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Sometimes we really shouldn't just shut our eyes.

Submitted: March 06, 2017

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Submitted: March 06, 2017





When I think of zoos, I think of places where animals are kept and cared for. We often hear about species that are threatened with extinction in the wild, being able to breed and increase their numbers in such places, thus lessening the chance of the species becoming entirely eradicated. They also provide an education opportunity; how different it is to see these animals in real life rather than on our tv screens, for instance. However, one of these zoos at least has been failing to care for it’s animal population with 12% of it’s animals dying in each of the past four years.


South Lakes Safari Zoo in Cumbria first came under scrutiny in 1997. A three-ton White Rhino escaped from its enclosure and was then shot dead in an adjacent field by millionaire zoo owner, David Gill. Then, in 2008, 31 of 120 lemurs died in a fire, many from smoke inhalation. It was believed to have been started by a faulty electric heater that was left on inside their ‘house’.


There seemed to be no further incidences until 2013, when zoo worker, Sarah McClay was mauled to death by a Sumartran tiger. On request of the family, the tiger was not put down. Just two weeks later it was dead.

Since then there have been a host of incidents of cruelty reported, including:

* A jaguar chewed off it’s own paw and had to be put down.

* A giraffe slipped on ‘inappropriate flooring’ and was shot.

* Two snow leopards were left dead in their enclosure and were found half eaten.

* Seven lion cubs were killed due to ‘lack of space’.

*Five baboons were killed due to ‘lack of space.’

* A lemur found its way inside the wolf enclosure.

* A tortoise was accidentally electrocuted on an electric fence.

* A decomposing body of a squirrel monkey was discovered behind a radiator.

* A rhino was crushed by its partner.

* Penguins were left with no water inside their enclosure.

* Two sacred ibis and two capuchin monkeys escaped from the zoo.


Not only was this place guilty of lack of care to the animal residents but it was also found to be failing in its duty of care to its staff. One member had to crawl into the bear enclosure as there was no other way for him to gain entrance. A ladder collapsed during the feeding of the big cats.


I am not against zoos as a whole as I can see that they can play a valuable role in education and awareness but they must be frequently monitored and controlled so that such an outrage is not permitted to occur again. Human beings are directly or indirectly responsible for much of the loss of natural habitation. They are also responsible for many breeds becoming near extinct, due to hunting and trapping, killing for skins, for horns etc. The least we owe these animals is to take responsible care of those we keep in captivity.


The latest news is that South Lakes Safari Zoo has had it’s application to renew its license turned down.

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