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Every since Marye had left, it had been hard for Louis. Raising their now four year old son Jaxon and having a day time job as a lawyer, 22 year old Louis Tomlinson needs someone to watch his beloved son. And Harry will do just the job. But will Harry grow to love Jaxon .. And his father ?

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Chapter 1

Submitted: March 07, 2017

Louis sighed rolling over in bed to find his four year old son pulling at the nap of his hair. "Babysitter !" He shouted all to enthusiastically for Louis' just woken ears. See, Louis had been working morning shifts this whole week, and with Jaxon not in school yet, he was stuck with Uncle Liam. But don't get him wrong, he had fun with his uncle, it's just.. Three days straight of Monopoly does tire a kid out. So Louis promised his son today he would find him a baby sitter. "He has to be fun, and and he has to play with me no matter how many times I win !" He declared while his father sipped his morning coffee, flicking through the yellow pages under B. "Oh well of course." Louis nodded picking up his iPhone, dialing the number for 'Sitters R Us.' He waited patiently for the rings to end while Jaxon bounded in his lap. "Hello you've reached Sitters R Us, my name's Nancy how may I help today ?" The women spoke in a deep Scottish accent that didn't fall easy on Louis' ears. "Hi uh, my name's Louis. Louis Tomlinson, and I'm calling, well I'm calling because I'm in need of a babysitter for my four year old boy." He informed, making Jaxon pull at his jumper. "Daddy I'm four and a half !" He whined, Louis nodded, the woman on the other end laughing. "Well my dear you've called just at the right time. Harry Styles. The only lad we've have open for sitting. 19 male, well trained, should do fine. I'll just need your hours." Louis smiled thankfully, informing her of the times that were quiet early then hung up. Louis pushed back Jaxon's curls he inherited from Marye, his ex wife, back out of his face. "6 tommorow bud, he'll be here. Your babysitter Harry." Read Chapter

Chapter 2

Submitted: March 07, 2017

When Harry had gotten a phone call saying he got the job for Louis Tomlinson and son Jaxon, he was more than happy. When he heard it was starting seven in the morning, he was a little less than pleased. But, nevertheless he had gotten ready in black skinny jeans, a white v neck, and his brown boots before he was rushing out the door at 6:00. Harry had soon arrived in front of the house that belonged to the small family, and maybe he should have fixed his hair a bit, put a bit of perfume on, little bit of chap stick. maybe a stick of gum because /this/ was Louis Tomlinson? "Hi-um you must be Louis Tomlinson. I'm Harry Edward Styles, the babysitter", he grinned softly causing Louis to nod gently and run his fingers through his messy caramel colored hair while holding Jaxon on his hip. "Hello- this is Jaxon! um- I am so sorry but I have to go. I'm running late. Like really late, but don't worry. Jaxon isn't allergic to anything, he's fine. He just doesn't like pickles. He also won't go out unless he has his red fuzzy scarf. Oh! and his grandma comes by sometimes. Goodbye guys have a good time, Jaxon be good to Mr. Styles!", Louis rushed out of the house, to his car then fled off leaving Harry and Jaxon behind. Harry glanced down towards Jaxon who was giggling softly and clutching the red scarf to his chest. "Daddy made me some cereal, we go out now", he pointed his thumb to the door cutely making Harry chuckle softly and take him to the door and off to the park they went.
"So...you don't go to school?", Harry smiled softly at Jaxon as they sat on the bench of the park, both licking at the ice cream Harry had paid for with the money he had borrowed from Zayn, his roommate. "It's summer silly, of course not. Seven months left still",Jaxon threw away his cup of ice cream that was now empty...and gone. Harry nodded slowly at the very happy child. Harry loved school when he was younger so he couldn't relate to this kid's happiness. He wondered if Louis liked school...he/was/a lawyer. "Well, we should be heading home kid. We have to get you some dinner, well lunch first, then we start the dinner and get you a shower.", he walked back with Jaxon, while holding his hand, not wanting the lad to scurry off . Louis would kill him if so happened. Harry shivered in fear at that thought quickly before walking up the steps to the house. He lifted Jaxon onto the kitchen counter, putting together a tuna sand which with some apple juice. Harry snuck a bit more ice cream into Jaxon's bowl, winking as he slid the bowl over to him. "Don't open the door if someone knocks, just come call me. I'm going to go cook up dinner", he watched the little lad run off towards the living room with his plate and bowl. Harry got started on dinner, with a soft sigh escaping his lips. Day One for hot babysitter. Read Chapter

