Friendships of Generations

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An immortal takes pictures of her friends that she will outlive, and puts them on a wall.

Submitted: March 06, 2017

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Submitted: March 06, 2017



 Jacklyn Ryan fiddled with the camera in her hand, she was always nervous when she wanted to ask the question, but her rational side was calm knowing that best friends do these kind of things together. Walking to the living room where her best friend Jodi Shepherd sat on the couch watching television, Jacklyn sat beside her not really watching what was going on but looking at Jodi or in some way trying to memorize what she looked like. After what seemed like minutes Jodi finally looked at Jacklyn "Do I have something on my face or something?' asked Jodi with a curious but teasing smile. Giving a slow smile Jacklyn shook her head, she should be used to this by now after all being a five hundered year old immortal gave a person the kind of experinces they need in any situation. "Seriously Jacklyn you've been looking at me weird all day even at work". Putting a hand on her shoulder Jodi asked with a quite voice "Is it because you're moving?"

Jacklyn had a sudden intrest at looking at the floor, this part was always hard for her to leave a part life behind but in order to protect herself and those close to her Jacklyn had to do it and also people were already asking questions. Just yesterday her neighbor asked her what Jacklyn did to keep her face wrinkle free at just thirty five years old. When the questions coming Jacklyn knows that it's time to move, which is a shame because she really did like Colorado, although it's been awhile since she's been to California. Feeling a hand on her shoulder Jacklyn was brought back to the present "You okay I lost you there". Jodi asked with the concerned look on her face. Shaking her head Jacklyn gave out a small laugh "I'm fine, I'm just thinking about the last five years and how much I'm going to miss our friendship". Jacklyn says all the while pulling Jodi in for a hug, which was tighter than usual.

"Hey, we can still keep in touch I mean you'll be in California and I love Colorado so I'll be staying here for the long haul". Jodi had enthusatic way of saying things about situations that were out of her control, but she still looked at them in a postive light Jacklyn like that about her. Which is what made promising to keep in touch harder for her, because for Jacklyn once she left a place that she stayed in Jacklyn made sure all traces of her old life was gone. Being a five hundered year old immortal did give Jacklyn experince, but saying goodbye was never easy nor did she think it would ever be. Looking at Jodi Jacklyn gave a nod of reassurance it was much for Jodi's sake than Jacklyn's to let their friendship live on even though years now it will be a distance memory. "Hey Jodi before you go can I take a picture of you".

Suprised by the question Jodi gave Jacklyn an inquestive look, before Jodi could ask why Jacklyn explained herself "I just want to remember how you look it'll be great to put a face with a voice when you call". Jacklyn exclaimed as she held up a camera to show Jodi that she was serious about taking the picture. Jodi looked thoughtful for a few minutes, before finally giving in with a smile on her face "Sure". Leaning in with Jacklyn they did a natural pose with genuine smiles after all to Jacklyn this would be the final time she would see Jodi, and leave this town for good at least until the time was right to come back. Finally leaving Jodi gave a final wave and hug as she walked to her car, watching Jodi leave until she could no longer see the car lights Jacklyn finally made it to the place that would always be a sancturary to her even in temporary places. Jacklyn always made sure that her homes had some sort of attic for her pictures, the pictures that held so much memories from generations that have come and gone along with the people in it.

Being five hundred years old was at times a curse just by looking at the pictures of all the people she outlived and those she will outlive, but Jacklyn will admit year come and go but friendships will always live. 



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