The Note (part 1)

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Status: Finished  |  Genre: Mystery and Crime  |  House: Young and Ambitious
sabrina finds a ransom note and now knows someone is after her. what secrets will spill when the truth is brought to life?

Submitted: March 06, 2017

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Submitted: March 06, 2017



?You know you did it! Send a fair fee of $2,000 to pause your doomed future.-Mr. Seen But Unseen

Sabrina found the note crumbled and it was in the middle of her bedroom. She noticed that the window was open but not broken. She closed the window and moved the curtain. She walked downstairs and saw that the house was clean like she left it before she jumped into the shower. She walked back upstairs to change so she would look decent?. So when her best friend, Eve, came over for a sleepover and movie night..

Walking down the street, there was a man in a black hoodie. He walked down the street and laughed

You're doomed to have an eternity of misery.

The doorbell rang.

Darn, this is really freaking me out!

 Sabrina opened the door and saw her best friend. She quickly pulled her friend inside.

"What's wrong?" Eve asked.

"Someone's been here," Sabrina explained.

"Did you call the cops?" Eve asked.

"No," Sabrina sighed, already completely defeated.

?Is it really that simple? Call the cops and say what?

"Why not?" Eve huffed.

"And say what: a stranger came into my home and while I was in the shower and left a note?" Sabrina put a hand on her hip.

"Fair enough," Eve sat on the couch.

"What did it say?" Eve asked.

Sabrina handed her the note.

"$2000?" Eve gasped.

"Where am I going to get that money?" Sabrina wondered.

"Is there anyone you could think of that would want to do this to you?" Eve asked.

I would have told you

"No," Sabrina sighed.

"A doomed future?" Sabrina asked.

Sabrina's head hung low.

I am doomed.

"Don't give up so quickly; we'll figure this out," Eve put a hand on her friend's shoulder.

"OK," Sabrina smiled.
"Now, it's your turn to pick the movie." Eve smiled.

"Nothing scary," Sabrina plopped on the couch.

"You're no fun," Eve teased.

?You better be careful because I just might make you suffer.

The man in the hoodie, saw the door to his home, which was a few minutes away, was slightly open. He walked inside. The lights were on and he saw that the journal on table was open. He walked toward the table and saw that the ink droplets were fresh. He rubbed the page just to make sure. He searched the pages and saw a small note.

You promised. -Eve


?Darn it.

"I'm screwed," he closed the journal.

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