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It is a short note taken from personal diary of "Muhammad Ahmed". It focus on the shallow mentality and so called those experienced people who judge others apparently.

Submitted: March 06, 2017

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Submitted: March 06, 2017



People are always way too shallow as they talk much about soul and intentions but their judgements are always based on apparent personality of a person and then they call theirselves to be "Exprienced".

For me experience doesn't give anyone authority to judge others because at the end we all are humans and we can only assume things even in this new technology era.

Today is 20th Feburary 2007 and the weather is quite windy whereas it reflects the extra heartbeats as I can feel my heart shaking tremendously. I went to Miss Nasreen regarding my scholarship inquiry while I was looking as a fashionable dude.

She get going while taunting me on my clothes and accosted to me in a very rude manner that "I am a very experienced lady over here and I know people like you very well. She further said "Look at yourself it seems like you are wearing expensive clothes and you are asking me about a scholarship. I don't think so, you are even worthy to get a scholarship. Summing up, she even didn't bother to follow my words.

She even don't know that this degree is my life as I have given all of my energy to this degree. I want to complete my degree with a gold medal as I have suffered a lot in my past. How can I tell her that before coming to university, I have walked these city streets for hours while having tears in my eyes. How can I tell her that I used to hide myself from my friends as they were already in the process of pursuing their degrees and at that time I was doing nothing while running around the bushes. How can I tell her that I lost my mind, I lost my hope, I lost my appetite, I lost my smile, I lost my personality, I lost my nature and I lost my soul before joining this degree. How can I tell her that before coming to university I spent 2 years of deep silence when I stopped talking to everyone even in the college my Urdu teacher Amina told me that "Do you know Ahmed, it's been a year and you even didn't utter a single word, not even a question and not even a smile".

I am going to sleep rightnow as tomorrow is my lecture of a professor who is even more corrupt as he plays with the future of students. Lastly, the clothes that I used to wear are mostly not mine as I haven't done shopping for last 3 years. When I met Miss Nasreen at that time I was wearing the shirt that was borrowed from my friend "Naveed", the sweat pant was of "Khurram" and the shoes were of my friend "Jawad". I think I need to survive in this society for that I just keep managing to borrow clothes from my friends in order to feel myself to be fit in this society.

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