dad.She was full of sorrow and said"mom,dad I am sorry for all I did, you know what, I have always hated you and I always thought that you both just like my brothers and not me but now I realized that you both love me too,I love you mom.I love you dad.I love drake,Rowley and duce,please forgive me for all I did,please....I will never ever run again...."

"oh dear don't cry we love you too,we have always loved you.look any you are my only girl and you are my favorite but sometimes mom have to be strict,I know you won't do this again...right?"Annabelle shook her head.Then her dad said "Any do you know what exactly happened that day when I said you to eat garlic bread but in real I was giving you a biggest piece of pizza,.....dear you are my only have to be brothers are too young to have any kind of responsibility,do you understand honey??"

"yes dad I will and I do"said Annabelle and hugged parents again then her little brothers came running and hugged their lovely Any and mom and dad.Anabelle broke her friendship with Cleo and became the best good girl ever.

Now I understood "They had never got me twisted" :)

And then they all lived happily ever after




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