the adventure of gala the great 2

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this is the sequel to the first story, so to understand all it is best to read that first.

Submitted: March 07, 2017

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Submitted: March 07, 2017



Gala was no more, she had transformed into her real life self and knew which direction to go to. Only the true door remains, the one that led to the real world.


The painter slips her a note and waved goodbye to her. It saddens him to see her go, but nevertheless, he was happy to see what she has become. He reminisced on all that she meant and what she still means to him.


The story of how the painter came to life began on a nice summer day in the real world, where a normal guy was destined to make a life changing journey of his own.


There goes the alarm clock, was it that time already? The sky was still black; a fog makes everything seemed even grimmer. Surely it cannot be time to wake up already? Not even the birds had decided to chirp, not even the neighbour’s dog had decided to bark, not even the Sun had decided to rise and smile upon everyone.


Surely, it wasn’t time to wake up already? But it was--- and it was time to go out.


There he lies; ready to take on the world. It’s time to get ready and seize the day.


But can he?


There was some inner doubt, for sure. He had been lying in his bed for what felt like an eternity. But not today, oh no, for the doubt will stay locked away. Now was the time to get ready and to get going. It was all for the best.


While he was getting dressed he noticed the sun rising up slowly. It was such a beautiful sight; it could only mean one thing: the signs are looking positive and he just has to start.


He hopped on his bike and rides onwards, alone with his thoughts. After so many months suffering in pain, being out of breath from the exercise felt like heaven. Every push on the pedals felt like a victory in itself. The path was filled with a lot of hills, up and down, up and down, it went.


But unlike the hill, it felt like his life could only go uphill from here. The Sun’s smiling rays were melting away all of his dark thoughts, and the sweat was washing away every doubt. He was happy.


Many days had passed, and every day he goes out for runs, bike rides or any kind of other stuff. Finally his old shape was back, nothing seemed to be able to stop him now, nothing at all. So it seemed at least?


Destiny always has it ways, to make people work for their goals. In this case it wasn’t really any different. While playing a friendly game of basketball it happened, fate had not been friendly to him.


Time to pack up all hope and head over to the hospital.

 A sprained ankle, advised to not walk for at least three weeks. It was hard not to doubt yourself, though three weeks seemed like nothing, the news still sounded as if the injury would last a lifetime.


There he lies, ready to take on the world. It was time to get ready and seize the day.


But can he?


There was so much inner doubt within him. He had been lying in bed for what felt like an eternity. But it has only been a day, and it pains him more every minute; looking out, watching the birds chirp, listening to the neighbour’s dog bark, and seeing the sun smile.


But not for him. Not anymore. He has nowhere to go, nowhere to be other than locked in the cage he called his room.


He wanted to escape reality, and go to a different world; an online world full of adventures and friends. There was no pain there, only glory and victory.


But he was alone, and all he wanted was to be around people. So he searched for a group of friends to call his own, which he did: a kinship of peers, where he can talk all he wants to whomever he wants.


And there she was, just one of the many around, at least at first. With every sentence she spoke, with every whisper she whispered, you can just feel how great she was.


A week goes past, he was still in bed. Where else could he be? He was stuck here with no way out. The pain was unbearable; every little movement he makes always almost cause a tear to roll down his cheeks. It wasn’t just from the physical pain, but it reminded him how well he was doing before, before everything he worked for seemed to be ripped away from him.


So the biggest sting wasn’t coming from the ankle, but the constant thought of losing one’s hopes and dreams. How will he manage for the next time? It wasn’t going to be easy, that’s for sure. How can he ever become happy again?


He goes to his online world again and there she was; just like the others around, but not to him.


The pain in the ankle was always there, but talking to her makes him forget, for she is so funny, even managing to put a smile on his face--- for the first time ever since the trip to the hospital. It made time flew by, and it made him forget.


Only after a week and a half he was already back out, taping his ankle and going for a bike ride. He can’t really walk without feeling any pain, and bike rides do hurt a little, but he doesn’t mind, for being in bed hurts even more for him.


Besides, he knew every evening he could just go online, and when it hurts he’ll forget about it anyway when talking to her. And it works. It always works to perfection; the pain slowly leaves and after a month all was back to how it should be.


There he lies; ready to take on the world. It was time to get ready and seize the day.


But can he?


