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Submitted: March 06, 2017

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Submitted: March 06, 2017



You walk past me, smiles and statistics.

I am sullen, silent, immobile.

Where do we come from, our two strange souls?

I don't need to love, or need the blush under your glance.

I don't need the smile in my eyes that I can't contain.

I don't need this.

But loneliness breeds strange beasts from our ordinary hearts

and mine has grown tentacles that are ever reaching out to you.

I suddenly forget my name,or my snappy comeback

and only long to hear your voice,

lose myself in your brown eyes.

Gazes are deceptive things because I can imagine worlds 

embedded in your irises.

I long to swim there, in those deep oceans.

I betray myself, and I betray my life,

with every anxious breath I take, every furtive glance stolen.

And I am awash with shame.

I will you close and simultaneously wish you away.

God how I just want to fade into my chair,

melt into nothingness

Nothingness can't feel,

can't languish, can't ache.


© Copyright 2018 Violet Vane. All rights reserved.

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