i am who i am

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if you really cared and liked who i was..why do you try to change me.? or get mad when i do what i feel is best for me.?just why.

Submitted: March 06, 2017

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Submitted: March 06, 2017



i am who i am. 

i am a 32 year old man

i have shown myself how to stand

i told myself what is real 

and what isnt

for the last 15 years

i have been through

more then most of you

its not that im braging 

its not that im proud of what i have done

its that these are the reasons i am who i am 

people turned there backs on me for miss understandings

and some wrong doingings

but i am who i am

i am not like your everday man

im not like some old man

nor am i like men befor me

for i am just who i am.

i know whats best for me. 

and whats not ment for me. 

what works for most people dont work for me.

what works for me does not work for you.

so you can be you 

and i shall be me.

cause thats all i can be .

is me....

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