There was no inner doubt. He had been on the right track for a few weeks, and it felt like nothing will stop him now. And it didn’t; the rest of the summer was all smooth sailing. He was happy, both in his online world as in the real one.


But destiny seemed to always find a way to make things hard for him.


She was gone, no longer a part of the group anymore. He doesn’t know which hurt him more: the time of his ankle injury or the fact that he may never be able to talk to her again. She had helped him through the hard times, and yet now, she will only be but a memory to him.


He imagines he was already forgotten by her, so he never did bother to look her up. He just tried to enjoy the game with the people there were still left, even though it felt so much emptier now, as if the heart and soul of the group was ripped out the day she had to leave.


But after a few days of wandering around a sudden and joyful moment arrived. Out of the blue she starts talking to him again. He instantly felt happy, as he truly did miss her and had always been wondering how she was doing.


Everything felt like it should be. And even though they weren’t together in the group, talking to her alone was enough for him. Even if he didn’t talk to her as much as before, he loved every moment of it. 


While going on bike rides he fantasizes about a world he created, called Fantopia. With her game character, Gala as the hero, ready to take on the world. He created an adventure, just for her, to help fulfil her dream. He sets her on a journey to find the forest full of little puppies--- the only thing he can envision that was nearly as cute as her.


But to get there, she needs to complete three tasks for him.


The first room he made it all white; decorated with white flowers and white drapes. He wanted the room to be able to shine as bright as her. But the moment Gala walked in, it loses all of its power, and was nothing compared to her.





On the wall he hung three paintings: on the first it showed Gala defeating an unknown foe, the second it showed Gala as a caged angel surrounded by darkness, and in the third was an image of the puppies playing, but with her nowhere to be found. Behind each of the paintings he placed three doors, all of them leading to a different place, and it was up to her to choose the path she wanted to go.


It was Gala’s story. Her dream. Her adventure. But he wanted to be part of it, for nothing would please him more. So he disguised himself as the painter wearing a black tuxedo. He chooses to be dark, instead of being exactly like the bright things in the room--- the creator of all that she sees around her.


She was allowed to ask him three questions about the paintings and must than move on to choose a door. He was nervous, but must seem confident in his answering. Talking to Gala always made him feel funny, but he can’t let that show now, he was the creator of all things, the guide on this journey.


The first question she asked.  “Why is that angel locked away?” He needed a minute to think. He wanted to give a good answer, but without revealing too much.


“She is not locked away, she can move freely to anywhere she wants to. She just so chooses to be alone, hoping that the cage will keep her safe. But it doesn’t, she is an angel and needs to brighten up the world in order to shine, not stay in a cage forever” he answered.


He looked at Gala. He can sense her thinking about it. He really hopes she gets it, but does he get the image himself?


The second question was about the puppy painting, she wondered why she wasn’t on it. Her voice, the way she asked it really put a doubt in the painter’s head.


Why isn’t she there? For him the third painting symbolized the end of the journey, yet she wasn’t there. It made him sad, he wanted her to be there, happy, playing, and having fun.


But she wasn’t, not yet at least. But he wasn’t the only one who was sad. The puppies in the painting were sad too. They needed her, just as much as he needs her.


He noticed her looking at her dog Milou, and she sure looks happy wagging her tail away. He sees a small smile on Gala’s face, though a hidden sadness was there as well, for not being with the puppies yet.


The third question was about the first painting; of her standing victorious over an unknown person. “Who is the faceless girl? I really wish I could recognise her, but I can’t.”


He had not expected that question, it made him wonder why she didn’t ask about her glory. Her mind was only set on the one being defeated. But straight from the heart without thinking he replied “Nobody, yet she is also everybody.” and she really was.


He sees her worrying, not knowing what path to choose. But something also worries him, a question he really wants answered.


“Why did you wait for your third question to ask about the most positive painting, and why did you not ask why you were victorious?” He asked. He adds that he doesn’t want her to answer it, that he already knew.


But in truth he doesn’t, and he really wanted to know, he just knew she doesn’t know either, but he hoped that the question will spark thoughts of it within her mind.


Gala chose the door behind the victory painting. To the Painter this was neither the correct door, nor the wrong one. He doesn’t care which path she chooses, as he will always try to be there for her, to help her reach her dream.


He takes a moment to reflect upon the events that transpired, the questions that were asked. What it all means. But he cannot allow himself to ponder for too long, for he must help her in the next world.


