The Tempest and The Master of Shadows

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Submitted: March 06, 2017

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Submitted: March 06, 2017



The Tempest and The Master of Shadows


In Ionia, there is a hidden temple to teach Assassin's how to takedown deadly criminal without getting noticed and learn new techniques. There were only 2 students, Shen and Zed and their master is Kusho he teaches Zed and Shen self defense and every month Zed And Shen would battle to see who the better assassin is and every time Zed lost against Shen.

Then one day Zed snuck into the temple before anyone arrived so he went to the master's room to see if anything could help him have power over Shen. Then he heard the temple door open slowly then he saw Shen and Kusho. Zed then searched faster until he saw a box with living shadows on the ground so he quickly ran towards the box and opened it , his master Kusho came in the room. and heard a very loud painful scream “AHHHHH”.

Then Kusho turned around the corner Zed was being controlled by the shadows then Kusho started to walk up closer to Zed. Then Zed heard Kusho and he jumped at Kusho with his 2 red marks on his head armour then Zed vanished in the shadows.

Zed was hiding from his master for years, trying to master the new technique of the shadows. Zed was able to mimic himself with his shadows and teleport inside the shadow and also able to create shuriken with his shadows.

Zed came back to the temple when his master was done teaching Shen. Zed opened the temple door slowly so he would be able to create a shadow of himself, Zed finally snuck through, he saw his master waiting for him on the master chair waiting for Zed to come.

“You are nothing but a old man with a sword” Said Zed.

“And you're just a student being controlled by the shadows” Kusho said.

“You’ve been hiding this technique… For WHAT!!! WE COULD'VE USED THIS TO DEFEND OUR TOWN AND OUR TEMPLE!! But since you’ve been hiding this i'm going to have to end you.” Zed then released his death mark onto Kusho, everything went black with shadows Kusho was only able to see 2 red marks of Zed, Zed then created a shadow behind Kusho then he picked up Kusho with his two blades then he dropped Kusho.

“I was hiding it from you because it's slowly taking over your body”.

Kusho’s shadows was being taken by Zed to make him more powerful

Zed went home to go back to teach himself his new ability but he could never know how to do it. As Zed was walking back to the Temple he saw a box right beside a tree so he walked up to the box until a bear trap bit his leg and broke his armour leggings,Zed then ripped the bear trap in half, until he heard a howl from a pack of wolf. He looked behind him and saw 5 wolves creeping up on him so Zed quickly teleported on a higher ledge so that the wolves couldn't reach him, when he did teleport to the higher edge he got his armour back because the shadow regained back all the armour for him.  

When Zed arrived back at the temple, Shen was looking at Kusho’s body sadly then he looked at Zed furiously.

,“you killed my father” Shen said

,“eh… he was nothing but a stupid old man, and you're gonna join him” Said Zed. Zed quickly jumped at Shen with his 2 blades out ready to strike Shen, but then a misty circle started spinning around Shen and his eyes turned Bright Purple  


Shen blocked Zeds’s attack and grabbed Zed and threw him against the wall breaking 2 of his ribs.Zed tried making a shadow then teleporting to it so he can heal himself. but then he noticed it only works on his shadow made armour. Zed vanished in anger, Shen wasn't sure where he went until he saw Zed coming through the Roof, then everything started slowing down for Shen , his armour started getting bright purple then he leaped at Zed ready to take him down, but then he vanished and as Shen was falling to the ground Zed stabbed him with his blades. but then a big purple beam of light came down to Shen healing him and making zed fly back against the same wall making it collapse on Zed. Then a black mist started moving in on Shen ,“a death mark can only be created by

“The Master of Shadows” which can only be me” Zed said. Then the same 2 marks showed up again but instead there was 3 marks, Zed tried teleporting behind Shen and  stab him but his purple armour was too strong against his blades, Shen looked back at Zed with his bright purple eyes, Zed felt weak, vulnerable terrified, afraid of Shen. Shen broke one of Zed's arm and punched Zed out of the temple, but just as Shen purple armour went away Zed threw a shuriken making it cut off Shen arm. Zed ran to safety and Shen went to the city of Ionia to get a new metal arm and joining The Eyes of Twilight a team to takedown the most deadliest assassins. His new partner is Kennen. Kennen is a small man who can control lighting in his shuriken and he is also able to move as fast as a lighting bolt and summon a thunder storm at anytime.

Shen went back to the temple to honor his father for what he had teached him, then Shen noticed that there was a Purple casing of a blade which had a Japanese letter on it and it was ?  it meant spirit. Shen took the blade and tried it out but when he put off the case he phased in the spirit realm, able to kill anything that is unkillable in the Human realm, and when he saw Zed’s shadow he was able to slice right through it with no problem.

Shen went back and brought Kennen at the temple and Kennen noticed the hole through the roof and the broken wall and Kusho’s dead body, “what happened here” Kennen said.

“The Master of shadows happened here and he killed my father and that's why I brought you so you know what you're up against” Shen said, Shen started walking to towards another shadow of Zeds.

“this is what he looks like and he is able to create shadows and repair his armour instantly”.

“Man he sure did mess up this whole place” Kennen said.

“Yeah… (sigh) But I know how to kill him!” Shen shows Kennen the spirit sword then points at the shadow, as Shen opens up the Spirit Sword and phases into the Spirit realm he cuts through Zed shadows and phases back into the human realm. “ but before we can kill him, we must train and practice for what we are going to fight against in the future SO LET'S BEGIN!!” Shen said

Zed went back to his hideout waiting for his arm to heal, but instead of waiting he trained his arm to become even stronger, it was very painful but he made it through to the point his arm was healed again.

