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Louis sighed rolling over in bed to find his four year old son pulling at the nap of his hair. "Babysitter !" He shouted all to enthusiastically for Louis' just woken ears. See, Louis had been working morning shifts this whole week, and with Jaxon not in school yet, he was stuck with Uncle Liam. But don't get him wrong, he had fun with his uncle, it's just.. Three days straight of Monopoly does tire a kid out. So Louis promised his son today he would find him a baby sitter. "He has to be fun, and and he has to play with me no matter how many times I win !" He declared while his father sipped his morning coffee, flicking through the yellow pages under B. "Oh well of course." Louis nodded picking up his iPhone, dialing the number for 'Sitters R Us.' He waited patiently for the rings to end while Jaxon bounded in his lap. "Hello you've reached Sitters R Us, my name's Nancy how may I help today ?" The women spoke in a deep Scottish accent that didn't fall easy on Louis' ears. "Hi uh, my name's Louis. Louis Tomlinson, and I'm calling, well I'm calling because I'm in need of a babysitter for my four year old boy." He informed, making Jaxon pull at his jumper. "Daddy I'm four and a half !" He whined, Louis nodded, the woman on the other end laughing. "Well my dear you've called just at the right time. Harry Styles. The only lad we've have open for sitting. 19 male, well trained, should do fine. I'll just need your hours." Louis smiled thankfully, informing her of the times that were quiet early then hung up. Louis pushed back Jaxon's curls he inherited from Marye, his ex wife, back out of his face. "6 tommorow bud, he'll be here. Your babysitter Harry."

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