Chapter 3

Submitted: March 07, 2017

Louis was again waiting for Harry the next morning. When the door bell rang he opened it to see the tall curly haired lad standing there with his hair pushed up into a bun. oh. um. well.  He smiled. ''Please come in'', Louis stated before slipping off to the side then and closed the door when the lad walked in. "sorry I rushed out last time, but thank you for watching Jaxon anyhow. Sometimes I dint have enough time for anything, not even him. But I still thank you for watching him", Louis smiled softly which had Harry doing the same, but with a pink soft blush coating his rosy cheeks instead. "Of course...",he looked down shyly, just as Louis phone began to ring. "I have to go now, Love you Jaxon!"the smaller lad yelled, then waved before leaving the house just as Jaxon came running down the stairs. "Anything planned Curly?", Jaxon smiled excitedly as he clutched the red scarf in his arms causing Harry to chuckle softly, lifting Jaxon up and onto the kitchen table. "Curly, huh?", he watched Jaxon nod, curls bouncing harshly on his head which had harry tying up the brown bouncy curls that reminded Harry of his younger baby curls. oh how he missed them. and wished he still had them. The guys were all over him. Jaxon's head perked up running to the mirror in his father's room and giggling softly. "Matching!", he exclaimed once he ran back to the living room where Harry was laughing softly as he took out two tickets, handing one to Jaxon.
" The Zoo?!", Jaxon screeched excitedly, while Harry just smiled, kneeling down. He nodded happily.
''Okay,I never been to the zoo,cmon'',he rushed while he grabbed Harry's hand and got ready.
Then they were both off to the zoo. When Jaxon immediately saw the penguins, he ran over to examine them with a soft grin. Harry softly set out food in Jaxons hand, letting him feed the penguin. His friend, Liam worked here at the zoo so he knew all these nice friendly animals. Jaxon's face immediately lit up and he started crying softly which caused Harry to gasp and tug him onto his lap. "I okay! Just Miss Daddy Louis!", he whined out.
''I really like them, they're cute'', Jaxon giggled. Harry nodded. ''Yup'', he grinned walking ,with Jaxon still on his hip,to the lions.
At home
Harry opened the door and set the bag of animal toys on the couch in the living room. Now of was midnight and he walked upstairs and tucked Jaxon in the bed. ''Your dad would be home soon and he expects you to bed asleep at this time'', he said and smiled. Jaxon nodded happily.
''I really had fun at the zoo today Harry''. Harry smiled softly at the tiny lad as he replied almost immediately. . ''I'm glad love, now go to bed night'',he shut the light before walking downstairs where he was greeted with Louis, slipping off his shirt and tie. Harry gasped, covering his eyes which had Louis turning around almost instantly. "Oh1 Harry, I'm so sorry Thought you would have been gone by now I'm so sorry", he blushed and covered himself with a blanket causing Harry to reopen his eyes and giggle lightly along with Louis. "It's um...okay Louis, I should be going now anyways. Have good night", he waved then he was off, leaving to his own house where he was met with Zayn, who was also shirtless. Harry grumbled softly, pushing his way upstairs causing Zayn to pout softly, but shrug anyways and continued to take off his clothes as he made tea at the same time as well. Read Chapter

