The letters she never received - Part 3

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I think i cheated on her.

Submitted: March 07, 2017

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Submitted: March 07, 2017



Dear Clarinton

You said we should take a break so you can have some time to yourself to figure out things. For the love of God, don't leave me Clarinton. Please do understand, put yourself in my shoes. Let me tell you what happened.

I met her under the disco lights at a nightspot. Her eyes synced to mine like a pair of Bluetooth devices sending signals of great aura.

I’m neither extravagant nor glamorous nor do I believe in love at first sight but even so, there was something there, something real and sincere therefore my eyes adored hers.

I watched her in silent obedience and wondered whether she felt my companionship, whether her heart skipped a beat as mine did when she passed by, wondered how a gentle lady of five and twenty, tall like a stallion with alluring auburn hair and eyes of emerald green could pierce through my inner soul

Suddenly her soft hand brushed mine and it felt like a summer breeze from the Congos. This girl had me way before "Hello." The night progressed and I became more and more intoxicated by her beauty. Her skin of fair complexion mesmerized me and her smile made me feel immortal.

We stepped onto the dance floor like two lovers from an extinct planet floating on cloud nine; I whispered to her ears, asked if she felt the chemistry and begged her to hold on tight for dear life as I kissed her passionately. 

Like the Roman Empire she was indestructible "She came! She saw me! And I was conquered!"

Yours truly 

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