A story of Blackdog

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A story of a battle from WoT

Submitted: March 06, 2017

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Submitted: March 06, 2017



Assault on Erlenberghttp://wotreplays.eu/site/3404319

I did a spot-round near the burg. There was some defenseless target as Skorpion G and T29. (RIP)

After that I didn't have a clue what I should do, but the game made itself.

Our other side was weak, the enemy was attacked, and the south bridge lost. Some light armored tanks wanted to reach our castle, but we nerfed them, and in the process I got a kiss from a big headed American girl, T30.

We won west side but not the game. The most opponents who were left hid in the trees in South East of the map. Our slow guys approached the enemy base from North West, so I and T-43 went to clear the East side from South.

There was a red LTTB. I and my mate split up to find it and the arties on sides of the hill. The LTTB chose to duel the T-43. We didn't have enough tanks, but I knew I needed some baits against three arties. So I had to save my russian friend. That was a double-great decision: the chat blew up, 2 mins were left, and a flying or aggressive light tank could have destroyed me and our win.

I finally arrieved the trees of enemy arties on North East. A German arty was spotted. "OMG, I am spotted, too! Where are you guys? Shot it! Kill  it!" And clock was ticking... That arty received a shot and I ended it. There were two more and they looked and shotted "my baits". I was secure from instant death, the second arty gone, and the end of the party came. We had less than 10 seconds, but that clock hacked.. I felt it was running faster than my hearth.

I stood before the last red one. My tank was reloading. The time was slow again, much slower than my pc when loading a cw game. Tick... Tack... Tick... Tack... Tick-BOOM!!! In the last second when the horns of end of the world blasted the time was stopped.

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