As Zed was wandering around the hills of Ionia he saw another temple which looked exactly like his except with a lot of young student, when he was scouting out the temple he saw a student which was very talented. He was able to create tornado with only his sword and able to create windwalls too, with only his sword and able to dash through his students in a blink of an eye, but when he saw him practise on the test dummy he was deadly, he showed no mercy in his eyes, and when he launched  the test dummy in the air he dashed behind him in a blink holding the test dummy in the air and doing a special technique which only master of the wind can do and it's called “Last Breath” Zed let him study until he got old enough, so he can take him as his own student to help take down Shen.

(5 years later) As Zed was going back to the temple to take his student he saw man with wind twirling around him and 4 bodies, there was blood on his sword,

“who are you”said Zed

“I am Yasuo “The Unforgiven” I have failed my town and killed my brother, and who are you?” Said Yasuo

“I am Zed “The Master of the Shadow” and I need you as my student to take down my rival Shen Would you help me?” ,

“I'll help but if only you help me takedown my rival after”Said Yasuo

“Your offer has been accepted” Said Zed

As Yasuo stands up he throws a tornado right beside Zed, a body came flying from the bush and in the air, Yasuo quickly dashed behind the assassin and used his special technique “last Breath”, slicing the assassin, then throwing him to the ground with his blade

,“your master has taught you well”said Zed

,“My Master is dead” Said Yasuo as they start walking back to Zeds hide out

,“I must prepare you for what you're about to go up against” said Zed

,“I have killed all of my students and my brother, i'm sure I can handle this guy” Said Yasuo.

When they arrived back at the Zed’s hideout, they began training immediately.

2 years later and Zed and Yasuo Starts slowly sneaking up on the Temple, Zed starts climbing the temple on the side to go through the roof that he has broken through before, and Yasuo went through the front of the gate to Get Shen attention. but Yasuo and Zed didn't know that Shen had a friend now. Yasuo opened the gate with a single kick and drawn his sword out ,

“you will give this temple to The Master of Shadows” said Yasuo

“NEVER” Shen said “I will have to kill you if you're in my way” Yasuo starts walking slowly, to Shen putting his blade back in his case. Yasuo and Shen was face to face and Zed was looking down at Shen until a small Creature came in a flash throwing a shuriken against Zed shocking him, Zed screamed in pain “AHHHHHH!” Shen was alarmed. so he quickly punched Yasuo away with his metal arm against the wall, then dashed towards Yasuo. Zed and Kennen was on top of the Temple

“who are you?” said Zed

“I am just an ordinary guy who controls lighting in my shuriken” said Kennen

“well you're about to be defeated” Said Zed, then Zed created a shadow, and teleported right behind Kennen and was about to stab him but Kennen was gone in a flash, already on the other side of the temple. Zed then released a death mark to blind Kennen so he was able to throw him up in the air so Yasuo was able to do his ultimate ability against Kennen so Zed made multiple shadows so he could get to Kennen much easier and when Zed right behind Kennen he threw him high up in the air then Yasuo saw Kennen and dashed to him in a blink of an eye, slicing Kennen diagonally on both sides of his body then slamming him down into the temple with his blade. Kennen was badly injured, but he was still alive. Yasuo sword got bright blue with wind twirling around it, his tornado was ready so Yasuo jumped down into the temple and sliced the ground making a tornado going Shen’s way. But then a purple mist started spinning around Shen, and his armour started brightening up and his eyes turned purple. Shen blocked the tornado with his blades. Yasuo then dashed at  Shen and sliced him with his bright blue blade. His blade was sharp enough to go through Shen purple armour.Zed and Yasuo were beating Shen by kicking and punching and slicing him until a thunder stormed happened inside the temple, zapping Zed and Yasuo but not Shen? And when Shen looked to the side he saw Kennen creating the storm and making it attack Zed and Yasuo. Kennen threw a shuriken at Yasuo making him get shocked so Shen grabbed Yasuo’s sword and punched Yasuo making him fly to a post then he threw Yasuo’s at Yasuo’s chest making him not able to move. Then Shen quickly grabbed his Spirit sword and phased in the spirit realm and killed Zed's shadow, then quickly but the case back on the sword and knocked Zed out with one metal punch to the face. Then Shen walked up to Yasuo and knocking him out and pulling the sword out of his chest.

Yasuo was sent to the hospital immediately, to get stitches and blood back but then he got immediately sent to jail for a 50 years because he was assisting one of the most deadliest assassins.  

1 day later Zed woke up being in a jail cell and seeing Shen on the other side.

”do you know who you are” said Shen

“yes I am Zed, a student in a temple high in the mountains” said Zed

“What was the last thing you remembered?” said Shen

“I only remember that I snuck in the temple and opened a dark box of shadows, but then I forgot everything” said Zed

“do you remember killing anyone?” Shen said

“no”said Zed

“well you killed Kusho your master, my father and now you will be in prison for a lifetime.” said Shen.

Now that Zed’s shadows are gone and Yasuo is in jail, this country town will be protected by 3 heroes. Shen The Tempest, Kennen The Eye of The Storm and a new ninja Akali The Assassin of the shadow, we will protect this Town with our lives. Bye bye hope you enjoyed my story





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