The Chains of Eon

The Chains of Eon

Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Status: In Progress

Genre: Fantasy



Icarus died one day. He was never told how. All he knew that he was going to another world because they need help. The big guy Zeus sent him away with the words, "Good Luck!" What's going to cross his way? What is he going to do? This is Icarus Thorn in another world
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Icarus died one day. He was never told how. All he knew that he was going to another world because they need help. The big guy Zeus sent him away with the words, "Good Luck!" What's going to cross his way? What is he going to do? This is Icarus Thorn in another world

Chapter1 (v.1) - Unbreakable Pt. 1

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I want to have fun.
Give me criticism on things that seem out of place or just sound weird, I'm all for it! Thanks to everyone reading!

Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 06, 2017

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Chapter Content - ver.1

Submitted: March 06, 2017



Wake up, eat breakfast, go to school.  After school go to the local river and start casting out some bait to catch some good stuff.  After fishing, go and hang out with my friends at the mall or at the park.  After hanging out with my friends, go home and do homework.  After homework, eat dinner.  After dinner, sleep.

This is my daily routine.  Or, rather, was my daily routine. 

White.  That’s all I see.  The floor, the walls, the ceiling; even the meekly wooden chair is pure white.  To add to that fact, my body feels incredibly light.  It feels like I can float up from my chair without clinging onto it.  “W-What the hell?”  I whisper as I glance around the room.

Then a sharp sound echoes.  The wall in front of me shines bright blue and a door appears where the wall was.  My heart’s racing like crazy.  Have I been kidnapped?  But my hands aren’t tied.  Then the door opens and a man steps in.

‘A Viking.’  That’s the immediate thought that pops into my head.  A tall man, black long hair tied down his neck and a rough scruffy beard, stands before me.  His black-framed glasses ponder over a yellow file he’s holding and he walks towards me.  His footsteps echo in the white room.  “Of course they had to send me…”  He whispers.  As he snaps his fingers, a table of equally white color appears in front of me.

“Um...?”  My voice leaks out.  The hell was that?!

The man stands before the table and he sits down in an invisible chair.  He takes off his glasses, rubs his temples, and lays down the file on the table.  “Icarus, is it?”  His deep voice reaches my ears.

“Y-Yeah.”  I nod my head. 

He looks at me with deep red eyes.  “Your name…  The bastards upstairs really like to have fun, don’t they?”  He takes a glance at his solid gold watch and sighs.  “Okay, let’s get straight to the point.  Icarus Thorn, you’re going to have to transfer worlds.”  He says, picking up the file and sifting through some pages.

“Also, my name is Zeus, god of Lightning and leader of Olympus, yadda yadda…”  He states so casually.  

“You have been chosen due to the fact that the life you led down on Earth was rather unsatisfactory, and the fact that you died so early at the young age of seventeen makes it even more so.”

Almost as if an announcer who’s had the job for thirty years, he says, “The world named Eon is in dire trouble…  The world is war-torn and the people of Eon have no hope or love.  You are going to be sent to the other world as a savior of some sorts to protect and save the world from war.”  Complete monotone.

He glances up at me.  My mouth still gaping open. 

“Listen up kid, I don’t like this either.  To think you have the same name as that Inventor’s kid pisses me off.”

“Hey hey!  Hold up!’  I yell and stand up from my chair.  Oh shit, I almost jumped up.  “What the hell are you talking about?  I died?  Another world?!”

“It’s not that hard to understand.  I mean, Earth isn’t the only one out there, you know?”  He says, twirling his glasses with his fingers.  “Plus, Earth may be one of the strongest ‘Civilizations’ out there.  So strong that it even resists the power of us gods.”

My mind rushes quickly.  What?

“Since you died so soon and made no contribution whatsoever in your old world, the God Society decided to allow you to live anew in another one.  One where you’ll actually be a hero and do something.”

“A hero?!  I was perfectly fine where I lived!  What’re my parents thinking?  My friends?!’  It feels like my heart is in my throat.

Zeus’s eyes lighten up a little bit, but then die out right away.  “To be perfectly honest, do you even care?”  My hands grow cold.  “I know what you’ve been through Icarus…  Isn’t this a chance for you?”

He’s not lying.  Whatever he’s saying, it’s intriguing as hell.  But one thing bothers me.

“Listen up…  Back in your old world, I´ll make it so that no one will ever remember you.  You´ll seem like a distant memory.  But due to your world´s resistance, I can only go as far as to make it that you just disappeared and no one wants you back.  And of course, I will make sure that your sister remains safe.”

Whatever he’s saying is soothing my heart.  Honestly.  “So, you talk about another world…”  I say, urging him on.  He knew about my situation.  This might be a deal I could regret passing up. 

“Eon.  That’s the name.  You’ll be sent as some sort of hero there.  But first, due to this being that world’s god’s request, you need to meet him or her first.  Whatever that person chose, you’ll be meeting them.”

The room immediately begins to swirl quickly. 

“Shit… they’re starting already.  Icarus.  I’ll be slightly biased towards you, due to your name and your past.  I’ll give you something.  An ability.  I don’t have time to tell you what it is, but you need to figure it out.  That god over there is quite stubborn with their world, so be prepared.”


“Hurry and go.  Good luck.”

I’m thrown into the air and surrounding me is black.  It looks like space.  My body feels like it’s thrown to the left and I find myself sitting down in a golden chair.

The room is filled with red and gold, accented with some purple in some pillars an

d the carpet.  A king’s room.  My impression on this place.  “Hm?  What is that?”  A voice booms in the room.  Before me is a gigantic glittered curtain.  And behind it, was the figure of a woman lying down with a fan.  “Oh my…  That man sent a rather disgusting one didn’t he.”

‘Huh?!”  My voice follows what she just said.

The voice quivers and laughs, “Quite an eerie and crude voice, do you not think Salcassi?” 

No one responded.

“You.  You will have to do.  The fourth hero shall emerge, despite his ugliness and his filth.  Hero, you will be delivered into the Eon country named Moira.”

“What the fuck are you telling me?”  I yell back at her.  Why am I yelling?  That’s a god before me; and I’m yelling at them.  Was it my expectation to be treated well?  Or is it my past bubbling up and letting loose.

“Quite a rude mouth.  How dare you!”  The god stands up and violently thrusts her hands to the side.  “Spirits!  Let this room be rid of this disgusting creature!”  At that moment, people dressed in iron approach me, spears pointed at me.  But I see the second god lean over and whisper something to the angry god.  “Wait a second, spirits.”

The god stands above me.  Her bright golden hair drooping down over her right shoulder.  Her white skin reflects the light coming from above, and her dark blue eyes feel like they’re penetrating me. 

“Because my beautiful wife, tells me so, I must gift you something to cooperate with the God Society, otherwise I’ll have my license revoked again.”  The goddess pouts and approaches me.  “Even your smell is one of an insect.”

Something hurts.

“Oh!  How about this!  I’ll make it so that you would have the ability to speak with this world’s ‘Insects’.  Quite a rather ingenious idea from a god such as me.”  She lifts her finger, and one of the guards places a glove on her.  “Now that the deed is done, you’re going down to my world.  But, I can’t find any good in you.  Just live your life with the Insects, just like yourself.  Don’t come in contact with my humans or my other Heroes.  You are not needed.  Goodbye!”

The floor opens before me, and my eyes are greeted with the bright blue sky.


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