Chapter 4

Submitted: March 07, 2017

Harry grumbled softly as a knock was heard at his door. It was his day off and now he had company at - he looked t his clock and groaned softly. "8:30?", Harry slipped out of bed to slip into sweats and a v neck before trudging downstairs where Zayn was up watching telly. "You didn't bother getting the door, you twat?", Harry hissed angrily which had Zayn smirking and pecking Harrys cheek softly. "I should have dicked you last night, huh? grumpy little fella" he kissed Harry softly, Harry huffing against Zayn's lips, but kissing back. "No, Zayn. I don't want any dicking. You had a date yesterday", he chuckled softly to his friend before answering the door where Louis Tomlinson stood with a blonde behind him holding Jaxon. "Louis?", Harry wondered as he let them all in, Jaxon climbing onto Harrys shoulders like he was a tree. "I'm so sorry Harry! Jaxon wouldn't stop whining for you and I had a day off since someone filled in for my spot at the hospital- but he just didn't listen to me or Niall. Oh! This is Niall- he's my best mate.",louis blushed before looking behind Harry to Zayn who was still clearly in his boxers and he was eating Nutella out of a jar with a spoon as his eyes raked over Niall and Louis. Harry jabbed him in the side with his elbow causing Jaxon to giggle softly, putting his hair up like Harry's. It was a bit sloppy, obviously but Louis was practically melting. He cleared his throat when Harry began speaking, walking him and Jaxon to the kitchen where he set up some tea, making Jaxon a bowl of ice cream.
"That's quite alright, Louis. I'll babysit him today I'm free anyways", he grinned softly as Jaxon shoveled ice cream into his mouth repeatedly, Niall joining him as Zayn sat across from them with his Nutella- all eating. Louis glanced shyly up at Harry. "I'm so sorry- I am I'll obviously be paying you for this, Harry. I really am so sorry. I'll triple the pay as well, thank you so much", he rushed out with Niall before Harry could protest the amount of money, Jaxon giggling softly as Zayn drew on some paper with Jaxon. "Fuck", Harry whispered,going upstairs to get dressed. Read Chapter

Chapter 5

Submitted: March 07, 2017

"A-Alone?",Louis blushed as he bandaged up Niall's arm where the lad had fallen down the steps and cut his arms against the wood sticking out from the last step. (Read: he fell off his bed and bruised his arm.) "Yeah, Lou. Harry's cute and you owe him, just take him out Alone. As friends, get to know eachother, talk about Jaxon.", Niall stood from the hospital bed. Louis was just about to reply, when Niall hit his arm excitedly and pointed to the hospital's front doors. "Here he comes to drop off Jaxon!", Niall squealed, Harry pointing to Louis causing Jaxon to squeal and run down to hall to his father who quickly lifted him up and held him tightly to his chest. "Hey Louis, I was wondering-", Louis quickly cut off the curly haired lad and set Jaxon in Nialls arms. "Yes, I'll ...go out with you- as friends!", he assured with a soft smile, Jaxon rubbing his eyes sleepily which had Niall saying goodbye to them  and taking :Jaxon out to the car where he went to his own house. Harry smiled softly and nodded once before leaving the hospital where he went back to his place, texting Louis to meet him at the coffee shop after work. He dressed in dark black skinny jeans, a loose dark blue v neck with his green beanie and brown boots. When he was finished, he went to the coffee shop at exactly 6:00pm where he joined Louis at one of the tables in the far back, ordering a black coffee and a small lueberry muffin. Harry's eyes widened as he saw what Louis had ordered for himself. Two muffins, three cookies, two omelets, and a coffee along with one large orange juice. "I'm so sorry! I must look like a pig, but I haven't eaten all day and yesterday I only had a small bowl of cereal with water", louis rushed, owning the coffee, then throwing it in the trash can next to him. Harry just chuckled and grabbed a cookie to break it in half, feeding it to Louis. Louis blushed, taking it between his teeth, closing his mouth to chew quietly with a rosy red dust covering his thin cheekbones. "Harry Styles, from Cheshire, I work as a babysitter of course, live with my roommate Zayn Malik and I also love to do yoga, I love to design houses, and I'm interested in tattoos", he blushed gently, hands locking around his coffee that got delivered to him just then, taking a small sip. Louis grinned and told the same information about him as he fed Harry a bite of blueberry muffin, Harry licking the tip of Louis finger afterwards, smirking softly at him. "So, William huh?", Harry winked causing Louis to flush and stumble over his words. "My- um name. Middle! Middle name", he bit his bottom lip in slight shyness, but Harry just grinned even wider as  he nodded, both sharing even more information of themselves until it was 8:30pm and it was time for Harry to arrive home, but first he had to walk Louis since not either one brought their car. Good thing it was summer. hm. Read Chapter

