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Status: In Progress  |  Genre: Religion and Spirituality  |  House: Fantasy Realm
Joseph goes on an adventure that will (hopefully) bring out the goodness in him.

Submitted: March 06, 2017

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Submitted: March 06, 2017



Our tale begins during the wee hours of the day. Everything was fine until the unthinkable happened. As Joseph took one final look at his mother, he just didn't want to leave. However, when a mother says something you just do it, despite the consequences.


Joseph only had the clothes on his back.

As he walked through the forest, he remembered his childhood. He skipped through the fact he didn't have any friends. Or that he was very poor. However, he had his mother, but no longer. He kept the adorable thought of his mother singing his favorite lullaby every night. The song was "Sleep song" by Secret Garden.

  May there always be angels to watch over you.

To guide you each step of the way.

Joseph wept. At least this would keep them together.

"Will I ever see her again?" he tried to calm himself down.

As the day continued, he rested, ate few berries and gathered water. He eventually fell asleep but was woken up by the sound of footsteps. He ran.

The crowd followed him.

"After him!" a women shrieked.

The crowd followed him for several minutes until they reached the stream. Joseph used a log to cross the river.

"Where's he going?" a man asked.

"Lets get out of here, he won't survive in the "land of the dead" for too long," a woman said.

They walked away.

Joseph cupped his hands and drank the water. He walked on and saw nothing but dead animals, plants and people. He kept walking and saw the same things. He came across a sign that said: the "land of the dead" , please be warned, go home.

Joseph sighed. He couldn't go home. He heard the leaves move in the breeze. He looked around and saw no one. As he kept walking, he heard giggles. He sat on a log before him.

Mama, is this my fate?

I know I've scorned, killed and hated but I never imagined I'd be in this situation.

Joseph wept. He wiped away the tears.

Real men don't cry.

?Joseph thought of the day his life changed. He was a troublemaker indeed, he had no friends and only the love of his mother. He thought he could change that.

Joseph remembered the moment he met his mentor, Theo. Theo was new in town was an outcast. Theo had visions. He had visions of death. He went "mad" and killed himself. Before the suicide, Theo gifted Joseph a black cross. It was a symbol that they were now "blood brothers".

After a few days, Joseph wished that the village bully, Seth, would die. It happened. Knowing that Joseph and Seth didn't get along, the village members blamed Joseph. It didn't help that Joseph was no longer holy. And they were right. Anyone who treated Theo or Joseph wrong was "death ready".

Only a few died, but it was enough. Concerned for her son, his mother sent him away. She would always love him but she was terrified. He needed help. There was a rumor that Joseph's guardian angel was the only one who could save him.






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