Life learned lessons from my 7-year-old nephew

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the learned lessons i got from my 7-year-old nephew

Submitted: March 06, 2017

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Submitted: March 06, 2017



Ok the story goes like this. 

I had the most insightful chit-chat that turned into a life learned lesson from my 7-year-old nephew. On a chilly Sunday afternoon meaning yesterday, I sat quietly on a bench at the park with my little nephew. I turned to him and asked "Junior is there a girl you really like?" He giggled a bit and responded "Yes Uncle there is this girl at school called Lisa that I like a lot." "Does Lisa know you like her junior? I’m not really sure uncle, maybe she does but I don't care because I also like Sarah and Linda." (Wow junior what a little heart breaker.)

I reckoned he seemed well informed in matters of the heart and I too had something to get off my chest. I confronted to him about a girl I also kinda liked. Without a twitch in his eyes he looked right up at me with excitement and asked "Uncle does she know that you really like her?" I told him "NO junior, good heavens boy it doesn't always work out that way, see most of the time people don’t want to admit their likeness for someone, in the fear of rejection." "Do you know what rejection is junior?" He probably didn't get that part and went on asking if I kissed her like the people on YouTube. Hush child said i. (wow kids these days Huh with all their YouTube gadgets and what not.) So, I just brushed him off and went ahead by saying "You know what junior I actually did something special perhaps even better than all the kisses in the world. I got her some lovely flowers instead."

He looked puzzled for a minute and then asked if she liked the flowers? I tried hard to apprehend the words he was contemplating. As i cross-examined the look he gave me. I glanced back touched his shoulders and said "Junior I truly do not know." He looked now even more puzzled and gave me this cute smirk by asking "Uncle but how come, didn’t you like give them to her?" for the first time in my life I was lost of words. I held back my composure and tried hard to explain the situation at hand.... "This girl and I have never spoken in real life junior. I found her on google and used an online service to send her flowers. I don’t think she even knows of my existence. I'm just her secret admirer junior that’s why." He asked "Why Uncle, what’s the fun in that?" He repeated this for the second time. “I don't know junior maybe she liked the flowers ok. Can we please move on from this I insisted.”

"Ok Uncle but how do you know maybe she didn’t like your flowers because of her allergy or maybe your flowers are not the colour she liked or maybe she throw them away because they smelled bad." (What’s up with this kid and all these speculations.) He explained that his teacher at school didn’t like them bringing apples in class because she had an allergy to most fruits. I asked him sadistically "Oh, your holiness, King of know it all. what should I do then.?" "Uncle you are a smart guy right (Yes Sir I sure am), you dress well too (Oh, my sweet Sir thank you) and you are afraid of her right (Yes Sir, dreadfully Sir)

"Upon a hill, after the sun has set. Oh, great Uncle I beg thou, for thy sanity. if thou wilt not, be but sworn her love." (Ok this kid is no Shakespeare so scratch that part.) this is what he said instead "you go ahead Uncle and write her a letter requesting to know if she liked your flowers." (NO shit, Sherlock.) The words this kid had fathom was not only terrifying but also mind blowing. I felt so self-assured and wanted to hear more to this phenomenon. "My wise Sir permit me to ask what should I do if she asked why I sent the flowers." "You tell her this. you sent them to make her feel better and you don’t want her to be sad."  I was compelled to ask why she was sad. He entertained the notion and went on by saying "I don’t know I’m just seven but my mum cries sometimes when she is sad." "OK Junior how about if she doesn’t like me." He responded by saying "Well Uncle i like you and so does everyone else. (Oh, Junior you little devil, you just made a grown man cry.)

I extended my gratitudes by saying "Bless your heart child I promise I’m going to buy you flowers too." "Uncle I don’t want flowers, remember when I was sick and you got me warm chocolate and we watched the animated movie SING." "Yes, junior I remember."

"Well that moment was worth a million flowers." As a teardrop slowly subsided on my left cheek I quickly scraped it off with my right hand and expressed a cheerful serenity on my face. "Yes, Junior I sure do remember that movie and what part of the movie did you like the most I added." He was caught in thoughts and said he liked the singing mouse and the last part was funny too. "Yes, Junior the mouse had a great voice and you mean the song of frank Sinatra- MY WAY at the end?" Yes, he nodded. "I liked that part too Junior." This kid was saying something I didn't understand then.

Later that evening I kept on listening to the song over and over until I got really swayed and softened by the lyrics. Especially the part that said “For what is a man, what has he got? If not himself, then he has naught. To say the things, he truly feels; and not the words of one who kneels. The record shows i took the blows"

The moral of this story is, do not take advice from kids they can easily get you killed or worse bring out tears you thought you never had. Anyway, my nephew is still seven, living life on the edge. I hope to see him grow into the wise and full of life person he portrayed on that chilly Sunday.

They say “you never know when a moment and a few sincere words can have an impact on a life. (Imagine they came from a cute 7 year old little person. Wow what! i know right.. Yeah Damn!)

I now know for sure soon either my secret admirer will become a fragment of my imagination or as time passes i will just evolve or succumb to this delirium faze. Come to think about it, as the world rotates, i'll probably bump into a few more admirers who i bet will find me dazzling and majestic as I of them.

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