Chapter 6

Submitted: March 07, 2017

Harry knocked on the door the next day in the afternoon. Louis opened the door with a soft smile on his face, but Hary quickly noted that he looked quite tired ad worn out.  ''Hey Lou,I thought you were off work today.,'',he mumbled softly as louis sighed, nodding gently. "I am, but I have to go somewhere with my friend, Stan I hope you don't mind '',he smiled, harry smiled,nodding. ''Course'',he walked in and frowned when he saw a very handsome lad in the living room, playing with little Jaxon. ''With him?",he asked. Louis smiled,nodding. 'We're going out real quick. I'll be back in about an hour or two", he stated while slipping his jacket on and Harry was always told to speak his mind so he did. "I won't let you1",he stated causing Stan and Louis to look up at Harry the same time, Jaxon too busy watching telly. "Excuse me?", Louis crossed his arms, cocking his hip out to the side as he stared up at Louis. "We went out on a date yesterday- yes it was a date to me! So no you cant go out with some tinder date Louis William", he huffed. This all caused Louis to blush and for Stan to chuckle softly at the scene. Louis tugged Harry into the kitchen by his wrist, slapping his head softly which had Harry whining in pain and annoyance as he slapped Louis bum for payback (or just because he wanted to do that for a while now.) "Harry1 stan is my best friend, like Niall. We're going to my job to see if I can maybe double my pay",he chuckled softly as he blushed and crossed his arms when Harry just smirked. "Ah, I see. very well then. I'll look after Jaxon Mr. Tomlinson", he kissed his cheek softly before leaving the kitchen where he greeted Stan, then took Jaxon upstairs to play with cars and whatnot. Maybe a Barbie or two.
When Louis came back and Stan was back home, Harry and Jaxon were still talking. Harry looked towards Louis, then back at Jaxon who ran upstairs to get ready for bed. Louis sighed in frustration as he slipped out of his clothes while pacing back and forth through the living room where harry was and then into the kitchen where tea was. "No double payment, I'm losing this job already, I know it. How m I supposed to provide for Jaxon?", he scoffed as he finally turned around, to look at Harry but only got dragged down onto the couch. Louis squeaked and his eyes met with dark green eyes, causing Louis to blush, running his fingers though Harry's hair. "What?", h whispered to Harry who kissed his face softly, slowly trailing down to his neck, Louis back arching off the couch. "Kiss me Harry", Louis sobbed out in desperation which has Harry obliged and kissing Louis furiously and deeply. "Oh, you're hard Harry"",Louis palmed Harry which had him grunting and pushing into Louis touch. "Louis- is this too fast?", he whispered, but he only got kisses from Louis as a response. guess not, Harry thought as he pressed down into Louis who moaned loudly, throwing his head back. "Too fast!",Harry quickly removed himself at Louis words and nodded quickly at him while panting. They began laughing breathlessly, then laughing loudly when they finally began to catch their breathe. "Oh-sorry",Harry chuckled softly and kissed louis gently, both falling asleep on the couch.
"Harry",Louis voice croaked in Harry's ear and the lad expected Louis to wake him up with some breakfast, maybe shaking him awake lightly to tell him he was crushing his arm- what he didn't expect was for hi to feel a heavy weight put pressure onto his groin. "Lou!",Harrys gasped as his eyes flew open and oh, the sight in front of him. Louis was rocking down onto Harry in only a pair of thin grey boxers, while his small hands clutched at Harry's wrists. Harry moaned softly, rocking his hips up which had Louis panting louder, eyes shutting just slightly. "I- I know how to repay you Harry- when I run out of money- gonna lose my job, but you wont lose yours",Louis rambled on as he moved his hips quicker, panting and crying in pleasure as Harry was moaning, bucking his hips up. "Lo-Louis! Wait, baby boy you wont lose your job. You're amazing and you don't have to repay me for anything",he panted as he pressed into Louis, pinning Louis down onto the couch as he began rocking into Louis ass causing the smaller lad to start moaning and clawing at Harrys wrists. "Oh Harry1 Oh yes Harry Yes!", he cried out as he came hard in his boxers. Harry following right after. They began panting weakly, rushing upstairs to go wash up before they had to wake up little Jaxon. Read Chapter