He hurried over there, but Gala was nowhere to be found anymore. Had he wait too long in the previous room? Had she already left Fantopia for good? It reminded him of the time she had to leave his kinship, not knowing if he will ever see her again, to ever hear her words, to ever feel her greatness.


He noticed Milou, all alone in the big city he had created. That was really odd to him, for Gala would never abandon her trusted companion like this. He holds on to her and tried to calm her. But Milou was scared. She barked and yelped, attempting to run away from him.


He gave it his best, but it was to no avail. Seeing her run away, he knew he must chase her, hoping to himself that Milou will be comfortable around him as well, as she was when she was around Gala.


Hours passed, but still not a sign of Gala. Had he done something wrong? Has something bad happened to her?


He was worried. And he worries a great deal. At this point it seemed like Milou was the one trying to calm him down, instead of the other way around.


They stumbled upon a house with an open door. What could have happened here? He had no clue to what it all could mean. He created this city as a test for Gala, but he haven’t even realise what the test will be.


He wanted to find out. As he steps his way into the house, there on the floor laid a person, unmoving. Upon closer inspection he saw that the person was none other but himself, laying there on the ground with his nose covered in sugar.


What could this mean? Was he slowly dying? Was all hope gone now?

But then suddenly he heard something coming from outside.


Two people came running into the house, and one of them seemed to be crying.


It was Gala and a crying little girl. He looked down at the person, too ashamed to even glance at Gala. He was ashamed for he had sworn to help her on her journey, and yet now have no clue on what to do next.


The person on the floor suddenly began to smile a little, there seemed to be nothing wrong with him.


What could this mean?


He thinks back about his real life self, how Gala had helped him getting back into shape and to forget about the sugar and other treats. He had no need for any of those things.


For she was the sweetest thing in his life.


She excelled at bringing a smile to people’s lives; to the guy lying on the floor, to the little girl crying next to her. But most important of all, she brought a smile to him. He was beginning to wonder if he was really changing Gala with the adventure or, maybe it was her changing him.


The second challenge was a success for her, so it was time to move on the next. He sent her away, giving her the direction to the forest, where her final battle will commence.


He wanted to be there for her, but it was important that she faced this alone. He decided to take on the shape of a squirrel, valiantly looking over her from the highest tree and from the nicest tree branch in the forest.


Suddenly, an octopus with hooks as hands appeared. He was at a safe distance from it, but it didin’t matter, he was scared, scared for her.


She was shivering, and he can sense doubt in her mind. This truly must be the hardest test for her, going against a big monster like that.


He wanted to help, but what can he do? He saw that Milou was scared as well.


He wanted to make sure Gala didn’t need to worry about her dog during combat. As swiftly as he could he came down from him tree and guided Milou to the puppies which were in the distance, allowing Gala to do her thing.


The fight seemed to go on forever. Both fighters were so evenly matched, it almost looked as if Gala was battling a copy of herself. It pains his heart knowing that he can’t help in the fight. He could only watch and hope. Hope for a good ending.


Suddenly they seemed to stop fighting for a second, and he noticed Gala turning around. She looks over towards him, well, not him him, but to the beautiful scene behind him, where all the puppies were cheering for her, and so was Milou.


Gala lets out the most beautiful smile he has ever seen, and somehow it made the monster she was fighting vanish without a trace. It changed into the biggest and nicest tree among the others in the forest.


He could not explain what happened, but he felt it. He knew that was what Gala can do, as she has always been doing for him.


She can take all the darkness away, and replace it with something beautiful. It changes the people’s and animal’s lives for the better, all that by just believing in herself and being who she truly was.


She ran over to where the puppies were and started to play with them. He absolutely loves the sight, seeing her all happy and joyful. It was all he could ever dream of.


But it was time, time to go back to the white room.


It was no longer the same room anymore. The paintings had changed, and all for the better. They no longer showed anything bad anymore. It showed how much Gala had changed throughout, how she had made everything better.


There was only one door left--- the one under the puppy painting. It was the door that led to the real world. He looked at Gala, but she was not there anymore, she had transformed into her real life self.


He wondered why, but the lady was going through the door. Before she could disappear, the painter quickly hands her a note and bids her farewell. It saddens him to see her go, but it made him happy to see how much she has changed, to see how beautiful and nice of a person she had become.


