Fashion Trends of 2000-2001

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Recall what was popular back in the year when the new century dawned upon us. Here I'll recall some of the fashion trends that were worn (mainly by teens in high school). Let's find out if the new decade (and century) brought us radical new styles-or did it simply revisit old ones?

Submitted: March 06, 2017

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Submitted: March 06, 2017



The year 2000 came with no Y2K crashes (thankfully) but as I recall, many of the fashion trends that errupted from this year were actually the same ones we had seen back in 1998 and 1999.  So therefore can it really be said that the year 2000 was just a rehash of the year past?

For one thing, shirts in the year 2000 continued to be what I call "the exact fit", which means the hem hit the waistline exactly.  If you moved your arms or reached for something, the shirt rode up to reveal your bellybutton, whether you tucked it in or not.  I don't really miss these styles-not at all!

The utilitarian look continued, as did the irridecent denim and shiny fabrics.  One of my favorite items from this time was my beige messenger bag, which had a nice orange lining and fit all my notebooks and stuff.  Some bags even had latch closures which you could often see in other items like backpacks and belts.

The flame print which was first seen around 1998 was still "HOT" and you'd typically see them on sleeves on tops and sweatshirts.  Usually the flames were yellow/ orange/ and red but toher times they'd be blue or some other color.  Guys shirts and sweatshirts also used the flame print.

Animal prints were still cool enough to wear on belts, shirts, coats or on smaller items like wallets and purses.  The cheetah print was cool, but so was the tiger stripe, the zebra print and later on the python print was also adopted.  I recall seeing python print pants and jackets, sometimes made out of a plastic-like fabric.  I can't recall if it was pleather...

Jewelry remained delicate and usually made out of metal like silver.  Some necklaces had these tiny dangly things on them, or one simple stone as its decor.  Among my favorite jewelry from 2000 were the "barbell" necklaces, which actually were popular in 1998 or so.  They went with every outfit I owned and were seen mostly on the "heavy metal" crowd. 

In 2001 I began to see a lot of "side taping" on shirts, jackets and even on pants.  Side taping is basically a embroidered trim that is sewn onto the fabric to add interest.  The trim itself could be anything from flowers to zig-zags to just a solid color.  Shirts also had little sequins glued to them sometimes in the shape of a letter or a animal. 

Button down shirts were everywhere, and could be worn to school, to work, to a volunteering gig or even to a wedding.  They came in all colors from powder blue. tomato red to eggplant.  They could be long sleeved or three-quarters and sometimes had the popular self-ties at the cuffs.  The self ties were everywhere you looked-from necklines, to waists to shoulders.  Sometimes they were annoying because they always came undone or where too long or too short.

Among other trends seen in 2000-2001 were: light colored denim, corduroy, fleece vests and tops, stripes, layered shirts, glass bead bracelets, sherpa-lined coats and vests, camoflauge, sequin trim, "bandanna" tops, tartan skirts, tweed, grommets, sleeveless turtlenecks, chain belts, graphic print tops, leather and the colors gold and tan.

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