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A luxury resort for the egotistica, or just the egotistical-at-heart, as long as you're rich!

Submitted: March 06, 2017

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Submitted: March 06, 2017



There is a wonderful vacation destination,

one, that if you come here, is sure to cause a sensation!


"Come for the waters, stay for the wisdom!"

A waste for most others, but a paradise to some.


He uses the presidency to advertise for free,

a resort he owns, that by all rights should be


and is supposed to be illegal, but he's proven

time and time again those rules are for mere mortal men,


not a immortal god-like winner such as Mr. Dump.

When he says 'jump', damn it, you'd better jump!


No photographs are allowed of The Uncrowned King.

Of his greatness, future children will sing!


Not a demigod, no, there's nothing demi about

him--not a semi-god, 'cause he's permanent, he'll shout,


and assume the correct position of a real deity,

chin held high to proclaim he's blue-collar royalty,


or at least he's convinced the low-income of that fact,

with arrogant bluster covering any smarts he may lack.


"My wanger's bigger than your pathetic wanger!"

is a topic he keeps returning to, and he's quick to anger


just the same as your classmates in 5th fricking grade.

And, like them, he'll never ever admit to mistakes he's made.


but unlike them, you've got a mansion to spend your recess,

insulated and marinated, in your rich man's palace!





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