Chapter 7

Submitted: March 07, 2017

Harry slipped his shoes on as he walked out of Louis apartment with 
Jaxon on his hip. While Louis was at work he was taking care of little Jaxon as always, like he enjoyed. Today they were just going to chill at Harry's house while Niall kept them company, Zayn being out with Louis's sister, Lottie. Harry didn't know why or how him and Louis had gotten so close over the last few days, but Harry wondered if him and Louis would get closer over time. Even when Louis didn't need a babysitter.  "Niall!",Jaxon screeched when he saw Niall sliding around the kitchen floor in black fuzzy socks. Niall lifted Jaxon in excitement when the small lad came running into his arms. "Hey laddy! Harry...hi",Niall smiled softly and Harry smiled back softly, hands clutching at his curls shyly as Niall chuckled at Harry's flushed cheeks. "i'll make lunch, Jaxon go watch some telly with Niall",Harry nodded and slid around Niall to get into the kitchen to tart cooking as Niall and Jaxon took off to watch television. Harry immediately texting Zayn, sitting at the kitchen table. 
Harry: Zayn! Niall is here and I swear he's giving me flirty eyes!!!! Just like you do with every person you see....
Zayn:Hey! I do not. I'm at Louis job right now with Lottie. We just went shopping for some new shoes gosh they look so good on me1 Anyways, just ignore him. Louis had warned me about him as well so just give him my number. 
Harry rolled hi eyes at Zayn's fuck boy ways before leaving the phone on his table, just about to get up when Niall popped in. "I see you've lied to us about cooking. We're starving Harry",Niall grinned softly as he trudged over, crowding Harry back into the corner of the kitchen counter, Harry gulping as he quickly slid under Niall's arm to hurry up and fix two sandwiches. "Here", he handed him the plates. Niall chuckled softly, setting the plates down gently then turned back towards Harry. "I know what's happening with you and Louis, Harry. Louis knows I fuck around and I don't really think he'll have a problem with me going down on you", Niall explained bluntly which caused Harry's ears to flush a bright pink and for his curls to be pushed back by his hands. "Zayn likes you",Harry blurted out. This time it was Niall's turn to blush as he grabbed the plates again. "Good to know...Ill see ya",he winked then left to go back to watching television with Jaxon in the living room as thy ate their sandwiches. Harry sighed in relief, texting Zayn about the incident before he started to text Louis. 
Harry: Your friend i a bit flirty, normal?
Louis: Yeah, just ignore him, he would never actually do anything with you. Niall is a virgin, besides. He has his eyes set on your friend who is currently with my sister, playing with the doctor's equipment. 
Harry: I'm so sorry
Louis: go on a date with me
Harry: um? 
Louis: Tomorrow night at 6:30pm. I'll pick you up! See you then, goodbye Harry Edward. 
Harry: Goodbye Louis William. 
"He got put down, gave him some mac and cheese for dinner almost, Niall reminded me he also doesn't like cheese that much",Harry chuckled as Louis walked into the house just when Niall left. "Oh, yeah. Sorry",Louis chuckled as he slipped off his tie and unbuttoned his shirt causing Harry to avert his eyes somewhere less private. "I'm sorry, just need to get to bed early. I've been up all day yesterday, here", he handed him his weekly check causing Harry to smile lightly, shyly biting his bottom lip as he tapped Louis back which had the brunette turning in question. Harry leaned forward to kiss Louis, Louis instantly kissing back. Harry moved his lips against the brunette's until he had to pull away for breathe. "Bye",he left the apartment leaving Louis there confused. Read Chapter