She has left Fantopia, but he remains there, thinking about their journey together.


He looked at the paintings, and saw how they have changed.


The first now showed the girl being victorious over Gala. He thought about his words, “She is nobody but also everybody.”


For him she was. She was nobody, because Gala was nothing but a made up character. She was a nobody in this world, but she was also everybody. He felt that way because he likes the person behind the character.


She will always be special to him for what she meant and did, not as Gala, but as herself.



The second painting had changed as well. The angel was now free. The dark painting now stood as a symbol of light and hope. He looks down and noticed that his black tuxedo had also changed. It was white as well, just like the room.


Suddenly, it became clear to him, he was never the master of this journey. It was never him who orchestrated this whole thing. It was her, it was always her. He was just lucky enough to be a passenger on the ride, and ultimately to be inspired by her.


Not only did she changed herself, she also changed him; helping him to release every little bit of darkness within him, turning him into a happy person.


He was afraid to look at the third painting, as it showed her dream. How much did it change? He tried to not look at it, but he must. He was just curious to know.


Looking up, he sees her, playing with the puppies and having fun. But he was nowhere around, not as himself nor as the squirrel. It made him sad, it seemed the painting transformed into a picture of her dreams being fulfilled; her playing and having fun.


But it also transformed into his dream, as he wanted to be there, with her. The door under the painting was gone. It had vanished alongside with her.


He doesn’t know what to do. He was trapped in his own world, the world which he created. How can he fulfil his dream if there was no door, no path to follow?


But he remembers the thought he had while staring at the second painting. He was not the master of this journey. He was not the master of this world. She was.


And now he must wait for her to join him again, and help set him free.


There she lies, ready to take on the world. It was time to get ready and seize the day.


But can she?


There was some inner doubt. Was Fantopia just a dream? Had she really became as strong as Gala?


She wanted to believe it. She really should. But it was hard. She looked up and sees a note hanging from her wall. It frightens her a little. She could not remember leaving a note there.


She swiftly stood up from her bed and grabbed the note, which had an envelope with it. On the note it read:


Never forget who you are. Never forget who you became. Never forget how much you are worth. But most important of all, never change who you are, for you are awesome. 

She wanted to open the envelope and see what’s inside. But her thoughts drift away for a second; she heard noises from the outside.


Looking out her window, she saw a familiar bird that sang the beautiful song by the creek, the bird that sang the beautiful song at the forest in Fantopia. But he was not alone, for he’d found a lady bird to accompany him. And together the song they sang sounded even nicer, almost perfect even.


Hearing it brought a fire to her heart. She looked further and saw two squirrels playing together. They were having so much fun. They look so incredibly happy.


Further beyond her she could see the neighbour’s dog. It was not barking. It did not seem vicious anymore, for he has found a lady dog to hang around with, and they both seemed so happy.


Such a perfect start to her morning, she thought. She felt as if everything has changed for her, that she can now look at things in a more positive way. She opened the envelope and finds a folded piece of paper on it. On the front it says: ‘Remember when you did a best pick up line contest? I said words would never do you justice, but I will try anyway, because someone like you deserves the effort.’


‘You bring a spark to the room and a fire to my heart,

For this poem it seems like the only fitting star.’


‘I still remember asking you to become a FB friend,

How nervous and anxious it made me feel,

But it made me so happy in the end,

Yes meeting someone like you still sounds unreal’


‘There was never a dull moment with you to be found,

 I always felt joyful and at ease with such person around,

As Gala the hero of Fantopia you will forever be known,

But that’s not the vision of you that I call my own’


‘For me the word hero just doesn’t do justice to you

For you are so much more and that is true

A young lady who is beautiful, funny and kind

One of the nicest angels on this world that one can find’



Upon reading this, she sat back down on her bed to reflect on the adventures of Fantopia. She began to wonder who the painter was, and why he gave her this note. Has she met him somewhere before?




But she has the strength and power of Gala now, doesn’t she? She thought about it for a second.

Maybe she should try to flee back into Fantopia, and ask the painter more questions, about who he is and what Fantopia is. But the door has been shut, and there is no way back, only forward.


Yet she can’t shake off the feeling that she must.


She reads the note very carefully again, and notices the FB friend part. They must have somehow already met, so it must not be too late to meet the person behind the painter.


As it is clear the person biggest wish was to meet the girl behind Gala.

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