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one man is chosen for greatness

Submitted: March 06, 2017

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Submitted: March 06, 2017





Phil was born in the 1980’s, yet he was 20 something years old.  The single man came from a single parent family.  Moving out was the best thing he could do.  Being a very independent person required time alone, to find himself.  Some shadowy cause was following him.  His life was to change totally.  After and during several jobs.  Saving a small amount.  Enough to start his quest.  To understand the world and himself.  The world would see Phil Pointer.  Yet only know his alias.  The Almighty had chosen him.  To live upon the earth as his witness.  And to be a hero.  A hero of the stars.  Through time and space, Phil Pointer would become a mighty warrior.  Yet to be mentioned.



It all began in Egypt.  Phil had gone there for a break.  To look around the historic sites.  It was when a siege took place in a pyramid.  The tourists were held for ransom.  Yet Phil had sneaked away and gotten lost within the mazy stonework.  A new passage opened up for him.  Inside a bright light shone.  Blinding his face.  Signs of the constellations were all around him.  Twirling in mid air, both he and the stars merged.  The breath of god fell upon Phil Pointer.  Stating, ‘I have chosen you.  To help my children of Earth.  All is possible through me.  I am what I am.  Still you must choose.  What do you say?’


This was all a shock to the mild mannered man.  Yet he had always felt something missing in his life.  This was his chance for greatness.  At the same time, he heard the sound of gunfire.  It sent blood rushing to his head.  ‘Yes!’ confirmed his mouth.  In seconds his body shimmered.  His size and strength grew.  His skin turned grey.  Then he walked through a stone wall.  Towards the bullets.  The terrorists turned white, at the sight of a man appearing from the bricks.  Bullets melted into a cloud of grey.  A shadowy arm waved the trouble away.  The siege was over and the people freed.  Along with Phil Pointer. 


Phil Pointer returned to the hotel in Cairo, where he had previously booked into.  Inside his room, he stared at his image in the bathroom mirror.  His hands shook.  As he stared hard, there upon his forehead, a tattoo was etched deep.  It was the symbol of a star sign.  A circle with

horns.  It signified the constellation of Taurus.  Phil tried to wash it off.  The water cooled his head.  A new feature melted away his face.  Still the mark remained.  It was only seen when looked at for a long moment.  It faded and so did the temper.  Phil dressed for the night out.  In cooling white suit.  The lone man went to the bar.


The cold brown beer, chilled the mind.  Sat on a barstool with others.  As the barman wiped some glasses, a commotion grew just outside the hotel.  The place was in the heart of the city.  As screams grew louder.  The single man drank more.  The tall glass emptied when a man yelled the name Allah.  The barman ducked down behind his counter.  Other humans rushed away from the doorway.  There stood a new man with a black sock hiding his face. 


Blood boiled in the mind of Phil Pointer.  The terrorist hailed ‘Allah’ once more.  Then stared as another man stood before him.  The pale face turned very grey.  A strange scar glowed on his head.  The Arab was thrown into a distant wall.  The grey man breathed and the hidden bomb melted into dust.  This was the second coming of the man called Taurus.  Pointer returned to his seat.  And finished off his glass of lager.  Then turned at the fallen bomber and said, ‘IS tourist, be gone.’


The barman had seen it all.  The terrorist vanished.  No trace remained.  ‘Who are you?’ he asked Phil Pointer. 

‘I do not know yet, but I am a friend.  You may call me, the Bull.’


* * *


Time moved on as everything else did.  England was the birth home of Phil Pointer.  Yet the Heaven’s was his immortal dwelling.  The chosen one, was one among several.  The twelve signs of the zodiac were special to God, from Earth.  Views from other worlds were good also.  Yet life in other space lands seemed even less great.  Or maybe, all were the same in the eyes of God.  Of the Almighty.  Of the Big Bang.  In this place and instance, the stars shone bright upon Earth.


Twelve mortal humans had been chosen.  To protect all from any evil.  Not all things.  But enough to keep the balance of life.  The dozen were already known as star signs.  Now though, one being roamed the Earth.  Searching and waiting for his eleven other kindred spirits.  The man bull charged the lands.  In the form of Phil Pointer.  When trouble stirs, the bull would appear.  When all star signs would meet.  The devil would shake in his boots.  Still, no one had met Phil Pointer.  It would be on his first test, from God. 


The Bull, would rise.  A new force would defend the weak.  Enough evil had been wrought upon Earth.  Terrorism, futile wars, hate crime and nuclear war.  The list goes on.  Something had to be done, before the return of the Lord.  The Second Coming.  So heed the warning.  The zodiac is here.  The Ram, the Bull, the Crab, all star signs were sent.  They had always been here.  It took one man to bring the power of god known to us.


Phil Pointer was ready.  And Taurus the Bull was ready.  This was the way of the Lord.  This is the birth of a star.  This is the story of one man and friends of, PHIL POINTER.




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